Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bluffin' With My Muffin

OMG! It's Lady Gaga! And she's totally telling lies to a (flying?) muffin. 

Yes - that's right! She's bluffin' with her muffin!

According to the Internet, this phrase means all sorts of thing. They are mostly rude things. I don't really care about that. I just thought it was funny if that entire song was about telling lies to a muffin.

I need to go to bed / get a life / stop being a moron.


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dinosaurs are pretty great...

I am really sleepy. I stayed up super late to get all my files in order to send to the printers. I hope everything turns out well and that people actually want to buy it.

Maybe I should set up an online shop or something. Does anyone have any advice on the subject?

Also, here is a picture of a dinosaur. I've drawn quite a few of them for a project which may or may not happen. I hope it does happen though. I also hope that it goes REALLY well... Also, this dinosaur is called Clive and he is a Smoochasaur.

Bed time!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Well, this certainly made my day...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Actually...I made something amazing!

Oh! Check it out! I was meant to be sorting my life out and what not...but I ended up making something so exciting I had to upload it right away!


It's an image of really cute things that can totally be tiled. I've never tried anything like it before but I'm pretty sure it works and I'm pretty sure it's super well done me.

I can't work out how to make it the background on my blog but it's totally on my desktop AND my Twitter. Hooray.

In other news - everyone is bitches.

EDIT: Look! Cute! Eeeeeeee!

Bad Date #5

Hello Hello!

I have been pretty busy and pretty grumpy of late. I'm throwing myself into making stuff and doing 9-5 work (and the stupid commute that I have to do) and it means I've got pretty much no time to sleep or hang out with friends or do anything really. It's a shame and I'm sorry if we were meant to hang out and I just went home instead.

Boo hoo hoo.

On the plus side, I watched the Disney version of Hercules and I just received an email that made so little sense, I wet myself. Also, here is a comic which I'm filing under the 'Bad Date' umbrella even though it isn't actually about a date.

How are you?

EDIT: Oh! Good news! The lady that I made that picture fortotally didn't hate it! Phew!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

People I Know #10

In a dream world, this is what the cover of People I Know #10 will look like. I've done all the work so it should totally be ready for the UK Web and Comix Thing in March.

What do you think? I've never had a colour cover before so I hope you like it. Maybe people will actually start reading it if it has a pretty cover?

Fingers crossed.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Superhero Test

This is a test picture I did for some characters I'm going to be using soon. I hope you like them!

I've been super productive this weekend. I was sad for a bit because I watched a documentary about what normal people my age get up to and it involves going to hospital a lot and puking. So, I was worried that I should be doing more of that...

But then I did some good deeds, ate a crepe with a friend, totally made a new mini comic as well as a fancy PowerPoint and watched Bridget Jones' Diary and The Incredibles (back to back!) and thought "IN THEIR FACE!"

Woo! Yeah! Go me!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Generic Princess Wants Stuff!

Yeah yeah yeah - I was totally ill and it was gross but now I'm out of bed and I made something so shut your cake hole. Or something.

So...remember that drawing I made for Ben? Well, I posted it on his Facebook wall and a lady that I don't know wrote the following:

"I work with Ben, I LOVE your cartoon, please can you make one for me? I feel awfully left out!

I am a Jewish Princess and I love my dog Poppy Ann Dupree, I also love sushi and wine...lots of wine!"

It's always nice when people engage with you and don't call you fat so I totally decided to do it. The only problems (besides that whole 'being ill' portion of the week where I couldn't eat anything and had a cracking headache) was that:
  1. how rude can you be if you don't know the person you're making stuff for?
  2. how do you draw dogs? I mean, I can't draw even hands - how should I even approach dog drawing?
  3. what if they don't like it?
I'm not going to try and answer any of those questions but I've posted the finished product so I hope the lady likes it.

I hope you missed me!


Monday, 11 January 2010

Lady Gaga versus The Jonas Brothers

I'm swamped with being new and making comics and learning the dance routine to Single Ladies (not really).

Also, I'm trying to draw something for someone I don't know. Exciting! Vague!

ANYWAYS! I've also been pretty ill all weekend. Boo hoo.

The new comic is coming together and I might start work on a few mini comics. Be prepared!

FUN FACT: Here is a comic about Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers. Please don't be mean...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bad Date: Ben the Mime

Yet another Bad Date. This one is a special one made for a guy named Ben. I hope he likes it...

FUN FACT: I was stupid and didn't make thumbnails or have a proper plan for this. So the original version looked totally different and had lots of silences. After scanning it in, I totally changed it and now it doesn't suck. Score!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: I don't think I've ever made a comic that is two panels across. Weird.

ONE MORE FUN FACT: I made the striped t-shirt using new computer skillz!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow Joke

UGH! It is snowing which means that my room is freeeeeeeezing and that getting anywhere is a bit of a nightmare.

On the plus side - some people have been nice to me - which is always nice. I made them a thank you card to email. I think it's pretty cute! I hope they like it.

The characters are:

T - Toby the dinosaur
H - Sally the Ghost
A - Lady Gaga
N - The Vampire
K - T.S (x 2) and Christina
Space - Robot!
Y - Barbara the Squid
O - The Kissing Monster
U - Generic Princess and Generic Witch

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year? NEW COMIC!!!


I really wanted my first post of 2010 to be about new stuff...but I haven't time to make any new strips because I've been working on the new comic - People I Know #10... but it's not nearly finished so. Lame.

HOWEVER! To make up, here is my favourite panel from it. It doesn't spoil anything about the comic so that's ok. And it's new too so that deserves bonus points.

I hope 2010 is brilliant.