Monday, 12 July 2010

Captain Planet Week: Pee!

Hello! Over the weekend, I tried to do lots of drawing so I could upload a different drawing every day without stressing. However, of the five drawings I did, four of them were Captain Planet-themed. I don't know just happened that way. The other one was about Star Trek. What's going on?

ANYWAYS! YEAH! It is obviously Captain Planet Week!!

So, I'll upload some drawings about Captain Planet this week - hence Captain Planet Week! I know it's only a few weeks after Ke$ha Week...but get over it. This drawing is about Gi - the Planeteer with the water ring. I always felt sorry for her since you can bet that the evil polluting types never remember her name... *sigh* Maybe now they will! Now that she's mastered the deadly (and gross) Golden Shower!

Oh - and if you missed the original Captain Planet drawing I did, it's here! It caused quite a stir on my Tumblr

IN OTHER NEWS: I had a really fun weekend. A pal and I went on an adventure on Saturday morning and did some walking and ate some cake (two of my favourite things) but it was SUPER HOT and I was wearing skinny jeans and felt sleepy and sweaty. In fact, I fell asleep on the train home. Sorry! I finished doing all the pens for People I Know #11... it took forever but I'm aiming to have it all scanned in asap. At least, I will if the sodding scanner behaves. Today I played a lot of Eternal Sonata. I was mostly March or Falsetto for anyone who cares...

On top of that and work, it looks like this will be my busiest ever Summer. How exciting!

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