Wednesday, 31 March 2010


A friend came to visit me at the Thing and he said I should stop using Cooper as my font of choice...which made me sad since I bloody love Cooper. It's so cute and you want to hug it and it would never dump you over the phone or think it was too good for you...

So here's a little comic which doesn't use Cooper! I don't even know this fonts name. But it's nice. It reminds me of books I read as a teeny tiny tot.

Speaking of being little - this comic has Power Rangers in it! My favourite was the Blue Ranger! I also want recognition for getting all their visors correct!

FUN FACT: Today was proper hideous. Everything that went wront went so amazingly wrong that my brain exploded. Seriously - trying to meet a printing deadline is tough enough but have the regular printer *and* the industrial-sized printing machine *both* break at the same time is not fun. BLEURGH!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

UK Web + Comix Thing 2010

Hello Hello!

Yesterday was the UK Web and Comix Thing - officially the third time I've had a stall there!

I packed a suitcase with all sorts of goodies - new comics, old comics, big and little owls, CDs, badge packs, cakes, pictures, bags of dinosaurs etc etc

The journey there was pretty nasty since one of the wheels on the super suitcase broke pretty much as soon as I left the house...except I didn't know - I just thought it was being annoyingly difficult to pull along. It was super noisey and super heavy. I think I deserve a medal for getting to the venue without crying. I didn't even cry when Mile End tube station refused to let anyone exit!

I found my stall and started setting up. Check it out! I think it looked pretty good - especially since I suck at setting things up. It helped that I didn't forget to pack anything. Plusm look how nice the letters turned out for the wall. So bright! I'll try not to lose them this time.

It was a pretty slow start since Lizz and I set about giving out the Dino-Saw-Us Passports and flyers. We even had blank stickers for anyone that didn't have any printed stickers! Good work us. Good work to everyone that participated!

After all this was done I got to stand behind my stall and talk to people - which is one of my favourite things about events. I met so many people! The Science Team from Hull! The Food Group! Mister Aeroplane! Professor Peckham! Mister Awkward! Postal Service Girl! Man who I Thought Was Someone Else! The list is endless! It got super busy in the afternoon so the whole day whizzed by. I didn't even have a chance to have a decent look around.

As with previous Things, as soon as 17:00 rolled around, everyone packed up super fast and hit the pub. I saw some friends (who had gotten there two hours earlier) and spoke to some comic people. Blah blah blah and then I went home.

Today was set aside for doing nothing but fun things! I went for pancakes and saw some friends and worked on some ideas for the new issue of People I Know. I wasn't going to even think about it until June but now I'm hoping I could maybe get it printed in time for MCM Expo... That would be exciting!

In conclusion - thanks to everyone who was nice to me at the Thing 2010. And don't forget to email over any photos of completed Passports! We'd love to see them!

Stay out of trouble

Friday, 26 March 2010


Jeeeez - I have two bits of exciting news. I hope you're prepared!

So firstly - I have a table at the UK Thing and I have new things like badges and cuddly owls and bags of dinosaurs and four new comics!

The other exciting thing is...well...possibly the most exciting thing to have happened all year. I drew some drawings and then someone did some magic and LOOK AT THEM NOW! They move! It's like being in sodding Hogwarts or something.

The main link is HERE

But if you don't trust spooky links - here they are as YouTube clips! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bad Date #9 + Scott Pilgrim!

So yeah...the Thing is looming. I'm starting to get nervous. What if no one buys anything? Why didn't I make more things?


In other news, here is a new Bad Date. It's my first ever attempt at drawing a gimp! He is wielding a bum-paddle for any Arrested Development fans out there.

PLUS! The Scott Pilgrim trailer came out today and I really enjoyed it. The beginning made me go "oh no - it's romantic and lame" but then there was fighting and Egg from Arrested Development being a ninja and some more fighting. HOORAY!

I doubt this YouTube link will be embeddable (is that a word?) for long but here goes:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Mini Comic: Reasons Why We Should Go Out Together

I only updated yesterday but I forgot to blah blah blah about one of the new mini comics I'll be selling on Saturday.

I've got a few new minic comics to debut but this is the saddest and therefore the one that needs writing about.

Rather than being a normal story-based comic, it's actually a tool to use when asking someone out. Inside, there are a bunch of reasons why you think the recipient of the comic should go out with you. You just have to tick the ones that apply to how you feel.

I could tell you the really really sad story about how and why this comic came about...but you couldn't handle it. I can just about deal with it and it's *my* story.

Boo hoo hoo!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Harry Potter: His Mother's Eyes

Today is Tuesday! I had a pretty odd day where my pretend-to-cry ability came into use...which is rarely a good thing. On the plus side - here is a Harry Potter comic I've been keeping up my (wizard's) sleeve for a while. I wasn't sure about posting it since it makes me feel sick but I like the idea of Snape being an unstoppable flirt.

Also - since the UK Web and Comix Thing is fast approaching - here is a scan of the badge packs I'm bringing along. I added in two new designs - Robot and Generic Princess.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh dear...

It's rare that I post serious things on the blog... but this is worth watching. Or you could at least listen to it? Just let me know what you think?

I suspect that only one of the people here actually knows what they're talking about.

Man - I feel like a proper Blogger now.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Jessica Fletcher Returns!

I went on a drawing rampage last night at 2am. Aside from being knackered today, I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out. Here is the first one!

Also, the UK Web and Comix Thing is coming up! I've got a bunch of new stuff to bring along...but the most exciting is obviously the new copy of People I Know. It's not just any old issue though - it's #10!!! Because 10 is an important number, I gave it a colour cover! Even more exciting though - it actually has TWO front covers because you can turn it upside down and then read the story again but with a twist. I don't want to spoil it but look how pretty it looks!


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bad Date #8 + my first ever review!

It's the weekend! I sewed some dinosaurs, watched some Supernanny, sewed more dinosaurs, bought some paper and cried tears of salty sadness.

Here's a new Bad Date!

PLUS - someone I met once wrote the first ever review of my comics! My comics may take only twenty seconds to read but those twenty seconds are super cute!

Also - it's the UK Web and Comix Thing next Saturday! I'm pretty nervous! You should come and say hello!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bad Date #7

 Uh oh - the Bad Date series returns! I was feeling extra cynical when I drew this and I've been in a proper rage all day - so clearly this is going to be a Moody Week... Joy.

Monday, 15 March 2010

True Life Comic Returns! Sort of!

My attempt at a 200th post was a bit I'm skimming over it all quickly. I *will* come back to those YouTube clips though.

Anyways - here is another True Life story...except this is two different stories in one. I don't really want to draw either story so I smooshed them together and presto! I even drew a new character. He doesn't have a name yet so feel free to make one up.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy 200th Blog Post!

Hahahahahaha. This is my 200th post here - and I totally wasn't prepared. Oh dear. So here's a drawing with two of my favourite things in it - Jessica "Sexpot" Fletcher and Mystery Inc.

I've spent the ENTIRE WEEKEND drawing for some exciting projects. I was up until 4am on Saturday and today was lots of sewing and stuff.

Good news: I have met some nice people! It's like having friends!

Bad news: I'm knackered!

Here are my two favourite telephone-related YouTube clips at the moment. Maybe I can pretend that this is some sort of special event for the 200th post or something... I will write more about them both later:

John Quincy on the Telephone

Lady Gaga is sexing up the Telephone

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Happy Birthday Lizz!

I totally owe you belated birthday cake!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Sabrina? She's a teenage witch, right?

I'm snowed under with work and making all sorts of things for all sorts of people. Here is a comic about Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She's everyone's favourite teenage least, she is in my mind.

Sunday, 7 March 2010



I have been SO BUSY! Making dinosaurs. Making comics. Making badges. I even went to the cinema today!

I don't have much else to say besides "boo hoo - I'm so sad" so here is a montage of the badge designs I have just this very second ordered. Six of them have appeared before but I added two new designs! It sort of ruins the whole rainbow scheme of the backgrounds but it's worth it to get badges for Sad Robot and Generic Princess.

You should totally buy some from me.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

True Life Comic!

I've had a really rubbish week. I officially hated it. 

Still, it's the weekend now and I'm working on the final new project which I'll be taking to the Thing. It's a lot more hard work than I was expecting though - boo hoo.

Anyways - here is a another True Life comic! This happens far too often. I think Enya is ace though.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Harry Potter: Colin Creevey Says Hello

Oh Colin Creevey... no one understands you. You just want Harry to notice you, right? You think he's the bee's knees and the two of you should totally be why is Harry always so mean to you? Also, why do you look like a reject from Jessica Fletcher Week?

In other news - it is totally March and it has totally sucked.

Plus - on the train I had the following exchange:

Two Little Children (pointing at my DS): Look! A DS!
Me: Eeep! Don't look! I'm playing nerdy games and I haven't cleaned my DS ever so it's covered in dirt and grime
Two Little Children: Why don't you clean it?
Me: I'm very busy. I shall clean it when I get home
Two Little Children: As if

I think I got served by those little children. FML

Monday, 1 March 2010

Lady Gaga versus Mystery Inc

BOO HOO HOO! Today sucked so much arse it isn't even funny.

I could bore you all about it but that would be lame. Instead, here is a comic about my favourite sasstress-du-jour: Lady Gaga! Even better than that - it also features the coolest kids in Coolsville: Mystery Inc. Obviously Scooby isn't in it because I don't like him/can't draw dogs - but everyone else is! Check them out! 


UPDATE: I am listening to sad Avril Lavigne songs. This is how awful the day was. Hold me. Hold me until it goes away...