Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: Day Two

Oh. Em. Gee! It's Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010!!! It was amazing to see people retweeting about the first day and that's totally down to all the amazing drawings people sent in. And if you were worried you'd be disappointed with Day Two then SHAME ON YOU! Prepare yourself for some more excellent drawings of everyone's favourite Cabot Cove dame...

First up - it's Henki from Airside Japan! Henki is a proper designer who makes proper and popular things. You would totally recognise some of his t-shirts in particular. He is also a swell guy who is now living in Japan. But even though he's far away, he still found time to draw this incredible Jessica! Look at how cute she is! This was one of the first submissions that was sent in and I've had a really hard time keeping it under wraps. Thanks Henki!

Those wide eyes! The funny chin! That lovely hair. Why, it could only be Jessica Fletcher as drawn by the lovely Michelle. I think Michelle did a particularly ace job with the hair - it's spot on. And if you look at Jessica Fletcher's real hair, it's actually pretty bizarre. I get around this by giving her generic lady-hair but Michelle totally went for it. Good work Michelle!

Uh oh - Jessica Fletcher is coming to town! Quick, look busy! This drawing came from Balnek who I met a while ago on a course about things. I like the fact that Jessica appears to be walking to her next location - I'm sure I heard once that Jessica never drove herself anywhere because it meant she could catch rides with people and get the gossip. What a smart lady she is. Thanks Balnek!

Any time I see a lady with a magnifying glass, I assume she's either Jessica Fletcher or she wishes she was Jessica Fletcher. And I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the lady with the magnifying glass in the above picture is totally Jessica Fletcher - as drawn by the lovely Ben. People from last year might remember that Ben sent in a drawing last time too! I haven't seen him much this year, but I bet he's still ace. Thanks for a brilliant drawing Ben! Also, is it just me or is this Jessica totally giving us sexy eyes?

CUTE ALERT! We have a cute situation on our hands! This lovely drawing was sent in by someone who goes by the name Gotenkslovesme. I like the fact that this Jessica is wearing a typical Jessica outfit - comfy sweater and sensible skirt. Those are ideal clothes for solving crime! Oh - and don't forget the book! That book probably contains clues!

Next up - it's Adam Cadwell! He made The Everyday! He's a proper drawer - you can tell because he can draw both hands AND feet! He is also a part of the Manchester Comix Collective who you'll be seeing much more of this week! Adam has depicted Jessica Fletcher as someone driven mad by all the murder she has witnessed/wrote - and to be fair, he could be right. I mean, she's seen more murder than most people have had hot dinners. Poor, sweet Jessica. Excellent work Adam!

As well as magnifying glasses, typewriters always make me think of Jessica Fletcher. I mean, who can resist singing the Murder, She Wrote theme tune whenever they sit in front of a typewriter? Or a computer? Or anything really? This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Graham who you may know from Private Study. His drawing is all about the typewriter - and who can blame him? Not me! Good work Graham!

Uh oh - another magnifying glass. Awkward! Actually - no it isn't! It's just a lovely drawing sent in by Xander! He was smart enough to include the other Jessica Fletcher prop: the mystery hat that she wears in press photos but doesn't really use in the actual show. If you ask me, the real mystery in Murder, She Wrote is what is going on with Jessica and that hat. Why hide such lovely hair? We may never know - but thanks Xander!

Next up - it's a saucy drawing from one of the swellest dames on Twitter - Wendy Roby! Yes - this Jessica drawing is a saucefest. There are boobs! She's got some plonk on the go! And her poor typewriter lies unused under the Rococo bed. Oh Jessica - what happened to you? The murders won't get solved if you don't put any knickers on! And you aren't even doing any writing! You really are a dictaphoney!!! Boo hoo hoo!

Goodness. Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is just turning into a props fest. This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by Internet-whizz Andy - who you may remember from that time he drew a monster in the Summer. Andy has gone for the lesser-known prop - the basket of doom. I don't remember which particular episode the basket appears in but it is totally something I could imagine Jessica having around the house. Great work Andy!

Right! The final Jessica Fletcher drawing for Day Two is this brilliant strip sent in by the charming Rick Eades! I love the fact that his Jessica has the perfect emotional range of the real Jessica - tears, determination, surprise and joy! Those are all the emotions I have seen (and experienced) during an episode of Murder, She Wrote. It really is a brilliant show. And this really is a brilliant strip.

There we go! Day Two of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is over! I hope you've enjoyed it! The submissions are amazing and I'm over the moon with how it is all going. And I'm still getting Jessica Fletchers in my inbox so feel free to take part if you'd like! And obviously, you should check out the people above who have sent stuff through. Oh - and don't worry, there are still three days left of AMAZING Jessica Fletchers! Prepare to be dazzled!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: Day One

I can't believe it's here! That's right - Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 has officially begun! And to kick things off, here is a drawing a did. Personally, I don't know why those teeny tiny children are complaining - they should be over the moon to be dressed up as one of the world's greatest crime writers/detectives/sexpot. Kids today, eh?

Anyways - the submissions have been AMAZING this year. Thank you so much to everyone who sent stuff along. Obviously you can still send stuff in - but try to get it to me by Thursday so I can put upload before the weekend. Unlike last year, I'm uploading the day's drawings into one giant blog post. I hope you don't mind, but I think it makes it easier for everyone involved. Also, I think you can click on the images to make them bigger. At least, I hope you can - this is the first one so it's a bit of a test...

Anyways, without further ado - unleash the Jessicas!

First up, we have Bootherstone! We used to work together and she was always super sassy and wearing sassy clothes. I learnt a lot a lot of things from her - the importance of shoes, the healing properties of toast and the Bunette - a top secret hairdo she created. And look, even during Jessica Fletcher Week, she's still teaching me about the online life of my hero. Thank you!

Next up, it's Darren! I don't know whether he has a website I should link to but the important thing is that he's a super smashing guy with amazing hair. I haven't touched it yet but I'm pretty sure it would feel like a fluffy cloud. Anyways - he has opted for a sexy-looking Jessica in the style of a Cluedo card. (Note: Cluedo is what we call the board game Clue in England). I love Cluedo. I love Jessica Fletcher. Therefore, I bloody love this. Thanks Darren!

Who is this ghostly apparition that stands before us? Why, it must be the work of Sam! I'm pretty sure he made this on an iPhone or something - although I have no idea how since drawing anything on that screen is pretty tricky. I suspect he used magic of some kind. Either way, Sam is an ace and avid photographer. He is one of the few people to ever take a photo of me that I don't hate. Excellent work on the Jessica, Sam!

Uh oh! We've got a pun on our hands, thanks to Kat. And yes indeed, Jessica's last name would have come from an arrow-making past. Although can you imagine all the crimes that would have remained unsolved if Jessica was an arrow-maker instead of a crime writer/detective/sexpot?! I met Kat at Thought Bubble and I think we bonded over our mutual lack of beard. You know who else doesn't have a beard? Jessica Fletcher!

Oh em gee! Who is this wide-eyed vision before me? It couldn't be! But it is... Ms. Jessica Fletcher, as drawn by Jon. I can't really tell you an amusing story about Jon except that we were talking on Twitter about CSI. CSI is an amazing show (except for the New York one which I hate), but I really believe that it would be much better if Jessica Fletcher was in it. Plus, they'd solve so many more crimes. Maybe they should rename Murder, She Wrote as CSI: Cabot Cove? Regardless, thanks Jon! I totally owe you a high five.

HOT GOSSIP: I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Edward Ross at the MCM Expo in October! What an ace guy! And he has a beard! So, Edward Ross makes interesting comics about film theory - and we all know who was in some (made-for-television) movies? That's right Jessica Fletcher! I mean, who hasn't seen Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest or Murder, She Wrote: A Story To Die For? I bet Edward Ross has. And look at that Jessica Fletcher he's drawn! If I'm not mistaken, this is an homage to the original opening credits where Jessica fires a gun just like this. You, Edward Ross, are a genius!

Speaking of bearded geniuses, it's Matt "M-Shez" Sheret everyone! Matt is one of the driving forces behind We Are Words + Pictures. Matt has gone for a very text-based Jessica, which is fitting what with his background as a wordsmith wizard. Here we have a Jessica Fletcher using her cunning to...well...just read it. And then they had tea! That's so J-Flez! She always has tea and a giggle at the end of every episode. Thanks Matt for such a lovely Jessica. I'll high five you soon!

And here we have the final Jessica Fletcher for Day One, drawn by the hideously talented Warwick Johnson Cadwell. Like Matt and Edward, Warwick is also the owner of a mighty beard. And like them, he has sent in a brilliant Jessica. Look at her - peering at the cleaver in the wall. It's totally something I can imagine seeing in an episode. Except they rarely showed blood in the show so that smear on the wall would obviously be paint or something. Oh - and look at her boney fingers! Those fingers have typed out some stories in their time. What a woman.

So yes - that's the final Fletcher for Day One of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010. I hope you've enjoyed them all! It goes without saying that everyone in this post is worth checking out and I totally owe them one for sending in such great work. I've been blown away with the things I've received... and yes, the next few days are just as great.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: The Visit

I know what you're thinking: why is there a drawing about Jessica Fletcher when Jessica Fletcher Week doesn't even start until Monday? Well - I wanted to put up an exciting drawing today so next week seems even more fun! And let me tell you, it will be fun. There are a bunch of drawings (that I still need to finish over the weekend) as well as some INCREDIBLE submissions. Seriously you guys, you've totally outdone yourselves! I can't wait to upload them. Plus, if you don't know who Grady is, he's Jessica's nephew. He always gets accussed of something or other. I like the fact that he looks identical to how I draw Jessica but with brown hair and glasses.

FUN FACT: I think the tears in the third panel are the longest tears I've ever drawn!

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm going to see the Harry Potter movie on Friday evening! And I've got some days off next week so I can start work on new stuff. And it's nearly Christmas!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Emma: Crabs

Remember Emma? Probably not - but she's back so deal with it! And yes - if you've read a lot of my stuff, those crabs should look familiar too. At least, I could totally understand if you got them confused with Space Crabs! Oh dear - my drawings look so much nicer these days, eh?

Anyways - Wednesday is done and dusted. I was meant to see pals for Burger Time but it ended up falling through. But that meant I had time to get a head start with Jessica Fletcher Week. I had five new submissions today! Two of them were from Spain! Wowsers! But besides collating all the drawings (and poems), I've still got to make my own Jessica Fletcher-themed drawings!

But that's enough worrying. I had an email from someone I think is ace today - which really cheered me up. And I'm seeing pals over the next few evenings. Also, it's a month until Christmas! A month! Then it's Christmas. I don't know how I feel about Christmas but I know how I feel about 2010 speeding by so quickly: and that's terrified. *sigh*

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #8

Hey Gang! I know I said "boo hoo - no more wizards ever again," but I had some last minute ideas so it's all OK. In fact, it looks like there will be at least two more Wizarding Wednesdays! Yeah! I'm sorry if any of you were worried about the wizards or anything? I hope I draw more so I can turn them into a mini comic or something? People I like wizards, right?

Anyways! Hello! How are you? What have I missed? I'll tell you what you missed - John Allison said nice things about me on his blog! And he's a big deal! And he wears glasses. Hooray!

On a more serious note, I've been doing lots of thinking about what I want to get out of 2011. What a grown up thing to think. Oh! And I had some new ideas for non-comic things. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

Stay out of trouble

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Just Your Voice

Remember that time I was SUPER EXCITED about drawing a hand (and some rolls of fat)? Well, I decided I to revisit it. I think it turned out pretty well so I hope you like it. And if you're confused then this should explain everything...sort of...

Skip to about 1:20 and prepare to sing along. Or maybe just draw a Jessica Fletcher instead? After all, Jessica Fletcher Week is looming. I got some new ones today and finally started on my own. Except that my pens all got a bit rubbish so I'm hoping to rush to the art shop at some point for new ones. *sigh*

What else? I was mostly sad today because I wasn't at Thought Bubble. Boo hoo hoo. But it's bed time now so that counts for something, eh?

Oh - and hello to everyone who found my comic/blog after Thought Bubble! I hope we can be pals!

Stay out of trouble

PS. Can you drool when you're under the sea?

Monday, 22 November 2010


Goodness me! I am shattered! This weekend was my first ever Thought Bubble - and I've just got home. It was an amazingly fun and intense weekend of talking, drawing, dancing and even a bit of caking.

Like with MCM, I'll write up some sort of epic blog about the whole thing but I really need to get some sleep now. Sorry. Although I suspect you'll survive. Oh - and here is a drawing about Beyonce and he alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Not sure who Sasha Fierce is? Watch this handy video:

And don't forget that Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 is nearing! I've got some brilliant submissions and you should send one along too! Don't be shy!

On a final note - some of my comics were reviewed over on Hand Drawn Awesome. I'm terrified of people saying mean things about my comics so obviously I was heartbroken that it begins with the words "I hate Timothy Winchester..." but it gets better. To be fair, it couldn't get any worse after that - but it all works out fine in the end. Phew. Thanks to Christian for the kind words. And thanks to everyone that came to visit me at Thought Bubble. I had an amazing time and I hope you did too...

Friday, 19 November 2010

Warning: Cool Hair

It's Friday and that means I'm off to Leeds for Thought Bubble. I'm excited and nervous. I'm also a bit stressed - I have an hour to eat, pack and shower...but instead I'm updating my blog. Awkward.

Anyways - there's not much to say. I saw some friends yesterday which was lovely. I need to see more friends! They solve everything.

Here is a drawing. I really like this one so I hope you do too! Please like it! It is the first time I've drawn a shark. And the sixth panel has an EPIC SAD FACE - a new type of emotion I have developed. It will serve me well...

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Real Life: Mike Dolphino returns!

Hahahaha - that's right! Mike Dolphino is back! You can remind yourself about how great he is over here... although maybe you should make sure he isn't already in your trousers?

Anyways. Wednesday zoomed by. I had wizards in the back of my mind though which was annoying. But I had a really nice voicemail from an old friend and then I met up with some friends. Good times!

Speaking of good times - I am so excited about Thought Bubble. It's getting a bit silly to be honest.

But other exciting things!

First up: the lovely Dan Fish reviewed People I Know #11 and said nice things. You can read it here! Thanks Dan! My favourite quote is "There’s all this, and a makeover montage you simply must not miss."

Next up is the amazing Paper Science 3 - the first time I've been in a Paper Science thing! They'll be available at Thought Bubble so what are you waiting for? Oh! And my entry is a bit rude - but here's a sneak peek:
So if 2011 continues like this, who knows what will happen? Fingers crossed, eh?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #7

Wizard! Wednesday! You know the drill - it's Wizarding Wednesday. HOORAY! Except... I don't want to worry anyone but this is the last Wizarding Wednesday drawing I have planned for a while. Mainly because the new comic I'm working on is about wizards and I haven't really thought of any new Wizarding Wednesday. Sorry. But it still might appear! Just keep an eye out for next Wednesday...

Nothing much else to report. My shoes broke so I took them to the shoe doctor. I'm excited about Thought Bubble. Still. And as mentionned above, the new comic is about wizards. And I received another Jessica Fletcher today! Yeah!

On the downside, it looks like I'm going to have to think about my future and the new year at some point... Which doesn't sound like much fun. Hmmm...

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Three Wise Men

It's Tuesday! Here's a drawing which was originally Christmas-themed but I felt like it was too early for Santa hats and things. But more importantly, which of the three wise men is your favourite? Which one would you most like to come round for some tea?

IN OTHER NEWS: My shoes need fixing. But I can't take them to the cobblers because I only have one pair! So I'll have to hobble around for a bit. Oh dear. But on a nicer note, I got another Jessica Fletcher in my inbox. It's amazing! Super gory, but amazing! Don't forget to do a drawing - all the details can be found here.

Oh. And it's Thought Bubble at the weekend. Can anyone recommend food places in Leeds that will serve burgers and/or pancakes?

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lady Gaga: Pokeballs

Lady Gaga makes a welcome return! She's been quiet for a while - what's she up to? Anybody know? I think we can all agree that there's totally another joke about Pokeballs to make about Gaga, eh?

So yes - it's the end of the weekend. I went to the Sol Pop 3 launch on Friday which was exciting...as well as bastard hot. It was good/great to see so many familiar faces all together - as well as some new faces. Hello new faces! I hope you're well!

Saturday was spent with pals. We walked around town and checked out two of the creepiest museums London has to offer. One is full of dead things in jars and the other is full of spooky toys which are possibly haunted. It's funny since I've been to both of them before but I found them double creepy this time round. Boo hoo. Then I went home and caught up with fixing all the drawings I've scanned in but not done anything with. It turned out there were more than I first thought so it was a late night. I caught up with X Factor but it was rubbish so there will be no YouTube link I'm afraid. Sorry.

Sunday was all about planning new drawings - mainly the ones for Jessica Fletcher Week. I've had some great entries so far so what are you waiting for? Get drawing! Oh - and I finally posted my MCM Expo Post! YEAH!

Next weekend will see my first ever trip to Leeds for Thought Bubble. I've never been to Leeds or Thought Bubble before so I'm quite excited...and nervous. Fingers crossed, eh?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

MCM Expo - October 2010

Oh em gee! I'm sorry it has taken so long - but here it is! My MCM Post! HOORAY!!!

Right. So for the first time, MCM Expo was over three days. I had to ask for the Friday off work but it was totally worth it. In fact, although the Friday was super quiet it was nice to be able to set up in the afternoon and relax a bit. Normally, I'll get there at 8am on the Saturday, set up and then talk, talk, talk. And then collapse. But this Fancy New Friday meant I could set up, have a bit of a chat and not stress out so much. Hooray!

This MCM was a bit of a big deal in my head since, as well as being my third (!?) time there, it was also a year on since I met the lovely Lizz Lunney. Our tables were back-to-back at the MCM Expo in October 2009, so it was lovely to be just one table down from her this time. The only thing separating us was Philippa Rice. Oh! And Lizz was sharing a table with Joe List too! It was nice to have those guys next door. It also meant that I could have more of a look around than usual.

OK. So Friday was quiet. We had some food in the evening and then I went home. On the DLR! If you've never been on the DLR, it's like what would happen if someone with a rubbish imagination was in charge of designing the future.

I spent Saturday dressed as a Generic Hogwart's Student. I was going to be Harry Potter but I didn't want to dye my hair. Or do the scar. Or be Harry Potter I suppose. Anyways, the journey to the Excel Centre was a bit of a hassle since everybody was heading there. But I got there and commenced with Operation: Flyer! Which is to say, my main priority for the entire three days was to give out as many of my flyers as possible. It turned into a bit of an obsession to be honest and I apologise to the tables nearby who may have found it a bit annoying. But I would have given out their flyers if they'd have asked!

Saturday was obviously much busier than Friday. I think something like 45,000 people came to MCM across the three days - and it really felt like that on Saturday. It was nice to see familiar faces and I was mega happy when people said they'd got stuff last time or seen the website. Two people even did that dance routine! Well done everyone! And thanks for coming to visit.

Saturday also saw the start of the wrestling and the infamous Japanese drumming. I didn't catch much of the wrestling but the drumming was impossible to miss since it was so loud. I didn't mind it too much but sometimes I just wanted them to play some Lady Gaga. Or even some Beyonce. Ho hum.

It was really nice to see so many familiar faces from comic-making. I was proud to wear my Team Bing badge! I got to say hello to Warwick J. Cadwell who was a table away! Howard was debuting The Lengths! Edward Ross was sharing a table with Luke Pearson! Graham wore a dressing gown. David O'Connell came to say hello! Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell were opposite me. I was planning on going through everyone but I can't be arsed. In conclusion - there were lots of interesting comic-making people there. Check them out. Yeah!

Saturday evening was spent with some lovely folk at the nearby Chinese food place. I'm a mega fussy eater but I found some nice food and I even used chopsticks! Yes! In your face!

Then it was Sunday and after not enough sleep, I was back at the Excel Centre. Sunday wasn't as busy as Saturday but I still tried to give out as many flyers as possible. Lots of people from Saturday were there but in different costumes. I admire how prepared they are to be able to sort out more than one costume. I had trouble getting my own costume together and that was just normal clothes. Goodness knows how you make three different robot costumes in time...

So Sunday ended and I said goodbye to people and went home to sleep. The End! Except I just want to say thanks to everyone involved in organising the whole thing. It's a lot of comic people to organise and I have no idea how difficult it must be to sort out. But they did it and they did it brilliantly!

Also, serious thanks to everyone who came to visit my table. I know I'm not a big name but I'm still working hard. And hopefully I'll have new comics for the next MCM! And hopefully you'll come along to check them out!

IN OTHER NEWS: I wasn't the only one in costume for the event so I'm going to close this blog post with some of the amazing costumes! Prepare yourself!

This guy was around on the Friday (I can tell because the background shows a bunch of empty tables) and dressed as Kick Ass. I haven't read or watched Kick Ass - but this guy's costume was amazing. What was even better though was the fact that he had two perfect Kick Ass poses. When I asked to take his picture, he immediately assumed his first pose. Then he asked if I wanted a different pose - which is the one in this photo. That's brilliant forward-planning if you ask me.

There was also this guy who was cosplaying as Juggernaut from the (pretty rubbish) X-Men film. At first I thought he was that guy from He-Man. You know - the one that rammed stuff with his head? Rammer? Rambo? Mr. Ram? But on closer inspection, he was totally Juggernaut. And he made his costume himself! That's super impressive! Like the Kick Ass guy, he didn't need to be asked to pose - he just went for it. I think we can agree that a good pose can make a good cosplayer great. We should all work out what our poses are...

Next up, here are some wizards! Not just any wizards though - it's Lizz and Philippa! With matching cloaks, hats and knitted beards! I don't really need to say much about how brilliant their costumes are. Because you can see it with your own eyes!

And on that note! Roll on the next MCM Expo!

Friday, 12 November 2010


You probably don't remember, but a while ago I wrote a bit about drawing a weird thing about pirates. You may not have believed me but HERE IT IS! Plus it's four times the size of a normal drawing so you've got four times the misery to enjoy.

I realise now that the lady pirate just looks like a sassy lady...but she has pirate earrings. And what did lady pirates wear? Hmmm...

Regardless - I know it's a bit of a weird drawing, even by my standards, but I hope you like it.

IN OTHER NEWS: It's nearly the weekend! I've got some super fun stuffed for the weekend. And I'll start drawing my Jessica Fletchers for Jessica Fletcher Week. Please draw one too so we can be twins. You don't even need to draw it - print or paint or write a poem! Just get involved.

Oh. And which of you scurvy sea-dogs are heading over to Thought Bubble?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Oh Toby. This is the very reason I could never ask anybody if they have feelings for me. Although, it's such a bizarre question I sort of feel that you're just begging for trouble by asking it.

Speaking of asking questions - someone asked me a question on the comments section of the blog and I don't appear to know how to reply to comments. So if you ever have a question and you want to leave a comment, I'll normally reply in the comments there. Unless someone can tell me how to reply to comments the proper way.

And since Wade was curious - the movie I watched last night was Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. I decided that watching a Disney film was risky since I needed some sleep. But the film totally did the trick - I felt much better - much less achey and my brain only felt a little grim. Hooray!

Right then - don't forget about Jessica Fletcher Week! I had some great entires last year and new ones are still coming in. Get stuck in! Ask your friends! Ask your family! Ask your effing frog if you have one (and it doesn't mind giving it a go - you mustn't force anyone)! Go for it!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #6

Ugh. Obviously it's Wizarding Wednesday but I feel poorly. Boo hoo hoo.

There isn't much exciting news today. My brain feels like it's melting and everything aches. Wah wah wah. Even worse - my stomach is misbehaving! I feel hungry but my stomach is all "don't put no effing food in me." I drank some orange juice and now I'm going to bed... with a Disney movie. Because I'm cool like that.

Happy Wizarding Wednesday you guys!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hen Party

I suspect that Hen Parties are called something else in the USA... but they're just the lady version of a stag/bachelor party. I hope this explanation makes the drawing funny...or at least, less rubbish.

I'm determined to go to bed but I went to a super fancy restaurant and ate grown up food. I feel double fat now though.

IN OTHER NEWS:  I received the first drawing of Jessica Fletcher for Jessica Fletcher Week! YEAH!!!!

IN OTHER (BORING) NEWS: Today was the first day that I wore my winter coat.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010


You may or may not know this, but last year I did something called Jessica Fletcher Week. You can check it out via this tag...

I really enjoyed it! People sent in some drawings and I put them on my blog and it was good fun. Well done everyone. And I'd really like to do it again. So that's what I'm going to do.

But I need your help!

As of the 29th of November, I'll spend those five days uploading a different Jessica Fletcher-themed drawing. I'll ask friends to send in drawings too and they'll get uploaded. If you'd like to participate. or know anyone that wants to participate, then please get in touch. Or just send in your drawing before the 29th! My email address is timothy_winchester (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. You don't need to be a comic-maker or anything so don't worry!

Um...what else? Jessica Fletcher, if you don't know, is the main character in Murder, She Wrote. And I guess you should send along any links you want me to direct people to? And please don't make the drawing too rude or anything? I mean, you're in charge but I really like Jessica Fletcher so please be nice.

Get in touch if you have any questions... You can do it!

Fish Nets

It's Monday! Yeah! The weekend was quite...um...weekendy? I spent Saturday doing errands like taking my coat to the cleaners and moved some things around and did a bunch of drawing. I also had a really fun dream where I did lots of drawing but then I woke up and realised I hadn't done any of that drawing. Boo hoo. Even more annoying, I couldn't remember any of the funny drawings I did in my dream. Bleh.

And Sunday was spent at Comiket. I met some nice people and now I'm sleepy.

And look! Here's a drawing! WITH LEGS!!! I had to draw legs because otherwise how would you see the fishnet stockings? I don't think I'll try drawing legs again in a while though.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm about to write up the blurb for Jessica Fletcher Week! HOORAY! I hope you'll be taking part.

Friday, 5 November 2010

A Mug's Game

Yeah - it's either a really funny joke or a really bad one. I'm undecided. But I'm pretty sure that the last panel is super cute so that pretty much fixes everything.

Right then. This week has blurred together into one big mess of days. I think I'm still a bit screwed from MCM Expo. But I'm going to spend Saturday doing drawing and also tidying since my room is a tip. What will you do at the weekend?

Speaking of the weekend, don't forget that I'll be at Comiket on Sunday. Or at least someone dressed like me will be at Comiket. Come and say hello.

It's totally bed time. And remember: if in doubt, just think: what would Enya do?

Thursday, 4 November 2010


Remember when I left my Old Job and started a New Job? Well, this is the drawing I sent round to say goodbye to the nice people at the Old Job. I hope they liked it. More importantly, I'm still enjoying New Job. Except one of the computers was really misbehaving today and I was sad because of that. Shame on you, Computer! Shame. On. You!

Anyways - there still appear to be new people checking out the website. I hope this means that my mega flyer attack on MCM Expo worked! Hello new people! Whilst you're here, please enjoy yourself.

Right. What else? OH! I'll be at Comiket this weekend! Come and visit! Or don't! It's up to you!

IN OTHER NEWS: I was only joking about the whole "don't visit me at Comiket," thing.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #5

Do I really have to explain why today is Wizarding Wednesday? Well, here's a clue: it's Wednesday and there are wizards! What other reason do you need?

Anyways - I had a lovely evening with a pal and we went for food. Hooray!

And I know, I *still* haven't written about MCM Expo but I'm totally snowed under with work and eating burgers. But it will happen! And thanks again for everyone who stopped by to say hello.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Katie Weasel + Sad Drawings

I totally forgot to write about X Factor! I missed the live shows because of MCM Expo but I caught up on the Internet. Thank you Internet!

To be honest, I'm pretty blah about X Factor now. The Halloween-themed episode was a bit silly - especially the sound effects. And I really can't stand Katie Weasel. Her performance was spooky and made me sad.

Obvioulsy we all know who was right, eh?

Yes! One of my favourite songs! With a wind machine! And moody lighting! AND A BENCH!!!

Oh. I just realised something. I've got new people reading this now (hello new people!) and maybe they don't like the X Factor. I totally respect their opinions if that's the case and I don't want them to be bored by today's drawing. As a prize, here is a really sad BONUS DRAWING. Everyone loves sad stuff, eh?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Nice Bag

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. It was MCM Expo this weekend - and I am pooped! I had a brilliant time. Thank you to everyone who organised it.  Thanks to the people who I hung out with. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello. Thank you to people for being nice.

I've got some photos of my favourite cosplayers which I'll post soon along with a megablog about the whole thing. But now it's bed time.

IN OTHER NEWS: I gave out something like 500+ flyers at MCM Expo so I'm hoping that there will be some new readers out there. If that's the case, then hello! I promise to try my hardest!

EDIT: I forgot something! I hereby dedicate this drawing to the guy with the beard and the hat who nearly wet himself at the owl tote bags. I salute you!