Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thought of the Day


It is totally Sunday! I have had a funny weekend. Yesterday, a pal and I went to visit Airside who were selling off old stock. I got a fancy (and rude) print for my friend. Then we went to see Date Night in an almost empty cinema (it was super sunny outside) and ate popcorn and laughed. The movie is both amazing and funny. I wanted to buy new comics but the ash cloud meant that the comics hadn't shipped!

Boo hoo.

I spent the rest of Saturday (and Sunday) playing Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone and watching series three of 30 Rock.

IN OTHER NEWS: an engineer is going to come and look at my poorly computer. I should be back to normal (hopefully) by mid-May... I've got some big plans! but between you and me, I'm quite enjoying doing less drawing.

Friday, 23 April 2010

New Comic (because I'm stupid)

So my computer is buggered and my head is all over the place but I decided that I needed a new mini comic to take to the MCM Expo at the end of May. 

Possibly not the best idea ever but I worked hard and am sending off the files to the printers tomorrow! That isn't to say that it will actually be printed in time - but fingers crossed.

ANYWAYS! Here is the front cover! It's in colour and the comic is the smallest one I've ever made. But it's cute! And doesn't really have a plot. Or anything really. But it's cute and it has a colour cover so make sure you buy a copy.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

STOP PRESS: This game is amazing!

URNK! Awesome alert!

There's an amazing game you can play on your computer and it's amazing and you need to play it. It's called Poto and Cabenga

Stop reading this and go play it. Now!

EDIT: I forgot to say that it was designed/drawn by the hideously talented Dick Hogg. I need to buy him some cake. I also need to start making my own computer game!

Lady Gaga vs Fashion

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy wearing smart clothes and going to high-powered business meetings. Well...actually...only the bit about the clothes is true. Plus, having a broken computer has messed up my uploading attempts. Still, on the plus side, I've mostly been getting to bed before yay?

The Ke$ha comics turned out to be pretty popular...and I intend to make some more in the future...but I really want to post this Lady Gaga one first because it makes me laugh. Oh Lady Gaga - what are you wearing now?

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ke$ha wishes she was Jem

I know I shouldn't update two days in a row but seeing as how much I enjoyed moaning about Ke$ha, I decided to do another drawing about her. This time, she's up against a pop star who is TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! It even says so in her theme song.

For those who don't know/are too young, Jem was a cartoon about a lady who used magic earrings to transform from boring Jessica into Jem! Jem was the singer in Jem and the Holograms and they were sassy and I think they ran an orphanage or something. PLUS! Their arch-rivals were The Misfits and they were just as sassy, if not more so.

If Ke$ha wants to stop being lame and start being truly outrageous then I suggest she gets herself a pair of magical earrings. In fact, that rule probably applies to most people.

IN OTHER NEWS: I bought some new clothes. This happens rarely. I shall buy new shoes tomorrow and maybe a bag. Also, I'm seeing a friend tomorrow and I'm excited.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ke$ha : She was sick in a shoe or something...

When I was younger, I believed pretty much everything I was told - especially if it was about a popstar that I liked. Of course they sang live! Of course they wrote their own songs! Of course they were best friends...

I grew out of that way of thinking after a while... just like I grew out was pretty much the main thing I grew out of.

Still, along comes Ke$ha with her "I'm a naughty wildchild" schtick and it makes me really sad. I know full well that Young Me would have eaten up all her tall tales. Of course she was sick in a shoe! Of course she defaced the Hollywood sign! Of course she brushes her pearly whites with some Jack Daniels. She's a wildchild!

Young Me was stupid. Old Me is totally onto you Ke$ha! All it takes is for someone to tell you to apologise and you'll do it. You're not fooling me! I'm far too cynical for that.  Cynical and old.

IN OTHER NEWS: my computer is still not working and I'm still miserable. A girl from Santa Cruz came to visit and we went to Nando's - which is obviously the place to take someone you haven't seen for five years. Everything else has been pretty crappy but I tried being sociable so that's OK.

FUN FACT: This was going to be four separate strips (hence the different coloured background) but I couldn't be arsed to spread out one rubbish joke for that long...

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Happy Birthday!

I know someone and it is their birthday tomorrow... I'm uploading their birthday comic now in case I forget to do it tomorrow and also in case I chicken out of going to their birthday bash in favour of watching 30 Rock on DVD.

Happy Birthday!

In other news - my normal computer is still being dead. I don't really know what to do but it's screwing up all my plans of getting new stuff made in time for MCM Expo. MEGASIGH! Plus, I'm still sad about not knowing that TCAF was open to non-Canadians. I would have loved to sell stuff there.

Boo hoo hoo. I need pancakes.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Justin Bieber is younger than you!

Someone recently told me that a good thing about my drawings is the pop culture references. They must have been drunk or maybe they thought they were talking to someone else...but it got me thinking: I should probably pay more attention to what's going on outside my tiny bubble of Real Work and reading books about wizards.

Hence - a little comic about little Justin Bieber. He's a plague on the Twitter trending topics and disgustingly popular for someone so young. I tried listening to one of his songs but it turned out I couldn't be bothered. Still - he's popular and now he's on my blog. Good work me!

In other news - after a hideous few weeks I had a lovely weekend. I saw friends on Friday and Saturday and had planned to catch up with drawing today...except my computer appears to have died. This pretty much screws up everything...for example, I have no idea how to update my proper website without my computer. I'll just have to upload any new stuff onto here and do a mass website update if my computer ever recovers.


If it helps - I've got a fair few comics to upload....which means ever more pop culture references (or something)!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Harry Potter: Captain Planet

So these last few weeks haven't been great and this week in particular has been pretty awful. Screw that - they've been terrible. Plus! I spent three out of the four Easter weekend days learning to animate and although I'm really happy with the end result, I can't help but worry that I should have spent more of my time actually doing things like having fun or talking to people?

Ho hum.

Here's a Harry Potter comic. I feel like Ron looks in the last panel. I'll work on some fresh stuff over the weekend so maybe everything will get better? Maybe I just need some pancakes?

FUN FACT: My favourite Planeteer was the Russian lady with wind powers