Sunday, 26 February 2012

Which Witch

Remember that time I asked for your short and sassy suggestions for witch names? Well, I went through the suggestions and made a mini survey with my favourites. I added in a last minute idea myself as well but it's up to you lot to decide.

I think you can vote for as many names as you like...but voting closes on Wednesday the 7th of March. You'll find out the most popular choice on Friday's comic! HOORAY!

There are some bonus questions too so please answer them! I'd love to know what you think!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Off The Wall Post!


A few weeks ago, I was on a podcast. It is called Off The Wall Post and is about the internet and social media. You can listen to the episode by clicking this link - although you have to promise not to laugh at me. I didn't realise my voice was Quack quack quack! Except at the start when I try talking with a Dick Van Dyke-accent... Then I just sounded like an idiot.

That's how I roll!

Anyways. So, I talk/quack away about a bunch of things. The lovely Dan, Baz and Kat are in charge of the whole thing and were really lovely. Especially because I'd hardly slept at all - it was a crazy week and I was mostly powered by Mini Eggs.

Listen to the podcast and you will discover:
- what my Dick Van Dyke impression sounds like
- how People I Know started
- what pen I like
- the phrase "cray cray popular"
- how gross my laugh is

But you will also discover other things that aren't about me. Things about QR codes and Google Ads and all sorts of things. If you're interested in the Internet, I would officially recommend subscribing to Off The Wall Post. It is a good way of learning what is going on online and also a good way to have some fun. Plus they have some ace guests in too!

There was an awkward moment (that got cut out) where I had to explain that I didn't have 12,000 Twitter followers, but we won't talk about that.

Before the recording, I had a panic about not having anything to talk I did what I always do during a panic and made a survey! The response was amazing and made me laugh a lot. Thanks to everyone that had a go and I'm sorry that we didn't talk about it on the podcast.

Here are some of my favourite answers:

What does the Internet smell like?
  • "Robots. Possibly the none-too-friendly kind, too..." - Estragon Helmer
  • "Musty cat fur and shame." - Euan
  • "Troll blood, unicorn pee and Eau d'Ordinateur aftershave" from James
  • "The chocolate cake stuck between the letters of my keyboard" from Not Bazza

Do you remember the noise that dial up made during connection? How do you spell that noise?
  • "BrrrrrrBoopBoopBoopBoopReeeooooreeeeooooochchhhhhhhchhhkkkhhhhh" from Rebecca
  • "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeee-e-e-e-eeeeeeeeee its like george of the jungle but autotuned" from Corpius
  • "Yes, it gurgled like a turkey. Gluhaaaark-huaarghkl-huraaahuraaghkl-gluh-gluh-klaaaaaghkh-huh-huhkluh-gluh-buhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-kuk" from Krikri
  • "rrr beep beep beep boop beep beep boop...zzzz bmp. weee weee weee weee waoaoaoa ena ena eeee haaaaaa ccccccc ena ena eeeee bmp" from Anna

DAN Acronyms
  • "Delicous Animals Near" from Alma
  • "Do A Noise" from Kat
  • "Dinner at Nando's" from JulieNotLaura

BAZ Acronyms
  • "Boltonians Against Zebras" from Trevor
  • "Brain Adjustment Zone" from James
  • "Bacon Addicts of Zimbabwe" by Bits

KAT Acronyms
  • "Kestral Analysis Team" from Phil
  • "Ketchup and Twin" from Izzy
  • "Not sure but I bet it's dirty." from Seb

Obviously Dan, Baz and Kat aren't really acronyms! They are the names of the Off The Wall Post! Oh how we laughed!

I also did a drawing for the gang! Here it is!

So yeah... that was my first experience of being on a podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to it and I hope I get to do something like it again! Thanks to Dan, Baz and Kat for inviting me along and thanks to everyone that filled in the survey!

In other news, I hope you're enjoying the current Matchmaker storyline. It's back to three updates a week next week... but what a journey we've been on since Valentine's Day! And there will be a survey about the Witch too so we can all vote on her name. Exciting!

IN MORE OTHER NEWS! I have a table at the London Super Comic Con this weekend! It is the first time they have run the event so I'm not sure what to expect (or even what forms I need to bring along) but I hope it all goes well. Come and say hello - I'll be wherever the small press comics are.

Have an ace weekend!

Stay out of trouble

Monday, 20 February 2012

Witch Alert! today's drawing, the Matchmaking Witch has decided to go on holiday. Don't worry! Someone will take over her Matchmaking business and she'll be back soon enough... but until then, I had a thought!

I was going to give the Witch a name at some point but now I've decided to let you lot get involved too. HOORAY!

If you've got an idea for a short and sassy name for the Witch, please go and leave a comment on this comic. I'll select my favourites in a few days and put them up in a poll. Then, we can all vote for your favourite name and that will be revealed when the Witch returns. Spoilers: She comes back from holiday at some point.

Remember: short and sassy! Short because it saves space and sassy because she's a sassy gal. Her tears today were just because of her inability to find a date for Toby...

IN OTHER NEWS: I hope you're enjoying the Valentine's Matchmaking Story! The twist in the storyline begins tomorrow! TWISTY!!!!

UPDATE! Voting is closed. The witch's name is revealed here!

Monday, 13 February 2012

(Unhappy) Valentine's Day!

I made you all a Valentine's Day card that you can send to people you love! As you can probably guess, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. And I don't think the Green Blob is either.

Valentine's 2012 - Matchmaking Like Crazy!

Don't freak out or anything...but it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. If I could plan my life better, I'd probably be going on a super romantic adventure or something. Not really - organising dates is tricky and talking to people you like is hard! But that's not what this blog is for.

Remember last year's Valentine's Day story? I was really happy with it and I wanted to do somethine similar (but better) this year. My main brief was that it had to tie in with something that was already happening within People I Know - which ruled out the randomness of last year. With this in mind, I've been building towards this year's Valentine's Day story for a few weeks using the Matchmaker storyline.

For the next two weeks, I'm uploading a new part of the story from Monday to Friday. After those two weeks, the story continues on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The week after that...well...WHO KNOWS? Hahaha - I know! You'll have to find out.

Another brief I had - one that I've been working on for the last year in general - was to make the most of existing characters instead of creating lots of new ones. So I'm happy to say that you'll see a few familiar faces that I feel I've been neglecting. Well, three familiar faces. I hope you'll see more of them one day.

So yeah - that's what is going on over the next three weeks! I really hope you enjoy the story! And I also hope you have a nice Valentine's Day.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hourly Comic Day

 I haven't finished colouring in the final page but here is my attempt at Hourly Comic Day! It was a very stressful day but everything got done in the end so that's OK!

UPDATE: I've added in the final page! HOORAY!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I made a survey for a secret reason. Would you mind filling it in please?