Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pawn Collection

I know. I know. This isn't very funny but I was bored and it seems stupid not to upload it... I mean, someone might find it funny. Right? Eh? 

*nervous laughter*

Anyways. Today was Tuesday. I went on some adventures and felt sleepy. I finished the latest True Blood book - maybe I'll review it at some point. I'm spending the evening working on PIK #11. I want to have all the pens done for the weekend so I can scan everything in.

  1. It was originally going to be about a superhero team I've been working on...
  2. ...but now it's not about them
  3. One of the characters has sort-of-hands
  4. It is shaping up to be both cute and upsetting
  5. It has a montage in it!

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