Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Computer Games and Podcasts

Hello Hello!

I've recently got into listening to podcasts whilst I do my drawing. Yes, I know I'm about ten years behind the curve but I was used to watching television. Leave me alone. I've mostly been listening to two podcasts in particular - Off the Wall Post and Is It The Future Yet?

I decided to do a drawing for Joey, Jem and Ben - the guys behind Is It The Future Yet? Their podcast is about computer games and technology and what's coming soon. It's perfect for me since I don't have much time to play computer games but I *love* reading about them. Listening about them is even better! Maybe one day I'll upgrade from my DS (hello Pokemon!) and get an X Box or something.

Anyways. Here is a drawing about Is It The Future Yet? You will probably need to listen to the podcast to get the joke - mainly Jem's dog obsession and Ben's catchphrase ("that's ONE, Jem"). You should go and listen to it! You should subscribe to it! I give it a thumbs up. Two thumbs up!

In other news - here are some of my favourite computer games-related songs:

I have never played NMH and I have no idea how I found this song but it's brilliant. Plus, you can substitute the words "reaper, reaper,"  for pretty much anybody's name!

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has one of the best soundtracks of anything ever. I think the way you earned each song and had to use them throughout the game meant that the player really took them to heart. Sometimes I find myself just humming the Song of Storms for no reason...

I know it's cheating to have TWO Zelda songs but...I mean...listen to it. How could this not be anyone's favourite song? And I know it's possibly controversial, but I prefer little Cel-Shaded Link to Serious-Face Link.

I'm not much of a Sonic fan (I quite like Tails and Amy though!) but for some reason, this song always makes me smile. I don't know what a Starlight Zone is but I want to go to there.

Rhythm Heaven was a game I had on the DS. It's a rhythm-based affair where you're taught how to play along with the different songs. I think Beyonce was in the advert? This is the song I remember most - possibly because it was science-themed. You know how much I love science.

Ready? FIGHT! Street Fighter 2 ignited my love of fighting games. I played it once at a friend's house and we had it on the Atari (??!) too. Chun Li was my favourite character because she was best. Spinning bird kick? Inspired! And anyone could do that move that involved tapping the kick button really fast.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a really hard computer game. I didn't get very far - but I did listen to a lot of the soundtrack which was made by Anamanaguchi. It's the sort of music I wish I could make. Maybe I should try again? Hmmm...

Mario Kart? Yes please! I think I've played all the versions of Mario Kart - they're always so much fun. EXCEPT FOR RAINBOW ROAD!!! I effing hate Rainbow Road - it's always stupidly hard. And getting a Star doesn't stop you from falling off the sides! Bleurgh. Still, lovely song.

I suspect I could go on for a while...but maybe you should tell me what your favourite computer game songs are?

Monday, 22 August 2011

A Survey


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Some drawings I did!


Here are some drawings I did. Well, two drawings! But I'm posting theme here so you can see them!

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Return of the Facebook Group

Long story but my old and dearly beloved Facebook group is no more...

But don't worry - here is a new one! Tell your friends! And your family! Don't forget the pets!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Manchester MCM Expo - Thoughts and Stuff

Hey There

Sorry I’ve been so lame with this blog. And I’m sorry that I started off my blog with an apology – that’s the worst. I’m finding everything a bit of a struggle lately, like I’m drowning in life. Which is a stupid thing to complain about… I guess I just need to sort myself out, find somewhere to live and stop taking my work home with me.

ANYWAYS. The real reason I’m updating the blog is because I went to Manchester MCM last last weekend. It was the first MCM held in Manchester, although you wouldn’t know it from how busy it was. But yes, start at the start, mustn’t get ahead of myself.

So…I took the day off work and took the train up to Manchester by myself…which probably doesn’t sound like a big deal but I normally go with a pal. I didn’t enjoy getting the train by myself and the carriage smelt. Maybe it was the smell of loneliness? Bleurgh.

So there was a train journey and BOOM! I was in Manchester – pretty much the second I’ve ever been for non-work purposes. Exciting! I trudged over to my hotel but I got a little lost which was upsetting. I’m normally quite good with a map so I assume my sense of direction was on holiday. But I found my hotel in the end and was dazzled by the fact that the shower had TWO (2) shower heads! What the cabbage!

The lovely Joe List then whisked me away on an exciting Manchester adventure – for which I am very grateful. The science museum was closing so we had a quick run around that…but the real highlight was a place called Home Sweet Home that served freshly baked cookies with a nice glass of milk! Hello my dream food, get in my mouth! Then I went back to the hotel, did some drawing and slept. Well done me.

Then it was Saturday! Time for MCM Expo. I’ve been to a load of Expos in London so this was the first MCM in Manchester. I wasn’t sure how busy it would be to be honest… But I made my way there with the normal comics and tote bags and things… and there was already a hefty queue! And so many cosplayers! We all know how much I love a good cosplayer so here are some of my favourite costumes:

This guy was Totoro! I asked him to come back (so I could ask him where I could get that costume…) but alas! He didn’t come back so I’ll never know! Still – excellent costume and I suggested he come to the next convention as Snorlax! Who doesn’t love Snorlax?

Now these three Pokemon trainers did a great job! Well, two of them. Poor middle dude! Unless he’s a Pokemon trainer I don’t recognise? It’s possible. Oh! And this Misty was the second Misty I was on that day, although this was the only lady Misty. I believe there’s a photo floating around of the two of them so feel free to email it to me.

Did you ever play Pikmin? I didn’t…but I recognise this costume and it’s a corker! We had an awkward moment where it turns out that talking through a helmet is pretty tricky. But still – ace costume! Well done!

This is a great costume that my pissy phone doesn’t do justice to. So, he’s a smartly dressed dude (who was very nice) but he had these amazing…goat legs! Furry goat legs! That were real and that he was walking around on! Ah! So cool! I want goat legs!

Right. So the event was super busy and I was really pleased for Gary who helped organise the Comic Village. He was really nice, checking up on stall holders throughout the day. On the downside, I’m normally well-prepared for events, bringing sandwiches and food along with me. But I didn’t bring anything this time since I didn’t have a fridge. So obviously, the place to buy food from was a bit lame and I spent the day feeling a bit out of sorts. I’ve learnt my lesson though – ALWAYS bring food and drink.

As always, it was nice to see comics pals – Joe, Lynn and Lizz were all exhibiting too. And afterwards I got to see Jonathan, Felt Mistress and John. YAY! Plus, I met so many new people – and some effing talented ones to boot. I hope that at least some of them enjoy reading the comic and I hope that even more of them want to be pals.

Also, if you’re a new reader and you found your way here through a flyer from MCM Expo Manchester then hello!

Right, bed time. And I need to find somewhere to live. And start eating properly. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so bleurgh lately?

Oh – and if I haven’t already posted it, this was the soundtrack to that weekend for me: