Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey Baby!


I wish I was cool enough to be able to say "Hey Baby," to people and not sound like a massive idiot. But alas - most things I say make me sound stupid - I don't think I'm brave enough to try saying something as cool as "Hey Baby" in public.

Today was an interesting day. Lots of things I've been working on are almost finished! Yeah!

On the downside, my shoes still aren't waterproof and my feet got SOAKED in the rain. I need to buy new shoes...

Don't forget about the Facebook page and a fun game for you to play! Wheeeeee!

IN OTHER NEWS: I bought some fishcakes. Yum! And I've been enjoying this:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Twilight: My Review (again)

Hello! Remember that time I reviewed the Twilight books? Well, here's my review of the Twilight movies! I doubt you're terribly surprised. She really is a pain!

Anyways! How are you? I need to buy some new trousers and I've got lots of drawing to do at the weekend.

Also - there are two exciting links for you to investigate:
I set up a Facebook page! I hope you like it!
And there's a fun game for you to play! Wheeeeee!

Oh dear...this post doesn't seem to be very fun does it? I know what will fix that:

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Real Life: OMG! Playsuit!

I don't about where you live...but all around town, some company has a new advertising campaign. It makes me laugh since all the ads start with "OMG...where did you get that [insert item here]"

My friend's sister has a playsuit. It is navy. Sometimes my friend borrows it. Sometimes my friend's sister wears it. The important thing is that someone I know has a playsuit. Here is a drawing about it. With my sister's friend as a bonus prize. I don't think she has actually been to prison though - I'm just teasing. Please don't beat me up.

IN OTHER NEWS: I got a test sample of something exciting. I'll post a picture once I've confirmed the order with money and stuff.

IN MORE OTHER NEWS: I set up a fun game for you to play. Please play it! It's cute! You might be able to win something? I don't know...

Monday, 27 September 2010

People I Know: A Fun Game

Hello! I made this nice picture for a pal to use to promote their exhibition... but I also figured we could turn it into a fun game! I drew 11 characters that have appeared on my website at some point. Look! I've even put numbers on them to make it easier for you.


Rummage through the archives (if you don't know off the top of your head) on the website and let me know the url or the date of where that character pops up. Give me a name if I gave them one. Make one up if I didn't! Some of them pop up more than once! You don't need to list every time they appear though - once is enough.

This is just for fun but maybe I'll have a prize for the first few people to do it? And there should be an end date, right? That end date will be the 3rd of October... Email me at timothy_winchester (AT) yahoo (DOT) com with your answers!

Tell your friends! Tell you family! It's FUN TIME!

Real Life: Iron Man #2

Remember that one time I made a new friend? Well, he's back...and so is his iron!

IN OTHER NEWS: It was the weekend! I got really wet feet but I got to hang out with nice people so that's OK. Oh - and I made stuff for someone and I'm going to turn it into a game. I need to upload it and then we can talk about it.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Real Life: Glasses

I've worn glasses for a long time. I never got teased when I was yougner (even though my glasses were HUGE) but as I've grown up (and my glasses have got nicer), I've found that I've been getting more and more stick. I mean, I get a fair bit of stick for a lot of things, but I'm always surprised when people tease me about my glasses. Glasses are cool, right?


If they aren't cool then I'll be sad.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Twilight: What Jacob Hates

You know what I hate? Yeah - that's right - Bella 'Moody Pants' Swan! That Batman drawing reminded me of how much I want to shake Bella by the shoulders whilst yelling "STOP BEING SO AWFUL!!!"

I'm afraid to say that my dislike of Bella will likely pop up again in later drawings. Sorry. Actually, I'm not. If anyone is sorry, it should be Bella.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wizarding Wednesday #2

It's Wednesday again...which can only mean one thing: it's Wizard Wednesday! It was brought back by the persistant demands of a baboon and Lizz Lunney. And by "demands," I mean they left comments about wizards. In case you ever want stuff, just leave me a comment and don't be a spambot.

So here you go! It's Wednesday! There are wizards! And yeah - I know it's a little gross but I think it's rather funny.

FUN FACT: I changed the young wizard from last time so he is actually just Colin Creevey. I'm glad that Colin is finally moving on from Harry...

IN OTHER NEWS: I might have finally placed my order for some fun stuff... but I won't tell you what it is yet in case it all goes wrong.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Twilight: Batman

PEAKABOO! It's that time of year again - time to talk about Twilight! You may or may not remember how I felt about it... but how does Batman feel about it? I bet he hates Bella too and he's probably Team Edward.

I'm on every team EXCEPT For Team Bella. Does she even have a team? I don't think she deserves one. She certainly doesn't deserve Jacob and/or Edward.

Can someone explain that whole love triangle to me please?

Monday, 20 September 2010

Honey! I'm Home!

This is one of those drawings that I worry about since I think it's super funny...but maybe it actually isn't? I mean, why would anyone like this? There's no Lady Gaga! Maybe I should just draw her in?

ANYWAYS! The weekend has been and gone. I spent most of it reformatting lots of my comics for printing. I'm making the mini comics smaller - from A6 to A7...and they'll have colour covers! So if you're coming to MCM in October, please feel free to make impressed noises at how cute they all look.

Oh! And don't forget that there is a Facebook page you can like now! Thanks to DC for the link!

How are you?

Friday, 17 September 2010

Lady Gaga versus the Winkle Police

Watch out! It's the Winkle Police! These tough guys won't rest until they've arrested every winkle - wherever it may be hiding! I'd like to turn them into recurring characters...but who else would they pester besides Lady Gaga?

So it's nearly the weekend. I'm planning on getting everything off to the printers in time for MCM in October. And I'll do some drawing and sewing and stuff. There will also be a far bit of sleeping. This week hasn't made me cry but it has been pretty intense. Plus I've been out for three evenings in a row! That's pretty much a record for me.

IN OTHER NEWS: Do you remember my love for the work of Dick Hogg? Well, check this out! AMAZING!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Thanks to DC and Bil for the feedback about a Facebook page. I figure that it can't do any harm to have one so I am happy to announce that People I Know finally has a Facebook page! The only catch is that I have no idea how to link to it on here. Sorry. But it's called People I Know so maybe you will win a prize if you find it?

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Real Life: Iron Man

Remember that one time I went away and met some nice people? Well, one of them was a nice guy who was totally normal and lovely EXCEPT that he packed an iron in his suitcase. An iron. For ironing. He loved that iron. It wasn't even a travel-sized iron. Amazing.

IN OTHER NEWS: There isn't much other news today. I saw Scott Pilgrim again and it was still fun. I ate some popcorn.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: I'm thinking of setting up a Facebook page for people to suscribe to. Would this interest you in any way? What would I have to do to make it interest you? Should I start drawing naked people or something? Opinions would be welcome...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lady Gaga versus Katy Perry

I was saving this drawing for next week...but I figured that Lady Gaga deserves some more attention. I mean, wearing a meat dress is clearly a cry for help. So here we go - it's Lady Gaga and Katy Perry having a fight. I don't know what I think of Katy Perry. I quite liked Hot N Cold in, I didn't hate it.

FUN FACT: I drew this in some other place than my usual place so I'm sorry about Gaga's wonky hair etc etc

ANYWAYS. Lady Gaga. Katy Perry. One of them is a bit odd. One of them might have a penis. A match made in Heaven or the catfight of the year? WHO KNOWS?

IN OTHER NEWS: I saw some nice people which was nice. And I'm seeing Scott Pilgrim tomorrow with a pal! Hooray! Oh! And someone didn't know who was Robyn. This should clear everything/nothing up:

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady Gaga: Beef Curtains


I appreciate that a lot of the people I draw may all look the same... but I always make sure that my actual friends always have a set look. So, you may or may not remember my pal from the train that one time. Regardless, we have a rather rude joke where we randomly text each other but unusual words. The story of how it began is even weirder than the actual texting itself (but that will have to wait for another day).

ANYWAYS. Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw meat to some award ceremony this weekend and it made me think of one of the random texts my friend and I shared. This text simply said "BEEF CURTAINS." If you don't know what that means, I'll let you investigate.

So I drew this drawing. And it's extra special because I think Gaga wore the raw meat dress at the weekend and I've already made a drawing about it! Talk about speedy! And I even had a really really lovely dinner. It involved pineapple! Thanks to the lovely person that cooked it.

IN OTHER NEWS: How are you today?

Monday, 13 September 2010


Hello! The weekend has been and gone. I had an interesting time.

ILLNESS UPDATE: Snot, headache and coughing levels all dropped by Friday evening...but most importantly, I didn't feel like I'd been punched in the face by the Germinator. That's a rubbish euphamism, isn't it? I just mean that although I might have still been coughing and what not, I actually felt better.

ANYWAYS! So on Saturday, Philippa Rice and I went to the Birmingham Zine Fest. We had a little table which we shared and everything was great. We met lots of lovely people! Maybe we met you! Then we ate food, had a mini boogies (and an ice cream) and went to bed. I slept terribly and the cough started to resurface but then it was Sunday and we went for pancakes with some nice people.

Then some other stuff happened and then I went home. I'm coughing like there's no tomorrow again which is annoying but, well, I don't feel ill. So that's OK? Right?

Also, mega thanks to everyone involved with organising the BZF!

IN OTHER NEWS: Here is a drawing about that one time I used a change machine. Fun times.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Harry Potter: Ladium Gagamus!

One of my favourite story lines in the Harry Potter series is...


Hermione's transformation from bushy-haired bookworm to boy-magnet bookworm - all in the space of seven brilliant books. I mean, she went from someone with lots of books and no potential a library fiend who was fending off boys like you wouldn't believe. I reckon if there was a new book, Voldemort himself would have put the moves on Ms. Granger. Plus, I can't be the only one who thoguht Neville might have had the hots for Hermione?


But anyways. Here's a drawing about Harry Potter and Lady Gaga. I hope you like it.

IN OTHER NEWS: I spent the day in bed and feeling poorly. Snots levels are down from yesterday but I still feel like poop. Boo hoo.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Big Baby

GOOD NEWS: I've decided to upload this drawing! I've had it in my bag o' tricks for a while and it might be one of my favourites... I hope you like it too!

BAD NEWS: Tuesday's grim cough have evolved into Wednesday's super grim cough and a nasty headache. I spent Tuesday night having that awful thing where you have to swallow down vomit. Oh. Is that too much information? Well, good! Feel sorry for me! Boo hoo hoo.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wizarding Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! There are wizards! It must be WIZARDING WEDNESDAY!

I ruddy love you may well remember... and look! There is a new drawing about wizards. TO be honest, it's a little close to the bone since I am unable to grow a beard yet I WANT ONE!

In other news - I think I'm officially poorly. Is there an online test you take or something to find out?

Oh! And in case you aren't keen on wizards, check this out:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Real Life: Only Joking!

So...I went on an adventure last last weekend! It was a pretty big deal and I was scared...but it all went really well! And I met some ace people! And here's a drawing about some of them! I've emailed the other two people to make sure they didn't mind being in a drawing...and they were like "yo bitch, that drawing is cool." HOORAY!

This turned into a long running joke across the four days. And I'm seeing both of these people at some point soon to catch up! DOUBLE HOORAY!

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm sleepy.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Superman? Super Awkward!

Hello! It's Monday...which means that another weekend has been and gone.


I did a bunch of personal stuff and then I tidied stuff up. I hate tidying stuff but I even went as far as hoovering! Wowsers. And as for the personal stuff, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out...

Also, I don't know if I've already mentioned it but I'll be at the Birmingham Zine Festival next weekend. Pop along and say hello if you want. Oh! And I even answered some questions in an interview. Check me out!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Lady Gaga versus LOLcats

Soooo...The Ballad of Barbara is over. And now it's Friday! Which means that you guys deserve a proper prize. And by prize, I mean this snazzy drawing of Lady Gaga's attempts at capturing some of the viral fame enjoyed by everybody's favourite LOLcats.

I really like this drawing and I la la love the idea of Lady Gaga versions of famous LOLcats. They've probably already been done - I'm too scared to look online in case it *has* been done and I'll feel like a fraud. Boo hoo.

Actually, as a BONUS prize, I went through old drawings and found another Lady Gaga drawing, which I'd uploaded here but not on my actual website. So I'll fix that. And I'll add it here again anyways. There's a funny story behind it which I will tell you all about when we hang out. GOOD TIMES FOR EVERYONE!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Ballad of Barbara - page 24 + 25 - THE END!

So yeah - here are the last two pages of The Ballad of Barbara. Personally I feel like the story works better in print but I hope you've enjoyed reading it anyways. I will look into doing something like this again but maybe with a story that's made with the Internet in mind. Or maybe I won't! I guess we'll have to wait and see?

Anyways - let me know your thoughts and tell me all the hot gossip!

Also - here are all the page updates on this blog and here's the first page if you want to read it all again

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm excited about tomorrow's drawing. It may or may not involve Lady Gaga! Woo!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Ballad of Barbara - page 22 + 23

I think this might be the penultimate update of The Ballad of Barbara? Oh. Em. Gee! It has been a very interesting experience and I've learnt a lot about stuff by doing it. And I've got a super special back-to-normal drawing to upload on Friday.

So yeah - today has been pretty grim. I'm feeling pretty rough - all headachey and gross and snotty. Boo hoo hoo.

FUN FACT: Lots of issues of People I Know involve a phonecall. I don't know why.