Thursday, 13 January 2011

Julie #2

Remember my pal Julie? The one that came to visit and is lovely? Well, here's another drawing about her and our time together. Same rule as before though - she's actually lovely and is only mean for the purpose of this drawing.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm going to a fancy social club thing on Thursday evening! I'm off to meet old pals from that trip to Edinburgh. It's been ages and I'm excited about seeing them all... although I'm a little nervous about going to the fancy club. It's members only and I had to put myself on a list. That sort of thing spooks me out - I hope I will survive!

What else? I'm working hard on People I Know #12. Still. But I was busy on two other comics so you can't be angry. I'm trying to work out how best to put People I Know #12 (which is made to be a print comic) online. Should it be a page every day like what I did with issue 3? Should I just upload a bunch of pages every Friday. Hmmm...

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Bil said...

one page every day ! ONE. EVERY. DAY.