Monday, 10 September 2012

Hello Future: What's Going On?

As of today, I'm trying something a bit different for People I Know.

Say hello to Hello Future - here's the first part if you haven't already seen it:

Hello Future is a storyline that will be unfolding on my website for the next few weeks, I'll be updating from Monday to Thursday so you'll get four comics a week. That's one more than three! You're totally winning at comics!

If people like it then I'll collect it together and print it out in time for MCM Expo in October. I really hope people *do* like it! I have a really cute repeating pattern lined up for the inside covers!

I wrote a load of blurb about why I'm doing a storyline instead of gags (although I like to think I've combined the two) but it all got a bit whiney. I'll save it for a concluding blogpost when it's all over. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the story and that you had a nice weekend. I ate a lot of ice cream and got sad about the Olympics finishing... which is odd since I normally don't give two hoots about sport.

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kickmeiamadog said...

I am enjoying it :) keep it up!