Tuesday, 19 July 2011

An Update About Updating

Hello hello!

Sorry it’s been a so long since my last blog post – I’ve been super busy, as I’ll explain in a bit.

The important thing you missed was my trip to Birmingham for the delightful Birmingham Zine Festival. Organised by some genuine zine and comic enthusiasts, it had levelled-up since last year and was held in a fancy shop. Hello/Thanks to everyone that came to visit and double thanks to the lovely David O’Connell who put up with sharing a table with me.

But yeah… I’ve got bad news. Or good news if you hate my comics.

I know I’ve been talking about it for a while but as of next week I’ll only be updating my website three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There’s a bunch of reasons for the change and here are some of them:

I need to move house this month (BOO!) so I’ve got to spend the next month trying to find somewhere that has nice people, is cheap (by London standards) and isn’t haunted.

I’ve sort of got a new role at work (HOORAY!) and I suspect I’m going to be a working across more projects than I used to. Although it means I get to meet new people too which is exciting.

People are actually asking me to do drawings for them for professional projects. Well, sort of. I’ll tell you about those when they start appearing. EXCITING!!

I want to make a new things that aren’t always webcomics – at the moment, I *really* want to make a podcast! And some music! And I totally need to make new merch for my next batch of shows – which will include People I Know #14 and another interactive comic and maybe a little comic about wizards. But I need to free up time from somewhere…

I think those are the key reasons. I hope that all makes sense and you don’t think less of me. I’m hoping to be back to five webcomics a week in a few months. Originally I thought about putting the website on hold completely and just taking a really intensive break…but I decided that was stupid. I hope you don’t think three updates a week is stupid. In fact, I hope you’ll tell your friends to come and visit and to like my comics.

OH! And Wizarding Wednesday will no longer be every Wednesday because then every third drawing I did would be of a wizard. It’ll probably be every other week instead…just keep your eyes peeled.

tl;dr – I’ll be updating my website on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a few months while I work on new projects and get my life in order. I hope we can still be pals.


Leanne ! :D said...

Aww, I'll miss these comics as my little pick me up everyday !
But do what you have to and we could totally still be pals.

Welcome... said...

That is fantastic that you are getting projects being 'People I know'. I look forward to seeing them in the future.

I can't believe you will still be able to manage 3 updates a week, even with all that you are about to take on. It is a real credit to you.

Also, congrats on the job promotion (at least I assume it is).

Good luck with it all :)

DC said...

I'm glad of your exciting changes! It's also nice that you think of your fans and don't even try to put this on hold.

While I'll be rather sad not seeing as much my favorite orange curly-haired wizard, I'll still be looking forward to updates, no matter how many you post a week. Good luck on everything you do!

Bil said...


This website was one of the few I used to visit first thing everyday. I'm happy for you though, I was afraid you switched to 3 updates a week because of the lack of comments...