Friday, 30 July 2010

Draw A Monster! Results #2

Hello! Here's the next bunch of monsters that were sent in! I didn't want to cram them into the same post... I hope you don't mind.

Right - prepare to be awesomed!
This monster was made by Dan...and I hope you're all sitting down because I imagine that the sight of a shirtless Hoff is enough to make anybody weak at the knees. And yes - it also makes for a brilliant comic. Speaking of brilliant comics...
Yes! Another drawing from Dan! OMG! Thank you Dan! I don't actually know Dan except from Twitter but I assume he is some sort of King of Drawing because these are ace. And also, Tracy looks pretty cute as a blond. Who'd have thunk? Oh! And Dan has a proper website which I hope he doesn't mind me posting here. Now - if only he made comics...
Uh oh! Don't pick up the phone! It's Mister Mel Gibson! This optical beauty was sent in by Delidel. And yes - I did just use the phrase "optical beauty." Thank you very much Delidel!
Watch out Tracy! There's a monster in your hair! And it's cute! This monster was sent in by Gerald! Thank you very much Gerald...
 Gerald sent in TWO monsters - but this one looks much happier with its little pineapple hair. Tracy would probably approve of that hairdo. She'd probably try it out herself...after solving racism of course. Thanks for both of these Gerald!

Right - that's not all though!

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