Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Real Life: OMG! Playsuit!

I don't about where you live...but all around town, some company has a new advertising campaign. It makes me laugh since all the ads start with "OMG...where did you get that [insert item here]"

My friend's sister has a playsuit. It is navy. Sometimes my friend borrows it. Sometimes my friend's sister wears it. The important thing is that someone I know has a playsuit. Here is a drawing about it. With my sister's friend as a bonus prize. I don't think she has actually been to prison though - I'm just teasing. Please don't beat me up.

IN OTHER NEWS: I got a test sample of something exciting. I'll post a picture once I've confirmed the order with money and stuff.

IN MORE OTHER NEWS: I set up a fun game for you to play. Please play it! It's cute! You might be able to win something? I don't know...

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