Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Blog Post about Things and Memorabilia

It's been a while since I posted here. Sorry! My original plan was to do at least one blog post a week about what I've been up to...but that sort of went wrong. Sorry! I hope you aren't too sad.

So...last weekend, me and some pals had tables at the MCM Memorabilia event at the Birmingham NEC. I had never been to the Memorabilia event but it has lots of famous people from old television shows and former sports stars and people signing autographs, along with lots of stalls selling collectable items. It also had a Comic village which is where we were sitting.

But before that, I had an awful time trying to get to the train station to get to Birmingham. Since I've moved house, I'm a bit unsure of how much time I need to leave to get to places - but I left about an hour to do a 40 minute journey... except that no buses turned up for the first part of my journey. I ended up running down the (very long) road with my giant suitcase, sweating and swearing. I made it to the train station with about five minutes to spare. Luckily, Philippa was waiting by the train so it all worked out fine...but still - not the best way to start the day.

The train itself had a few problems and we arrived in Birmingham about 30 minutes later than planned... although I met some nice people on the way. Oh - when we got to Birmingham, we went for a nice Japanese meal... and a few too many prawn crackers. We went to a pal's home and I made everyone watch the first episode of the latest series of The Only Way Is Essex. Someone at work described it as a porn film without any of the sex... I'll let you make up your own mind:

Then it was Saturday and we went to the NEC - which is MASSIVE! I was sitting next to the lovely Lizz Lunney... although our stalls were opposite the toilets. Originally, I was a bit sad about this but it turned out to make the best people watching! And we were next to the wrestling ring too which was pretty interesting. OH! And the cast of 'Allo 'Allo were having a reunion! I used to love that show when I was little. It had the best theme tune:

And some of the cast of Being Human were there too but that show doesn't even have a themetune. Lame. 

So Saturday was spent at the NEC and we went to Nando's in the evening. I love Nando's. We were all feeling a little sleepy though - although that didn't stop us watching another episode of The Only Way is Essex and the DVD of Harold and Maude... which was a very interesting movie.

The trailer doesn't really explain anything but I guess I'd recommend the movie. I'm not sure whether it's uplifting or depressing though... After we watched it, it was bedtime and the clocks went forward - which is always confusing,

We headed over to the the NEC on Sunday morning, all feeling a bit grim. Saturday and Sunday were both quite quiet - although this is mainly based on what customers were telling me as they said the even is normally packed. I suspect the time change and the railworks had an impact. Still, I met some nice people and I got to play on a 3DS (I want one) and some nice people even wrote some nice things about me afterwards...

Then we got the train home...which should have been nice and stress-free but our reserved seats had been taken! I wasn't happy. I had to eat a few too many cakes to get over it.

As for the week after that, I've just been really busy with work. Really busy. But I worked hard so I didn't have to do anything over the weekend. Hooray! Oh! And we're half way through the J-Man story! According to Google Analytics, it isn't very popular but I'm glad I did it. It's a nice change to the usual drawings...and I like giving the green blob new magic powers to use. And I hope that at least some of you are enjoying it.

Right. I hope you're well and staying out of trouble. I think my next table is at London MCM... except I'm not on the website which is annoying. But I will be there. And I shold have turned that Interactive Comic into People I Know #13 by then. I made the cover ages ago! I hope you like it!

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