Thursday, 18 November 2010

Real Life: Mike Dolphino returns!

Hahahaha - that's right! Mike Dolphino is back! You can remind yourself about how great he is over here... although maybe you should make sure he isn't already in your trousers?

Anyways. Wednesday zoomed by. I had wizards in the back of my mind though which was annoying. But I had a really nice voicemail from an old friend and then I met up with some friends. Good times!

Speaking of good times - I am so excited about Thought Bubble. It's getting a bit silly to be honest.

But other exciting things!

First up: the lovely Dan Fish reviewed People I Know #11 and said nice things. You can read it here! Thanks Dan! My favourite quote is "There’s all this, and a makeover montage you simply must not miss."

Next up is the amazing Paper Science 3 - the first time I've been in a Paper Science thing! They'll be available at Thought Bubble so what are you waiting for? Oh! And my entry is a bit rude - but here's a sneak peek:
So if 2011 continues like this, who knows what will happen? Fingers crossed, eh?

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