Monday, 31 January 2011

What's Your Sign?

Good Monday! January is over and it's nearly February...and we all know what that means - Valentine's Day! Uh oh. Should we place bets on how many times I'll end up crying at my desk? Should we start stockpiling microwave-meals-for-one now or later? Either way, here's a romance-themed drawing for you!

IN OTHER NEWS: I had a lovely weekend with lovely people. I'll write a proper post about it later but thanks to everyone that was nice to me.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Angry Birds!

OMG! It's Friday! YAY! And to celebrate - here is a brand new drawing about two very popular things - Justin Bieber and Angry Birds. I'm assuming you all know what Justin Bieber is but if you're not familiar with Angry Birds then don't be sad. It's a popular app game thing on the iPhone (and maybe other platforms too?). You are in control of some birds. They are angry because some pigs have stolen their eggs. I think? And you have to destroy the pigs (and their hideout) by hurling a limited number of birds (angry ones with a variety of powers) at them.

Does that make sense?

Either way - have a great weekend.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Middle Game!

Today's drawing is more than just four badly drawn panels. It is actually a fun game for you to play with your friends.

It's based on the idea that Beyonce was pretty much always in the middle of all the Destiny's Child (remember them?) photos. Whether this was because she was the most important member or not isn't for me to say. But whenever you're in a group of three, try to worm your way into the middle. Then yell "I'M BEYONCE!" - thus proclaiming yourself the winner of a game that your friends probably weren't aware of. It's up to the other two to decide who is Kelly and who is Michelle. But the important thing is that YOU'RE BEYONCE! HOORAY!

IN OTHER NEWS: I worked late and rushed to a pal's get together. I had a lovely time and met some lovely people. There was a distressing point when I thought I lost my coat (my precious coat!) but it turned up. Phew. And I didn't get to eat dinner. Boo hoo. But yeah - nice people FTW.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #14

It is WEDNESDAY! If you don't like wizards, you should probably leave.

Right then - only wizard fans here? Phew. Aren't wizards ace? They have hats and robes and dragons and stuff. And I have some more plans for them too! Maybe I will make some wizard badges! Would you like some wizard badges? Let me know!

I don't have much exciting news to report today. I am going on an adventure this weekend! And I'm seeing some pals this evening.

Oh - and for people that only read this for the RSS feed (and don't visit my actual site) - don't forget that I have a Facebook group! HOORAY!

Have a wizarding Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Terrible Jokes. Worse Drawings #2

BONJOUR! Remember that time I uploaded those Terrible Drawings with even worse jokes? Well - here are some more! Both of them are jokes I was using for real life...but it turns out that the people I tested them out on were NOT amused. The Rihanna joke in particular - which I personally find HILARIOUS, was met with incredible disdain. I was pretty mortified. Seriously.

You know what though? The next time you listen to that Rihanna song ("What's My Name?"), sing along but replace the "oh na na" bits with "ba-na-na." It's so catchy! If I wasn't scared of all the mean comments, I'd record a cover version myself and put it on YouTube...

Speaking of comments - thanks for the support about me pigging out on the chocolate. Today, I had some cookies - but only little ones. Phew.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Toby: Cross Words

Happy Monday you lot. I know you're probably sad about going back to work/school/ninja training camp - but don't be. This week is full of possibilities! Anything could happen! We will totally win this week! YEAH!!

And to help matters, here is a drawing of Toby and Christina. I hope it helps get your week off to a flying start. I spent a lot of the weekend drawing up with television. I watched some amazing stuff. And I drew some cute stuff too. I've cleaned up all the pages for People I Know #12 and have started to colour it in. Normally, this wouldn't take long but I want to try some fun stuff with the colours so it might take a while. And I drew a week's worth of comics...some of which I'm really happy about.

IN OTHER NEWS: I caved in and ate some chocolate. Shame on me...

Friday, 21 January 2011

Real Life: A Serious Drawing

Good day to you! It's Friday! I am so excited about this weekend - I get to see a pal I haven't seen in ages and I'm making them take me on a MEGAWALK around town. I might not have told them about the walking part but I'm still super excited about seeing them.

But yeah. Here's a drawing about friends. It's meant to be a bit of a 'serious' comic because it's about people being mean and there isn't a punchline. I also used it to test out a colouring arrows - something which will be put to further use in a future comic.

What else is there to report? Not much really. I felt a bit weird on Thursday, which is never fun.

IN CONCLUSION: Have a lovely weekend! And don't forget to look after your friends!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pirates: A Valid Question

Ahoy! It's Thursday! You get pirates today! They've appeared before but this is the first time they have a valid question that needs answering. What do you think the answer is? I would like to know.

Wednesday was fine. It turned out my friend was playing a gig so I went to visit them but I felt a bit weird and ended up going home in a funny mood. Did I already say that I've scanned in People I Know #12? Well I have and will start work on cleaning it this weekend. I'm hoping to have it all sorted in time for the Small Press Expo in March...

UPDATE: I didn't realise, but this Pirate asked a question a while ago. I can't believe I forgot!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #13

Hello! It's Wednesday! And there's a NEW WIZARD in town! Who is he? What does he do? Will we ever find out his name? Do any of them even have names? Where am I? What's going on?

I'm sure we can all agree that these are very important questions. I should probably answer some of them at some point. But not today because it's Wednesday and we have better things to do with our time. Like looking at drawings of wizards!

I had a busy Tuesday evening. I was meant to meet up with four people at the same time - two of whom I know, and two who I hadn't met before (but the other people had so it was fine). Due to bizarre circumstances, I eventually met up with one I did know and one I didn't. The other two were AWOL. But still, we went for burgers (uh oh) and they were amazing and our waitress was cool and we sat in a nice booth. Then I got an email from one of the AWOL pals (the one I did know) and went to visit him - but only briefly because it was late. I mean, that was a mega busy Tuesday in my books.

IN OTHER NEWS: I registered my interest to have a table at May's MCM Expo. And I'm also booked into a table at this event in March. Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Being Mooned

Hello! Good news: you survived Monday. Bad news: it's Tuesday. Sorry about that.

So Monday was fine. I slept *really* badly the night before and it was raining when I woke up - but that's just Monday, right? The fun news is that a pal is over from California so we'll get to hang out after work and maybe eat sensible food. Not burgers. Totally no burgers. None at all... Well, maybe one burger?

And here's today's drawing. It's an awful pun and I apologize.. but at least tomorrow's Wednesday, right? And we all know what that means...

Monday, 17 January 2011

A Very Important Date

Oh weekend! You've gone by so quickly! We had such fun and now it's over. Boo hoo hoo.

I spent Saturday drawing pretty much non-stop...which probably isn't healthy but it allowed me to catch up on some television which I needed to do. Plus, I finished all the pen stuff for People I Know #12 so I can start scanning and cleaning it up over the next few weeks. To be honest, the inking of this issue was a TOTAL DISASTER so the cleaning up will be pretty intensive. And the story is actually pretty harrowing. Seriously grim stuff. I'm still having second thoughts about putting it online...

And then it was Sunday and I met up with some pals and we did touristy things. Not that any of us are tourists but you know what it's like - you don't really do it much if you live somewhere. Except for museums - I'm all up on the museums. They are ace. Oh. And I had my first cake of 2011. It was a chocolate brownie. It was really nice but it was also expensive, so it needed to be impressive.

IN OTHER NEWS: The lovely Bing from Cakebomb is offering up some of my mini comics as rewards on his new website. Check it out.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Real Life: Bin News Weekly

Hey gang! It's Friday! Friiiiiiiiiday! And guess who went to a fancy place on Thursday evening and ate a fancy burger? Me! Yeah! I know I shouldn't have eaten a burger but it's my first one of 2011 and I figured I wouldn't get the chance to go there again... at least, not for a while! And some lovely people were there too. And we all know that lovely people + burger = great evening.

Speaking of great things, today's drawing features a pal from work. We sit next to each other and share a bin (a rubbish bin? a waste paper basket? you know what I mean) and for some reason, we started giving our bin names. Originally it was Bingelina but then we moved desks and got a new bin, which obviously needed a new name. This game has continued and makes everything much more fun. I would recommend it to everyone. Especially you!

IN OTHER NEWS: Enjoy the weekend! And don't forget that Valentine's Day is only a month away. I'm already organising how best to get stood up.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Julie #2

Remember my pal Julie? The one that came to visit and is lovely? Well, here's another drawing about her and our time together. Same rule as before though - she's actually lovely and is only mean for the purpose of this drawing.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm going to a fancy social club thing on Thursday evening! I'm off to meet old pals from that trip to Edinburgh. It's been ages and I'm excited about seeing them all... although I'm a little nervous about going to the fancy club. It's members only and I had to put myself on a list. That sort of thing spooks me out - I hope I will survive!

What else? I'm working hard on People I Know #12. Still. But I was busy on two other comics so you can't be angry. I'm trying to work out how best to put People I Know #12 (which is made to be a print comic) online. Should it be a page every day like what I did with issue 3? Should I just upload a bunch of pages every Friday. Hmmm...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #12

Thank goodness! It's Wednesday again! We can finally enjoy some time with everyone's not-really-favourite wizards. I mean, there are lots of wizards that are more popular... but these wizards are so cute. Maybe they will be popular wizards one day soon.

This is possibly the longest Wizarding Wednesday so far. One of the nicest things about the festive break was that I had the time to try out longer strips. And look! The wizards have even brought a pal along. I hope you like her. I bet she likes you!

IN OTHER NEWS: I finally got the correct ratio of tomato sauce to pasta for Tuesday's dinner. HOORAY! And I did some mock ups of what the new website will look like. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Real Life: Burgers

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love a good burger. For future reference, I'm especially keen on having extra bacon and cheese in my burgers! Oh! And if it's a chicken burger then I would not be upset to find pineapple inside as well.

I wish burgers were officially healthy for you. As it is, I'm trying to eat less at the moment. I don't think I've had one in 2011 - and it's already ten days into the year! Wow. In fact, I need to clear up my act with food in general. I should learn to cook real food - not just cookies or toast.

Ugh. It sounds like I'm going to have to become a grown up this year. Wish me luck.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Monsters: Picnic

It's Monday! The weekend is gone! Boo hoo hoo. I didn't do much besides worry, draw and sleep. Oh and I ate lots of toast. I don't know why but I just had the urge. The Toast Urge! Plus my iPod broke! Boo hoo hoo. There weren't even any warning signs - it just stopped working. Lame. And the sad thing is (even sadder than this being my second or third iPod) is that I'll probably just get a new one because there don't appear to be any decent alternatives...


Anyways - enough of me crying. Look! A drawing about two of my favourite things:picnics and monsters! I want to draw more monsters! But I don't know when. I hope you like them though!

Friday, 7 January 2011


It's Friday and no - there are still no wizards! None for you! You'll have to wait until next week!

But here is a drawing about people with confessions. This was totally drawn whilst watching television - you can tell because the lady's head keeps changing shape. Hahahaha. And they are wearing green and red - Christmas colours!

I'm having a bit of a tough time with things at the moment. I'm not sure it's even worth writing about (or whether I'd feel comfortable about writing it down) but hopefully it will be sorted in the next few weeks. Ugh.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Julie #1

It's Thursday. No wizards for you! Instead, you get to meet my friend Julie. Julie and I met years ago when I kept calling her the wrong name by mistake. She is lovely and came to visit last week and we had a great time. But no one wants to read about great times so I decided that the drawn-version of Julie is quite mean. I cleared it with Real Julie so it's fine.

IN OTHER NEWS: Here is a drawing I made for a friend's Christmas prize! I think it went down well and I was really happy with how it turned out. It's just as well we are both happy though since I worked hard on it.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #11 (and my 400th blog post?!)

Hello! It's Wednesday which means we can expect a visit from those wizards. I'm starting to really like the wizards. In fact, and this is some exciting stuff, they will probably be here next week too! Also, they will be bringing friends along too! You've already met one of them for the Christmas one - who you'll be seeing a lot more if everything goes to plan...

Oh - it's all sort mysterious.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm back at work. And I'm determined to get into a proper/respectable sleeping routine. No more 3am bedtimes for me! Although, it meant I got lots of drawing done...

FUN FACT: I'm halfway through the pencils for People I Know #12!

UPDATE: And I did a guest strip for Private Study

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Real Life: Cold

It's Tuesday and I don't know about you, but quite a lot of the festive period was spent huddled under blankets - because it was pretty cold! There was lots of snow and I had to wear a scarf. I even did a drawing about it!

IN OTHER NEWS: It's back to work today!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Toby: Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2011 is going to be ace! I don't know what's going to happen but I know that I will work hard! The website is going to have a makeover at some point so keep an eye out for that. And I've got an exciting surprise up my sleeve too!

More importantly, I hope you missed me for that whole week...

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Jessica Fletcher Week 2010: An Update

Oh! One more thing! I forgot to upload these two Jessica Fletchers. They were too late to be part of Jessica Fletcher Week 2010, but I'm uploading them now's my blog and I can do whatever I like!

This is a drawing by Howard for Marc Ellerby's Chloe Noonan... but it gets uploaded here because there's a Jessica Fletcher reference. And because Howard is nice. But mostly because of the Jessica Fletcher reference. I mean, even as a ghost, Ms Fletcher's allure is so powerful, you can bet that all the other ghosts would be impressed by her. In fact, I can't believe no one has made a supernatural spin-off of Murder, She Wrote. Why is this? It would be amazing, with Jessica Fletcher floating through walls and fighting vampires and stuff...

This Jessica Fletcher was sent in by the lovely Bing! I had to pester him for ages to do one but it all paid off in the end...because now I have one...and it's really good. I have no idea what the text at the bottom says but I imagine it's something like "OMG! Jessica Fletcher is SUCH a fox." Oh! Or maybe "THIS IS MY FUTURE WIFE!" Or perhaps "Watch our murders! You're about to get Jessica'd!" Either way, Bing is ace, his drawing is ace and everything is swell.

If you want to send in a drawing of Jessica Fletcher then please do. I'll probably run the week again in November 2011 (talk about forward planning) so you should start thinking about what you'll want to draw... I mean, eleven months isn't that long to capture the beauty and grace of the Jessica Beatrice Fletcher...

Happy New Year!

Oh em gee you guys! It's officially a NEW YEAR! In this case, it's now 2011, which means that we're nearing teenage-tantrum-time - my favourite sort of time. Hooray!

But yeah - it's a Saturday so this isn't a normal update, I just wanted to have something up for the first day of the New Year.

I've had a brilliant time these last few weeks. I got lots of drawing done, I saw my friends, ate so much unhealthy food and slept a lot. But it's back to the real world next week which will be a shock to the system. I hope you lot had a lovely time too! Did I miss anything exciting? Tell me everything!

As for what 2011 has in store, well, I have a lot of plans... My friend is going to redo my website and another friend is going to help set up and run an online shop for me - although I don't know when either of those will happen. As soon as possible?

I think that every print comic I make now will come under the People I Know banner - which means I'll need to repackage my mini comics and the like. That sounds quite dull doesn't it?

There's probably other stuff too but I need to enjoy my last few days of daytime television and drawing. But I'll be back to update properly on Monday! HOORAY!

Happy New Year (again)!