Sunday, 11 April 2010

Justin Bieber is younger than you!

Someone recently told me that a good thing about my drawings is the pop culture references. They must have been drunk or maybe they thought they were talking to someone else...but it got me thinking: I should probably pay more attention to what's going on outside my tiny bubble of Real Work and reading books about wizards.

Hence - a little comic about little Justin Bieber. He's a plague on the Twitter trending topics and disgustingly popular for someone so young. I tried listening to one of his songs but it turned out I couldn't be bothered. Still - he's popular and now he's on my blog. Good work me!

In other news - after a hideous few weeks I had a lovely weekend. I saw friends on Friday and Saturday and had planned to catch up with drawing today...except my computer appears to have died. This pretty much screws up everything...for example, I have no idea how to update my proper website without my computer. I'll just have to upload any new stuff onto here and do a mass website update if my computer ever recovers.


If it helps - I've got a fair few comics to upload....which means ever more pop culture references (or something)!

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