Monday, 28 March 2011

J-Man: A mini story!

Hello! I haven't written here in ages - sorry about that. I've actually had a bumload of stuff to write about, just never enough time. I just wanted to to stop by and upload the first drawing for a new mini-story that started today. It's two weeks long and is all can't actually tell you just yet. I'll tell you when it's over!

But I'm also uploading it here because my main website appears to be having some issues. Except I can't work out what they are since it only appears to be on some browsers. Boo hoo. If anyone can work out what is going on and how to fix it, I'll draw them a picture of...some...uh...goblins? Thank You Goblins!

Also - I did the Birmingham Memorabilia event at the weekend. That's a story for another post though...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Drawing for Presentation

I did some drawings for a presentation at work. I won't tell you the context - but this was my favourite!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Small Press Expo!

Cooee! Hello! Guten Morgan! Are you well? Did you have a nice weekend?

I was very busy... because I had a table at the Small Press Expo! I was a bit annoyed because I worked really hard on getting new badges, posters, comics and tote bags ready for it but when the day rolled round, I was still trying to shake this stupid cold. So if you cmae to visit me, I'm sorry for being a little confused or snotty. Still, I had a nice time and I hope you did too!

If you're reading this on an RSS feed and wondering where the latest comic is, then go check out my proper website. From now on, I'll just be posting blogs and doodles the wizard drawing above! This isn't because I hate this blog or you or anything - but I'm having trouble with the scheduling function here and I don't have the time to manually update a bunch of different places. Don't be sad though - there will still be some fun stuff here! And when the next Jessica Fletcher Week swings by, you better come visit! Although, I have another project planned for before then...

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm still enjoying Pokemon White and I still need to visit the gym...

Friday, 11 March 2011

Ugly Duckling

I hope you had a nice Thursday. I went to the Dentist and the Doctor and then I did a bunch of work...even though I was meant to have the day off. I even found time to have a massive fight with PowerPoint. Boo hoo.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Murder Mystery

SORRY! I was away from my computer. I hope you weren't too sad. And if you weren't, maybe you will be after today's comic? It's pretty depressing... especially for someone that watches lots of murder me!

Anyways - Wednesday was fine. I worked a bit late and went back home....

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #17

Hello! Merry Wednesday to one and all - especially if you're a wizard! Speaking of wizards - look! Today's drawings is full of them as well as a bonus witch! You may or may not recognise the witch from various places - not least of all, a previous Wizarding Wednesday! She's also on my new posters and if I were a betting man, I wouldn't be surprised to see her again in the future...

The REAL QUESTION is, can you think of any more magic-related ways that you could compliment the witch's new dress? I can think of one... "spell-binding." Can you do better?

My Tuesday was odd. I felt AWFUL and full of snot. I think it was because I was sitting next to the cold air machine at work. But I don't want to get ill because I've got my first comic event at the weekend so I spent the entire day drinking green tea (I don't like hot drinks) and eating fruit (but the nice ones like pineapple and mango). I hope I start feeling better...

ANYWAYS! I hope you like today's drawing.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


That's right - you can laugh all you want, but eggs terrify me! I've only recently been able to face cracking them and I refuse to eat them if they still look eggy. I can just about manage omlettes...

IN OTHER NEWS: I appear to be ill. Boo hoo.

Oh - and don't forget to check out my revamped website!

Monday, 7 March 2011


Hello! If you're reading this via RSS feed then I've got some important news...Except I need to write it out properly first. I guess to paraphrase, it will be something like: if you subscribe to this RSS feed, please subscribe to the one on my website instead! Because at some point, I'm going to stop uploading my comics here and start treating this like a proper blog and write about my feelings and stuff. I might even start posting doodles here. I have a blog section on my new website but that's for important business things like upcoming shows and what not. Oh - and because of a variety of things, I might have to start only posting three or four drawings a week instead of five...

Does that make sense?

Anyways - my weekend was a mixed bag. My week at work had been pretty busy and I got really stressed. but the website relaunched on Friday and I hope you all liked it. Oh! And the new Pokemon game came out! I chose Snivy as my starter! It evolved this morning so I'm doing OK...although I'm still a bit confused about all the new Pokemon. I need a decent water type if you have any recommendations?

Also - thanks for the positive feedback on People I Know #13! I'm so glad you liked it!

IN OTHER NEWS: My new website has comments! You could totally leave a nice comment for me!!!

Friday, 4 March 2011

People I Know #13

(Decide what to do by clicking the links below!)

In case you haven't guessed - my website is officially back! There are a few things that need fixing but we won't worry about them until you've decided which of the above links to click! Oh! And SURPRISE! You're actually getting to read People I Know #13! My brand new comic!!! I made it over Christmas but didn't want to say anything until I could put it all online. I really hope you like it. I also hope you missed me!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Sorry that the website is still down. It will be up soon though!

And in the meantime, here are two of the banners you can expect/hope to see when it's up and running!

I'll leave you alone to speculate what these banners are about...