Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ke$ha wishes she was Jem

I know I shouldn't update two days in a row but seeing as how much I enjoyed moaning about Ke$ha, I decided to do another drawing about her. This time, she's up against a pop star who is TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! It even says so in her theme song.

For those who don't know/are too young, Jem was a cartoon about a lady who used magic earrings to transform from boring Jessica into Jem! Jem was the singer in Jem and the Holograms and they were sassy and I think they ran an orphanage or something. PLUS! Their arch-rivals were The Misfits and they were just as sassy, if not more so.

If Ke$ha wants to stop being lame and start being truly outrageous then I suggest she gets herself a pair of magical earrings. In fact, that rule probably applies to most people.

IN OTHER NEWS: I bought some new clothes. This happens rarely. I shall buy new shoes tomorrow and maybe a bag. Also, I'm seeing a friend tomorrow and I'm excited.


Anonymous said...
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nuttyxander said...

OMG Jem reference.

Getting pissed up students to watch Jem remains a key achievement in my life.