Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Good New / Bad News

So yeah. I have a table...but I'm getting properly stressed out trying to get on top of everything I need to make. It's my own fault for being a little bit ambitious...but still, it wouldn't be awful if everything became super easy.

On the one hand, People I Know #9 is finished and just needs the covers made. Some other stuff needs to be reprinted. Plus I've just finished the front covers for two volumes of People I Know. The first has the awfully drawn but lovingly made PIK #1 - 3. The other has #4 - 6. They aren't fancy but a bit more attention was paid to the drawing. I hope they turn out as pretty as their covers which are pretty cute. The picture of Patty here is lifted from one of them. I figure maybe people will start reading this blog if I post pictures of ladies... Maybe I can have a Lady Wednesday or something and only pictures of ladies go up...

Speaking of web traffic - I registered a domain name! I have no idea how to make a website but that's totally a step in the right direction right?

Still need to bust out the sewing machine but I guess the printing is the priority at the moment. Will aim to get it all completed by Friday...

Fingers crossed.

Stay out of trouble

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

MCM Expo - Here I Come!

Wheeeeeeeeeee! It's official - I have a table at the London MCM Expo at the end of October. It must be official because it's on their website. Just scroll down!

Now I need to make a lot of things to sell.

Also, here is a picture of PIK #7's Shaun. He is great.

Wish me luck

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Weekend Weekend!


So the weekend is about to pass me by. But all is not lost! People I Know #9 is all coloured in and I'm 90% sure I have a table at the London Expo! I won't believe it until I see it on the website but my pass has come

Anyways. Lots of stuff needs to be made. I've sent off the artwork to America (!!!) for the top secret project and am waiting to hear back from that. The other top secret project is still up in the air but I decided on the designs today. I need to do vector graphics or something but I don't know what that means. Maybe I can fudge it with a good ol' jpg. Everyone loves a jpg. They solve everything.

As for comics, I'm trying to see if I can collate the early (and sucky) issues of People I Know for the Expo and turn them into a fancy comic. It turns out that I made Issue 1 entirely on the photocopier so I don't have the pages scanned in or anything...which is pretty annoying. Bleurgh. I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.

Once they are all sent to the printers then I'm breaking out the sewing machine. YEAH! I should stock up on spare needles now since I always seem to break a bumload.

I went on an adventure with a friend today and we visited the Alternative Village Fete. I took part in a competition where you had to name a cuddly cactus man. I named it Jean but I don't think I will win. Also, I bumped in a ZILLION (read: four) people I haven't seen in ages. Pretty spooky.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 turned out to be great...until it got to 2am where my friends and I realised that none of us could see properly. URNK

Right. Totally bed time.

Stay out of trouble

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Guild: Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

I think this is the second or third YouTube link I've posted...but I just can't stop watching/listening to it and it clearly deserves an entry.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I had to do work stuff this evening...but I learnt how to make this sort of thing in the process.

Hello silver lining!


Sunday, 20 September 2009


Ahoy there!

I have some impressive news. Prepare to be impressed!

Right. So. I might might might have a table at the London MCM Expo! It hasn't been officially confirmed and what not - but if it happens then WOW!

On the boo hoo side - this means I need to make a load of new things to sell - and these things MUST to be extra fancy. I've emailed lots of interesting companies that might be of use.

But the really exciting/impressive news is that I have just worked my arse off and People I Know #9 is pretty much all sorted. Well - the rough copy was made, the proper pencils were pencilled and I finished 98% of the proper pen stuff this evening. I just need to draw my boxes and colour it all in. it will officially be the fastest issue completed since #1.

To celebrate, here is one of my favourite panels from the new issue. It won't be in colour - I just did that for fun. I'd love to have a whole comic in colour though.


Oh - it is almost Halloween. I made a picture with a ghost in it. The background is extra fancy for me - I had to scan two (2) different types of real paper to make it look like that. I hope you like it.

NOTE TO SELF: Write a goodbye letter to The London Paper.

NOTE TO YOU: If you want to congratulate me then that be very nice. Have just realised that I have spent nearly the last 48 hours hunched over Mister Computer and Mrs Desk. I also ate about 12 giant cookies. Bleurgh. Plus, when I go to work tomorrow, people will ask me what I did at the weekend and I'll have to make something up. Lame

Stay out of trouble

Monday, 14 September 2009

Piney Gir's New Album!


Today is an exciting day. Piney Gir's new album is finally released...well - in its digital form at least. You can download it from places in return for money and I can totally confirm that it is worth at least twice as much money as any website is asking for it.

The physical CD is out at the end of this month.

Seriously. Wow. "For The Love of Others," (my favourite song) is worth however much money alone. It's just brilliant and involves a gospel choir and a singalong bit that makes you want to stand up...and...well...sing along.

So yeah. I made a picture to encourage you. If you click on it then it should be pretty big and you should love it.

Altogether now:

(He loves me
He loves me not)
(He loves me
He loves me not)
Is gonna go away
(He loves me
He loves me not)
It's nothing special
(He loves me
He loves me not)
It happens every day
(He loves me
He loves me not)
Don't let your heart stop

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Bloop Bloop Bloop


I'm meant to be doing stuff...but I made a blooping Barbara instead. She's from issue three of People I Know. It's pretty sad...but "boo hoo" sad rather than "I appear to be listening to The Little Mermaid soundtrack again" sad.


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Toby (but bigger)

This is a test to see whether I can make small animated gifs into big animated gifs.

UPDATE: Toby doesn't appear to move or anything unless you click on him. Then it opens into a new window where he cries. Weird. I have no idea why this is...


Tears of a Dinosaur

Toby is great and I really should do more with him. Here is an animated gif made just for today.

INTERESTING NOTE: I listened to Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid whilst making this. That is why Toby is crying - it's such a sad song.

ANOTHER INTERESTING NOTE: On Spotify, there is a really creepy version of Poor Unfortunate Souls where Ursula is voiced by a man who sounds like he is mid-wink. Try to find it. Then throw up.

Stay out of trouble

Spoooooky (in a good way)

Get this for spooky!

I was on the tube - off to meet friends for burger/movie fun - when the man that sat next to me was wearing one of my badges. As in, this gentleman who I did not know was had a badge I had designed ON HIS BAG! And he was sitting next to me. In a city of millions.


If you're reading this Mister Badge then thanks for making my day. I will make more badges for you to wear!

The burger/movie combination was also brilliant too and I bumped into old university pals and former employers - all of whom were great.

On an unrelated note - here is the cover of a fake mixtape I made for someone. I don't think it will go down very well because Goblin Power aren't a real band... or are they?

Stay out of trouble

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - the countdown!

Good news! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is nearly out and I know people who intend to buy it and let me play! YES!

Even better news! Jean grey - my character from X-Men Legends 1 & 2 is back on the roster! If she's got her TK skillz then I'm all over her... I don't fancy being stuck with Thor again like in the previous game. I only chose him for the stupid things he'd blurt out. "I HAVE VANQUISHED THEE!"

Anyways. Someone said that Iron Fist would be a better character choice than good ol' Jean. I don't know why they think this but I made them a cartoon because...uh...I really wanted to draw something.



Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Pixel Owl - I Love You!

Hello Again!

So everything has been sent to the printing people. I am nervous though since this is the first time I've done something like it before. It's pretty fancy for me and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Plus, I needed to deal with things like "3mm bleed areas," and "unflattened, Press Ready PDFs." Obviously it means nothing to

I made this cute owl to celebrate. It's using the same owl picture from the last post. Sorry for recycling - it's just too cute.

Speaking of cute - the Pixel Owl was made whilst listening to This Tornado Loves You by Neko Case. What a great song!


Owl's It Going?


Carrying on with the whole cute things with patterns - here is a familiar looking owl who has been made up to look like an old pair of curtains we used to have when I was yougner. They were hideous and brilliant at the same time.

I miss them...

Stay out of trouble

"I boolieve in you" PART 2

...and then when I tried going to bed, I had an idea...



Tuesday, 8 September 2009

"I boolieve in you"

So I was getting ready for bed and found myself feeling guilty for not uploading anything better than some (super cute) geometric pattern... Normally I'd just upload something from the archives but I haven't got much left so I had to make something BRAND NEW from some old stuff I had.

I hope you like it.

NOTE: The ghosts are from my early business cards which I never give to anyone because I have no business.



GOOD NEWS! My nose is not nearly as snooty as it was on Sunday. YEAH!

Also, I'm done with the amazing project which is secret. Just need to work out how to FTP it over to the people and it'll be finished. YEAH YEAH!

Finally, I have gotten a bit obsessed with geomatric patterns. Here is a nice one. YEAH YEAH YEAH!

Stay out of trouble

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Sorry Umbrella


I'm sorry for all sorts of things. Right now, I'm sorry for sounding like such a wanker when I didn't mean to. Here is the Sorry Umbrella. Please accept it as a token of how sorry I am.

Stay out of trouble



So I spent my day feeling like a cold bag of sick. My nose (and possibly brain) appear to be FULL OF SNOT! Boo hoo hoo. Still, I had some last minute work to do for an amazing person's upcoming amazing project...and I had to learn some new skills for it (skillz?) and now I feel really grim. I hope I did it proud. I also hope I feel better soon.

Here is a picture that came about today. It's not like one of the drawings I normally make as it's really just a lowly component for something bigger - but I'm proud of it because it caused be a bumload amount of grief to make. An actual bumload.

Must email the project over for review - then bedtime!

Stay out of trouble

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Animated Icons?

I tried making an animated icon... I haven't tried it before and I hope it works. It's based on one of yesterday's pictures for Dark Beige.

UPDATE: It totally worked! In your face!


Dark Beige - Blogging Brilliance


I should be in bed but the brilliant Dark Beige asked for some pictures - so I did those instead. Bloody knackered now though and also a little boo hoo.

Still - here is one of the pictures I drew! I hope you like it! I hope Dark Beige likes it too. Fingers crossed (if I could draw fingers that is)