Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions's 2012. When did that happen. Today, I remembered that I had a Neopet and when I tried (and failed) to log in, it turned out I set it up 11 years ago! 11 years! What the what? I wish time would stop moving - there's loads I haven't achieved!

So, with a new year comes some resolutions. I was originally planning to make a diary comic about what my plans were over the Christmas break...but alas, I got lurgy. It was really annoying as it meant I spent Christmas coughing and snotty. The snot bit has mostly gone but I'm still coughing. I suspect I'll visit a doctor or something. But that's besides the point. Here, in poster form, are my resolutions for 2012:

I think those are main ones. I need to sort my life out too - do normal things like go on dates and talk to people and go to parties. In fact, I just booked my train tickets to visit a pal who lives at least two hours train journey away! That counts as being grown up and seeing new places, right?

I'm also planning to use this blog more. I'm not quite sure who yet...but you'll know when I do.

Stay out of trouble

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DC said...

Good luck on a new year! :)