Saturday, 16 January 2010

Generic Princess Wants Stuff!

Yeah yeah yeah - I was totally ill and it was gross but now I'm out of bed and I made something so shut your cake hole. Or something.

So...remember that drawing I made for Ben? Well, I posted it on his Facebook wall and a lady that I don't know wrote the following:

"I work with Ben, I LOVE your cartoon, please can you make one for me? I feel awfully left out!

I am a Jewish Princess and I love my dog Poppy Ann Dupree, I also love sushi and wine...lots of wine!"

It's always nice when people engage with you and don't call you fat so I totally decided to do it. The only problems (besides that whole 'being ill' portion of the week where I couldn't eat anything and had a cracking headache) was that:
  1. how rude can you be if you don't know the person you're making stuff for?
  2. how do you draw dogs? I mean, I can't draw even hands - how should I even approach dog drawing?
  3. what if they don't like it?
I'm not going to try and answer any of those questions but I've posted the finished product so I hope the lady likes it.

I hope you missed me!


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