Sunday, 9 June 2013



This isn't a proper blog post. You don't need to worry about me rambling along about my feelings and the like. I'm just writing down a reminder of some things I need to write about:

  • I went to see The Postal Service! They were on stage and they played some music! And getting there was a story on its own.
  • I went to MCM Expo and you might have gone to it too! There were some amazing costumes (Groot and Rocket Racoon!!!) and I've got some photos of them. Thanks if you came to visit me there.
  • I've been feeling a bit sad about a bunch of things... although I guess there's nothing new there.
  • 'A Wizard's Woes' finished! It was an old story that took place over twenty days. I hope you enjoyed it!
  • The season two finale of Revenge went out and it was pretty underwhelming
  • I went to a talk at BAFTA about games journalism which was interesting. People talked a lot about writing about stuff that interests you and I vowed that I would do that! Except, here I am, writing a list of things I'll write about when I have time. Lame.

More importantly, how are you? What have I missed? Anything exciting?

Stay out of trouble