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Boyfriend Week 2012: Day Four

Warning! Warning! It's the fourth day of Boyfriend Week 2012 which can only mean one thing... a whole blog post full of dreamy potential boyfriends for Toby. What will today bring? Read on, dear reader. Read on...

The first entry into Boyfriend Week 2012 is from John. Before you worry about Toby running out on his sun, don't worry - John is here to explain:
His name is Rod and he met Toby at Fabric. It was an ill-starred union as Rod is always trying to convince Toby that he has fathered a "baby". The baby is just a very small dinosaur called Terry. Terry doesn't mind going along with it as it's not like he has anything else to do (he's independently wealthy).
Fabric is a nightclub in London...and if that part of the story is true then the rest of it could totally be true too! Whatever Rod and Terry's motives are for their behaviour, the important thing is that they are happy. Plus, I like Rod's teeny tiny hat. Thanks John. FUN FACT: You can follow John on Twitter over here.

Next up, it's this sweet drawing by Martin. This is Jon - Toby's new *ahem* bed warming partner! Oh la la. FUN FACT: You got to see Toby's bed in the first ever printed issue of People I Know (back in 2007). Toby and Christina share a room... but they are just pals. Toby and Jon though, they are in the SAME BED! What does it mean?! Whatever it means, I hope they are sleeping well. Thanks for sending this along Martin. You can follow Martin on Twitter over here.

Next up we have Pin - a psychic stud sent in my Carl. Here is what Carl had to say about this potential boyfriend:
Did you ever see What Women Want? I didn't, but it's about manipulating women by reading their thoughts, isn't it? Well this guy is a psychic, and there must be a nice way to use those powers for Toby!
I wish I had psychic powers...or any sort of super power really. However, I hope that Pin won't use his powers for evil. Also, it would be pretty unethical of him to seduce Toby by trickery. Hmmm... Either way, he has nice hair and I like his shirt. Thanks to Carl for sending him along! You can follow Carl on Twitter if you want.

This comprehensive comic is all about Montgomery Zeus - a potential boyfriend sent along by the lovely David. Here is what David had to say about Montgomery:
Allow me to introduce you to Montgomery Zeus, I feel he would be a wonderful companion to the Toby we know and love. Here are the key facts about it:
  • He won the Triforce of courage from Link
  • He carries Zordon's Morpher
  • He once helped a bunch of naked nuns build the first tunnel in London
  • He looked up Geri's skirt even though he isn't really into that sort of thing, it was just because he could 
  • He found Maddy months ago, but respected her right to privacy so is keeping it a little bit secret
  • He created the original 151 Pokemon designs, he doesn't care for he later generations
  • It was Montgomery's hair in the core of Voldermort and Harry's want, NOT, a phoenix feather
  • Montgomery is ace at picking cakes
  • He can watch a 3D film without wearing the stupid glasses
  • He is the only person to make Captain Janeway stop and have a quick think about her choices in life. 
  • censored
I hope Toby will enjoy a date with Montgomery.
So there you go. I don't think I could really anything to this that hasn't already been covered by David. Montgomery Zeus is an incredible name - perfect for an incredible boyfriend. Thanks for sending him along, David! You can follow David on Twitter too!

Say hello to Shirley - the potential boyfriend sent along by Mark. Here are some facts about him. And by 'him,' I mean Shirley, not Mark:
This is Shirley.

He is a bearded vegan pygmy diplodocus with a big heart.

He could be Toby's boyfriend, he has one big arm that can dish out hugs, but can also give Toby a good old smack and knock some sense into him when needed (always)...

Away from speed dating fictional characters he likes to take part in Tudor re-enactments and has an extensive store loyalty card collection.

His favourite colour's hex value is #cc9999
Quite frankly, Shirley had me at "bearded vegan," but maybe I'm just easy. And I think we can all agree that Toby could do with a good old smack sometimes. FUN FACT: I think I went to a Tudor re-enactment once. Well, it involved a bunch of people in costume and I had a furry beret. Thank you very much for sending this along, Mark! You can follow Mark on Twitter too!

It's time for another of my own potential boyfriends. This is Max. I wrote some words after drawing him:
Max is a mysterious guy. He has a connection to a People I Know regular character but I won’t tell you who just yet. He enjoys dressing smartly and is very proud of his smart shoes.
You can probably guess which regular character is...because there aren't that many of them. If he ever returns it will be with different hair. Hello Max!

Next up is Brick - a solid and dependable boyfriend sent in by the talented Ross. Here is what Ross had to say about Brick's boyfriend potential:
  • Brick is a good listener
  • Brick is honest
  • Brick won't (can't) leave you
  • Brick is financially independent
  • Brick will never nag you to hang your towel up when you're done with it even though you were just about to do it anyway you just had to check your emails first, for gods sake.
I think I might know some of Brick's family. He looks so...familiar. Hmmmm. From Ross' description, Brick sounds like a nice guy and has a lot going for him. Thanks for sending him along, Ross! You can follow Ross on Twitter over here.

Hey everyone! Say hello to Frankie Wurst - a boyfriend sent in by Gon. Gon was kind enough to draw up a list of Frankie's pros and cons... Check them out:
- Buns of steel!
- Allergic to cake - so more for Toby
- Speaks fluent German

- No fashion sense
- Can't hug back
- Doesn't speak any English
Personally speaking, not being able to hug back is a pretty big con and if I loved cake then I'd be a bit nervous about eating cake anywhere near him. But what do I know? If Toby wants to go out with Frankie then I'm all for it. The important thing is their happiness! Thanks to Gon for sending in a drawing. You can follow Gon on Twitter over here.

Say hello to Barry Norbusk, a global hunk sent in by Joe. I'm so overwhelmed by Barry's overall hunkiness that I'm not sure what to type. I'm not sure what I find more alluring - the chin dimples or the mouth-beak. Whatever it is, I hope that he is as nice as he is hunky - I wouldn't want Toby to go out with anyone mean. Thanks to Joe for introducing us to Barry. I don't know if Barry is on Twitter but Joe is - you can follow him here!

This is Roger. Roger was sent in by Joe - but a different Joe to the last one. Check out both their websites - they are both great but very different. Roger came with a very interesting backstory - prepare yourself:
This guy is called Roger and he's one of dexys midnight runners (not the original line up) currently touring with Deck Sees Mid Nite Runnaz (dexys midnight runners tribute band) (not the original line up) He plays a mean viola and enjoys making pastry.

Fun Fact: his uncle provided the voice over for BASF video cassette adverts and played "Greg The Grocer" in TV's Pigeon Street.
Goodness me! What a life he has led, eh? I'm not sure which bit impresses me the most - and I'm a tough one to impress. Unlike me, Toby is impressed by anything so he will no doubt be very taken with Roger. Thanks to Joe for sending Roger along. You can follow Joe on Twitter over here.

The final drawing for today is this amazing comic that was sent in by the hideously talented Rob. For those who aren't aware - Mr Kipling is a brand of cakes over here in England. I'm partial to the french fancies... and the lemon slices...and the angel slices. And pretty much every cake that he puts out. In fact, the only thing that I like more than a Mr Kipling cake is Rob's comic. I was stunned when I first saw it. And then I was jealous. And then I was a little bit like "well, I wish I looked like that in real life." So many emotions. Also, FUN FACT time: I love eating cake with a fork. I have special cake forks and everything. Maybe I should just pay Rob to draw People I Know from now on. Thanks so much Rob!

And that's it for Day Four of Boyfriend Week 2012. I hope you're enjoying it. What will happen tomorrow? Swing by to find out! Oh - and thanks again to everyone that has taken part. It really is amazing.

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