Monday, 29 November 2010

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: Day One

I can't believe it's here! That's right - Jessica Fletcher Week 2010 has officially begun! And to kick things off, here is a drawing a did. Personally, I don't know why those teeny tiny children are complaining - they should be over the moon to be dressed up as one of the world's greatest crime writers/detectives/sexpot. Kids today, eh?

Anyways - the submissions have been AMAZING this year. Thank you so much to everyone who sent stuff along. Obviously you can still send stuff in - but try to get it to me by Thursday so I can put upload before the weekend. Unlike last year, I'm uploading the day's drawings into one giant blog post. I hope you don't mind, but I think it makes it easier for everyone involved. Also, I think you can click on the images to make them bigger. At least, I hope you can - this is the first one so it's a bit of a test...

Anyways, without further ado - unleash the Jessicas!

First up, we have Bootherstone! We used to work together and she was always super sassy and wearing sassy clothes. I learnt a lot a lot of things from her - the importance of shoes, the healing properties of toast and the Bunette - a top secret hairdo she created. And look, even during Jessica Fletcher Week, she's still teaching me about the online life of my hero. Thank you!

Next up, it's Darren! I don't know whether he has a website I should link to but the important thing is that he's a super smashing guy with amazing hair. I haven't touched it yet but I'm pretty sure it would feel like a fluffy cloud. Anyways - he has opted for a sexy-looking Jessica in the style of a Cluedo card. (Note: Cluedo is what we call the board game Clue in England). I love Cluedo. I love Jessica Fletcher. Therefore, I bloody love this. Thanks Darren!

Who is this ghostly apparition that stands before us? Why, it must be the work of Sam! I'm pretty sure he made this on an iPhone or something - although I have no idea how since drawing anything on that screen is pretty tricky. I suspect he used magic of some kind. Either way, Sam is an ace and avid photographer. He is one of the few people to ever take a photo of me that I don't hate. Excellent work on the Jessica, Sam!

Uh oh! We've got a pun on our hands, thanks to Kat. And yes indeed, Jessica's last name would have come from an arrow-making past. Although can you imagine all the crimes that would have remained unsolved if Jessica was an arrow-maker instead of a crime writer/detective/sexpot?! I met Kat at Thought Bubble and I think we bonded over our mutual lack of beard. You know who else doesn't have a beard? Jessica Fletcher!

Oh em gee! Who is this wide-eyed vision before me? It couldn't be! But it is... Ms. Jessica Fletcher, as drawn by Jon. I can't really tell you an amusing story about Jon except that we were talking on Twitter about CSI. CSI is an amazing show (except for the New York one which I hate), but I really believe that it would be much better if Jessica Fletcher was in it. Plus, they'd solve so many more crimes. Maybe they should rename Murder, She Wrote as CSI: Cabot Cove? Regardless, thanks Jon! I totally owe you a high five.

HOT GOSSIP: I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Edward Ross at the MCM Expo in October! What an ace guy! And he has a beard! So, Edward Ross makes interesting comics about film theory - and we all know who was in some (made-for-television) movies? That's right Jessica Fletcher! I mean, who hasn't seen Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest or Murder, She Wrote: A Story To Die For? I bet Edward Ross has. And look at that Jessica Fletcher he's drawn! If I'm not mistaken, this is an homage to the original opening credits where Jessica fires a gun just like this. You, Edward Ross, are a genius!

Speaking of bearded geniuses, it's Matt "M-Shez" Sheret everyone! Matt is one of the driving forces behind We Are Words + Pictures. Matt has gone for a very text-based Jessica, which is fitting what with his background as a wordsmith wizard. Here we have a Jessica Fletcher using her cunning to...well...just read it. And then they had tea! That's so J-Flez! She always has tea and a giggle at the end of every episode. Thanks Matt for such a lovely Jessica. I'll high five you soon!

And here we have the final Jessica Fletcher for Day One, drawn by the hideously talented Warwick Johnson Cadwell. Like Matt and Edward, Warwick is also the owner of a mighty beard. And like them, he has sent in a brilliant Jessica. Look at her - peering at the cleaver in the wall. It's totally something I can imagine seeing in an episode. Except they rarely showed blood in the show so that smear on the wall would obviously be paint or something. Oh - and look at her boney fingers! Those fingers have typed out some stories in their time. What a woman.

So yes - that's the final Fletcher for Day One of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010. I hope you've enjoyed them all! It goes without saying that everyone in this post is worth checking out and I totally owe them one for sending in such great work. I've been blown away with the things I've received... and yes, the next few days are just as great.

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