Friday, 4 March 2011

People I Know #13

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In case you haven't guessed - my website is officially back! There are a few things that need fixing but we won't worry about them until you've decided which of the above links to click! Oh! And SURPRISE! You're actually getting to read People I Know #13! My brand new comic!!! I made it over Christmas but didn't want to say anything until I could put it all online. I really hope you like it. I also hope you missed me!



Bil said...

I.. Just..

What ?

That was unexpected. and Awesome. Although I miss the nice characters buttons on the main site, this story more than makes up for it !

kickmeiamadog said...


Love the cake spell, me wants cake :(

Mayumi said...

LOVE this. Thank you!

DC said...

I LOVE IT!!! Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories are truly one of the most awesome things ever created!!! Thanks for this!! I totes want a copy of this, wah! I la-la-loved it n.nb

PS: Sorry for the many, many, MANY comments I left on the posts. Woot woot lol n.nb