Friday, 21 January 2011

Real Life: A Serious Drawing

Good day to you! It's Friday! I am so excited about this weekend - I get to see a pal I haven't seen in ages and I'm making them take me on a MEGAWALK around town. I might not have told them about the walking part but I'm still super excited about seeing them.

But yeah. Here's a drawing about friends. It's meant to be a bit of a 'serious' comic because it's about people being mean and there isn't a punchline. I also used it to test out a colouring arrows - something which will be put to further use in a future comic.

What else is there to report? Not much really. I felt a bit weird on Thursday, which is never fun.

IN CONCLUSION: Have a lovely weekend! And don't forget to look after your friends!


Bil said...

Looks like the green beam is coming from Toby in his "home" button. I just knew this guy was mean all along.

DC said...

Awww <3