Monday, 1 November 2010

Nice Bag

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee. It was MCM Expo this weekend - and I am pooped! I had a brilliant time. Thank you to everyone who organised it.  Thanks to the people who I hung out with. Thank you to everyone who came to say hello. Thank you to people for being nice.

I've got some photos of my favourite cosplayers which I'll post soon along with a megablog about the whole thing. But now it's bed time.

IN OTHER NEWS: I gave out something like 500+ flyers at MCM Expo so I'm hoping that there will be some new readers out there. If that's the case, then hello! I promise to try my hardest!

EDIT: I forgot something! I hereby dedicate this drawing to the guy with the beard and the hat who nearly wet himself at the owl tote bags. I salute you!


Anonymous said...

It's the bearded guy with the hat lol. Still giggling about the bag thing getting everyone to look u up for a laugh and half

nana said...

Haha, I'm one of those 500. Lol at todays strip! :D

immy said...

I have had so many comments about my AWESOME BAG. Thank you for creating it with your brain and then with fabric.

tomthejournalist said...

I love the bag, hanging up on my wall, bit crumpled though.

MK said...

Doh, I should have bought a bag V_V They're cute!