Monday, 21 May 2012

Boyfriend Week 2012: Finale's the finale of Boyfriend Week 2012. I was hoping that this week would tie into People I Know on a larger scale and change things up a bit. Plus, I wanted people to draw boyfriends! I think it was a success on both counts. Hooray for everyone that took part.

But wait! It's not over yet! We've got two additional boyfriends sent in by some lovely people. So, for the final time, prepare to swoon at some potential boyfriends.

This assortment of amazing boyfriends was sent along by Ricky. Along with this drawing, Ricky also sent a short letter to Toby:
Hey Toby

So here are some single guys I know who I think you'd get along with. They're all nice, but if you want my advice, I'd ask out Scorpion-Worm: that guy is loaded!
Hmmm... I know you mustn't judge on appearances alone but Scorpion Worm doesn't *look* loaded. Maybe he's a dotcom millionaire or something? If I was going to pair Toby up with any of them, I'd go for Krr Krr Krr because he reminds me a bit of Quackso - and you all know how much I like a bit of Quackso. On the other hand, I trust Ricky's opinion so Scorpion Worm will have to do. He *does* have a cute baseball cap... Regardless, mega thanks to Ricky for sending them all along. You can follow Ricky on Twitter over here.

Next up is Chad Dreamboat as drawn by the lovely Andy. Here is what Andy had to say about Chad:
Chad Dreamboat is a loner.  He doesn't play by society's "rules".  He fixes motorbikes and reads Jack Kerouac.  He listens to introspective rock and picks fights in bars.  He got kicked out of school for frenching the Chemistry teacher.  He got arrested once for shoplifting a book of poetry.  But buried deep beneath those chiseled good looks and rebellious anti-authoritism lies a heart of pure gold.  He is the sole carer of his plucky little sister ever since their drug-addled mother abandoned them to become a Vegas showgirl.  His deepest ambition is to become a top cake chef and open his own bakery, but the close-minded screwheads want him out of their town.  Maybe the love of a good dinosaur good tame this wild spirit?
Wow. Just wow. I don't know about you but I'm sort of in love with Chad after reading that. Who wouldn't to go out with a good looking rebel who wants to open his own bakery? NO ONE, that's who. Thanks to Andy for sending him along (and for breaking my heart in the process). You can follow Andy on Twitter over here.

And finally, there's one more bonus boyfriend from me...

This is Sam. If you've read today's comic then you know who he is. I'm not going to write a blurb for him though as you'll learn about him in the future. Well, you will if everything goes to plan. Fingers crossed, eh?

And that's it. Boyfriend Week 2012 ends here. There will be a few deleted scenes and follow-on comics in the next few weeks. Again, a massive thanks to everyone that took part. And thanks to everyone that read it and shared it with their pals. These themed weeks are a fair bit of extra work for me but it's worth it when people say nice things.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'll be at MCM Expo next weekend.

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Who among us can honestly say they could resist Legs McGinty, I'm swooning.