Friday, 30 July 2010

Draw A Monster! Results Bonus!

HOORAY! The lovely Joe List sent in this super cute monster. I was going to edit one of the previous posts and include it there...but it's so cute that it deserves a new blog post.

If you've got a monster you want to send in then please get in touch! I can't wait to see it!

I'll be at Caption this weekend encouraging people to take part in the Dino-Saw-Us Sticker Game! Come along and get involved!

Draw A Monster! Results #5

This is the final bunch of Monster drawings... If I was smart, I would have uploaded a different bunch each day so I could take the next week off. But look at them! it would be impossible (and wrong) to keep so much brilliance locked away.

So here are the last ones.I hope you like them!

HOORAY! It's the Cat Monster! By Philippa! What a stud (the monster - not Philippa). Philippa is possibly the best person to invite to a picnic because she bakes the fanciest cakes ever. And she makes a proper webcomic too. Check it out! Thank you Philippa! I will buy you pancakes or something!
This monster is from Ted! And what a corker it is! If you've ever met me then you'll know about my odd softspot for Tom this drawing is like a dream come true. Thank you very much Ted! I'm totally indebted to you!
Yippee! It's a drawing by Tim! And just look at how happy it is! Maybe living in Tracy's hair is a good place to live if you are a monster. Regardless, this is brilliant! Thank you very much Tim!
And's the monster I made that started this whole thing. It looks piss poor in comparison to all the brilliant drawings. So yes - thank you thank you thank you to everyone that sent in a drawing. I really appreciate it and am proper surprised at how many people got involved. I'll pay you all back somehow!

Until next time, stay out of trouble

Draw A Monster! Results #4

More monsters - coming 'atcha! More monsters - coming - 'atcha!

Cuter than a button and twice as useful, Lizz sent in this super cute monster. Look at it's little hugging arms! Why, if thay moved up just a little bit then Tracy would have perfect grounds for a sexual harrassment case! FUN FACT: Lizz has her very own website and is super nice. Thank you Lizz!
Next up is Nick! I met Nick at a talk he did that I sort of gatecrashed. I thought he was super cool - but I never suspected he was cool enough to draw an elephant! Bonus points for you Nick! And thank you very much! I'll pay you back one day!
From Nick to Nik! Yes - it's a super awesome monster is drawn by Nik. As well as being a super nice Swede, Nik is also in a band called Moustcahe of Insanity and knows more super-secret bands than I've had hot dinners. Thank you very much Nik - this is cooler than the coolest band I've never heard of!
Remember Briony from the first batch of drawings? Well, her friend Other Andy drew a monster too! Since we already had a drawing from one Andy, I renamed second Andy as Other Andy - hence why his amazing drawing is here rather than at the start. More importantly - it's an ace drawing! Excellent work Other Andy! Thank you very much!

Phew! So many amazing monsters!

Draw A Monster! Results #3

OK! More monsters for you!

First up is Graham with his ribbon-stealing monster - the worst kind of monster if you ask me! I sat next to Graham at the Orbital drawing day and he didn't puke or punch me as I tried to draw - so bonus points for him. Also - he gets bonus points since his webcomic is launching soon - check it out!

EDIT: I set up the wrong link for poor Graham but I've fixed it now. Please don't hate me!

And look! A hipster monster drawing from the lovely Jen! Jen and I used to work in the same building back in the day and she has nice hair. She's also a proper fancy designer and illustrator. Look at how cute the monster is. The only it could be cuter would be if it was in Tracy Turnblad's hair!

SURPRISE ATTACK! This monster is from Joel! Hello Joel! Thanks for drawing a monster for me and not eating biscuits instead. Joel has a proper website and I also suspect he has a biscuit fixation. Still, excellent monster work.
Holy Monster Drawing, Batman! It's a drawing by Leannezzers! And it's a corker! Thank you so much for sending this in - I heart superheroes! Except for Deadpool - I'm a little bemused by his current surge in popularity.

Don't forget that you can still send in monster drawing if you want to!

Draw A Monster! Results #2

Hello! Here's the next bunch of monsters that were sent in! I didn't want to cram them into the same post... I hope you don't mind.

Right - prepare to be awesomed!
This monster was made by Dan...and I hope you're all sitting down because I imagine that the sight of a shirtless Hoff is enough to make anybody weak at the knees. And yes - it also makes for a brilliant comic. Speaking of brilliant comics...
Yes! Another drawing from Dan! OMG! Thank you Dan! I don't actually know Dan except from Twitter but I assume he is some sort of King of Drawing because these are ace. And also, Tracy looks pretty cute as a blond. Who'd have thunk? Oh! And Dan has a proper website which I hope he doesn't mind me posting here. Now - if only he made comics...
Uh oh! Don't pick up the phone! It's Mister Mel Gibson! This optical beauty was sent in by Delidel. And yes - I did just use the phrase "optical beauty." Thank you very much Delidel!
Watch out Tracy! There's a monster in your hair! And it's cute! This monster was sent in by Gerald! Thank you very much Gerald...
 Gerald sent in TWO monsters - but this one looks much happier with its little pineapple hair. Tracy would probably approve of that hairdo. She'd probably try it out herself...after solving racism of course. Thanks for both of these Gerald!

Right - that's not all though!

Draw A Monster! Results #1

Hello! I asked for people to draw some monsters...and was totally overwhelmed with the response! I'm so happy...which, if you read this blog on a regular basis, is quite a rare feat.

So firstly, thanks to everyone who sent in a monster. And if you haven't sent one in but want to...then do it! I'd love to see them!

So, without further ado, here they are (in alphabetical order):

This monster drawing was sent in by Andy. He's an Internet-making whizz. If you need a website made then get in touch with him... Or get in touch with me and I'll put you in touch with him? Excellent work!

This monster was drawn by Briony! Super cute! I like the fact that Tracy's bow looks like the monster's nose. That's right! Monsters have noses too! And feelings! Don't you forget it!
This Monster was sent in by Carly. Carly and I used to work together and she's lovely. And look at her monster. Technically, she hasn't actually drawn anything- but she used smart erasing and therefore wins a prize. A burger-shaped prize. Thanks Carly!

The final Monster drawing for this post is from Clark - the charming fellow who does Thought Bubble! I'm totally going to Thought Bubble this year and I'm super excited. You should all come along. Oh! If you come along, I'll try and do a Kuato impression for you! I know someone who does an ace one - so maybe they can give me lessons. More importantly - brilliant monster - thanks Clark!

Right - that's the first batch. Brilliant!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Star Trek: Deanna Troi Can Read Your Mind!

I was at the British Museum and for some reasons, Deanna Troi came up in conversation. I can't remember why but she was one of my favourite characters in Star Trek...I mean, she could READ YOUR MIND or whatever. Probably the only person cooler than her was Data - and you can't compete with a robot, no matter how skimpy your uniform is or how awesome/questionable your mind powers are.

Anyways. I totally forgot about this drawing but then I found it and now I'm uploading it here. Hooray!

Oh! And don't forget to draw a monster! I'd like to upload them all on Friday morning so get monster drawing!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Space Invaders!

Hello! It's a new day! Here is a drawing about those Space Invaders. How cute! I was going to turn it into a series of Computer Games...but I don't think I will. At the moment.

I've started to receive a few drawings for my Draw A Monster project. Please send one along if you can. I'd like to post them all on Friday so keep them coming! And a massive thanks to those that have sent some along. I totally owe you one.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Jessica Fletcher: Knickers!

Hello! I realised I hadn't drawn Jessica B. Fletcher for a here she is. She totally wants you.

Also - don't forget to check out my Draw A Monster thing. I'd like to post them on get monstering!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Draw A Monster!

So...rather than just upload a drawing and cry about how awful I am, I thoght I'd try something different. It's not ground-breaking or anything, but humour me, OK?

Right. So - the drawing today is of the main character from Hairspray (the musical version). It's a fun movie if you haven't seen it. ANYWAYS. I did an original version of the drawing and thought it was too I added in a monster face into her hair. And then I thought "that was fun. I wonder what other people would draw in her hair."

So, I've uploaded the no-monster version and I'd like you (whoever you are) to save it, draw something in her hair (please nothing terribly rude etc) and then send it back to me so I post it here. Come on, what do you have to lose? Plus, I'd totally owe you one!

Go for it. Then ask you friends!

Oh! And here's the original:

Sunday, 25 July 2010

People I Know #11: A Panel (from my dreams)

I've been cleaning up the 20 pages that will eventually make up People I Know #11...and it got late and I got bored so I decided to colour one in. Obviously the issue won't be in colour because I don't have the money...and to be honest, I don't think I have the know-how for making things look fancy in colour. I mean, the panel above does look a bit like something you'd see in nursery.

Regardless - look! I'm totally working on a new issue. Hooray!

FUN FACT: You'll have met Toby (the dinosaur) and Christina (the toast) in People I Know #1, #4 and #9.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Bad Date #10

Wow. So, Scott Pilgrim #6 was intense. I'll reread it a lot over the weekend. Have you read it yet? You really must!

Also - look! It's the return of Bad Date. I felt bad for neglecting it...but it's back now so that's ok. I was thinking of collecting them into a little comic. Maybe.

Speaking of comics, how would you feel about me collecting together some of the stuff from my website and printing it as a comic? Would that be terrible? I would like to know what you think! So tell me.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Scott Pilgrim Day!

I was planning on writing a really long blurb about how much I love Scott Pilgrim and which characters I identify with and the slightly weird role the books have played in the last few years of my life... but then I realised that would be silly since I haven't read the sixth and final volume.

So, the sixth volume comes out today. I can't believe it's the last one and I'm a both sad and excited to read it. Once I've recovered, I promise to write a really long and pointless ramble about it. In the meantime, here's a drawing I made. I hope you like it!

If you don't know what I'm talking about or who the ladies above are then I urge you to read Scott Pilgrim right away. Seriously. I wish I could go back and read it all for the first time. It is brilliant...but better!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Twilight: Rosalie I think this will be the last Twilight drawing. I didn't want to turn it into a Twilight Week since Captain Planet Week was a bit blah.

For those that aren't up on their Twilight - Bella is annoying and Rosalie is a vampire that doesn't have any bonus powers...unlike Alice who can see the future or Edward who can read minds or Jane who is extra sassy.

So yeah - in case you haven't noticed, I really hate Bella. I'm not keen on Rosalie either...but at least she doesn't spend all her time being a stroppy cow. Oh...hang on...she does? Well, at least she isn't dragging out the whole Edward/Jacob thing. I mean, come on!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Twilight: Alice Cullen FTW

Yeah! It's another Twilight drawing! This one features my favourite Cullen - Alice! It's so nice to see a happy vampire - rather than brooding (Edward), creepy (Jane. Jasper et al) or just a bit blah (poor Rosalie). Plus she can see into the future!

But her major plus point is that she isn't Bella.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Twilight: Bella's Choice

Yeah - the weekend has come and gone. I've tidies up 11 pages of the new comic, so that's good. And I saw some friends (with added babies) which was also nice.

I'm going to see the new Twilight movie this week. And the new Scott Pilgrim book is coming out! And so does the new Dragon Quest game! This week is going to be CRAZY!

Speaking of crazy - here's a drawing about Twilight. That's right - Jacob Black and Edward Cullen are getting it on. No boys for you Bella! Plus, Jacob and Edward are making out. I hope this fulfills the dreams of Twihards everywhere.

FUN FACT: I drew Bella and Edward ages ago...but I changed how they looked for this since they both looked stupid. Especially Bella and her weird hair. I don't know what I was thinking.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Heart #2's the second (and final) drawing for Captain Planet Week. it must be so difficult having the Heart ring. Especially against zombies...

But yes. That's Captain Planet Week done and dusted. I enjoyed doing it...although I suspect few other people feel the same. Regardless, I'm really enjoying these themed weeks and will try to do more of them...if that's OK with you.

Stay out of trouble

Captain Planet Week: Heart #1

Look! A twist for the end of Captain Planet Week! I've done the same comic but with TWO DIFFERENT ENDS! How exciting!

Anyways - here is the first one with the happy outcome. Plus there are zombies! ZOMBIES!

IN OTHER NEWS: I am sleepy.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Toxic

Look! It's Captain Planet! And it's Captain Planet Week! It's like I planned it or something.

Today is Thursday but this week feels like it has been going on for a month. Bleh.

But since I'm trying to be positive, here are some things I'm looking forward to:
  1. I'm seeing a friend at the weekend
  2. I have worked hard this week
  3. People I Know #11 is taking shape
  4. Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 is out soon
  5. As is the Scott Pilgrim movie
  6. It is nearly the weekend

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Dirtbag!

Yeah - it's Captain Planet Week...except the good Captain isn't actually in this drawing. Sorry. He's in it tomorrow though! Promise!

FUN FACT! Originally, 'dirtbag' was actually spelt like 'filthy bitch,' but that felt creepy and wrong. Luckily, a super smart pal suggested using dirtbag instead. Phew!

ANOTHER FUN FACT! I didn't cry today!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Wind!

Captain Planet Week continues! Linka was the Planeteer with wind powers and she had the honour of being my favourite. I think it was because she liked computers or something. Later on, I claimed it was because her ring was the most useful since there was always wind for her to manipulate - unless she was in space or something.

Whatever. You know she got teased with lots of fart jokes. Poor Linka!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Pee!

Hello! Over the weekend, I tried to do lots of drawing so I could upload a different drawing every day without stressing. However, of the five drawings I did, four of them were Captain Planet-themed. I don't know just happened that way. The other one was about Star Trek. What's going on?

ANYWAYS! YEAH! It is obviously Captain Planet Week!!

So, I'll upload some drawings about Captain Planet this week - hence Captain Planet Week! I know it's only a few weeks after Ke$ha Week...but get over it. This drawing is about Gi - the Planeteer with the water ring. I always felt sorry for her since you can bet that the evil polluting types never remember her name... *sigh* Maybe now they will! Now that she's mastered the deadly (and gross) Golden Shower!

Oh - and if you missed the original Captain Planet drawing I did, it's here! It caused quite a stir on my Tumblr

IN OTHER NEWS: I had a really fun weekend. A pal and I went on an adventure on Saturday morning and did some walking and ate some cake (two of my favourite things) but it was SUPER HOT and I was wearing skinny jeans and felt sleepy and sweaty. In fact, I fell asleep on the train home. Sorry! I finished doing all the pens for People I Know #11... it took forever but I'm aiming to have it all scanned in asap. At least, I will if the sodding scanner behaves. Today I played a lot of Eternal Sonata. I was mostly March or Falsetto for anyone who cares...

On top of that and work, it looks like this will be my busiest ever Summer. How exciting!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Toby and Christina: Sunburnt

I've been drawing lots and lots of Toby and Christina lately since People I Know #11 is all about them.

I was going to upload another Captain Planet drawing but I might save that for next week. It's a little gross.

Speaking of gross - have you seen that picture of Ke$ha!?! I'm not posting it here because it's gross...but it's also TOTALLY WILD! I can just imagine her manager (at least, the version I draw) tricking her into posing for it. GRIM! Hahahahahahaha.

IN OTHER NEWS: I want some cake. And I *really* want to play this:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

ThunderCats! HO!

I promised that I'd upload a better drawing - and here it is! THUNDERCATS! Nothing beats ThunderCats! They are the best!

Seriously. I was obsessed with ThunderCats when I was yougner. I had a bumload of the toys and a cuddly Snarf and even the Sword of Omens! Yeah!

Anyways. I hope you like the drawing. I know it's a little rude...but look how cute they look!

Also - check out Cheetara's Theme! Also known as the best theme ever!

IN OTHER NEWS: Boo hoo. Things are getting weirder and weirder...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pawn Collection

I know. I know. This isn't very funny but I was bored and it seems stupid not to upload it... I mean, someone might find it funny. Right? Eh? 

*nervous laughter*

Anyways. Today was Tuesday. I went on some adventures and felt sleepy. I finished the latest True Blood book - maybe I'll review it at some point. I'm spending the evening working on PIK #11. I want to have all the pens done for the weekend so I can scan everything in.

  1. It was originally going to be about a superhero team I've been working on...
  2. ...but now it's not about them
  3. One of the characters has sort-of-hands
  4. It is shaping up to be both cute and upsetting
  5. It has a montage in it!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Harry Potter: Ginny!

Woo! It's Monday! But that means I didn't get to talk about Friday! OMG! Also - check out Miss Sassypants herself - Ginny Weasley is on the scene!

On Friday, I was sociable. I went to a pub and spoke to people and didn't run away after three minutes. Well done me. I had a very nice time and got to talk about stuff...mostly the Doctor Who finale. I didn't really like Doctor Who until the new guy arrived. Plus, I like River Song's catchphrase...spoilers, indeed. And I spoke to some people I've been to scared to talk to before. Yeah! The only downside was that getting home was a pain in the arse. Ho hum.

I was meant to visit a friend's house for a BBQ...but I just woke up on the miserable side of bed. It was weird and unpleasant, but I got lots of drawing done. Oh - and I watched these ace movies:
  1. What a Girl Wants
  2. A Cinderella Story
  3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Even those movies were all genetically designed to cheer me up, I just moped about and drew by fingers to the bone. I hope the BBQ Pal won't hate me.

A friend lent me the latest True Blood book so I'm devouring that. It's not my favourite so feels like a lot of set up is taking place. Blah.

IN OTHER NEWS: It looks like this might be a pretty intense Summer. I'm possibly going to Caption and to Edinburgh! This is more travelling than I've done in the last year. Huh.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Modern Romance

Boo hoo hoo. Look at me. I'm not smooching anybody and it's Summer and everybody else seems to be getting off with each other. BOO HOO. Poor me. I'm so terribly lonely.


Sort of.

It would be nice if someone sent me a text message with "<3" in it. Or maybe just an email with a kiss at the end. Or anything really.


...Or am I?