Monday, 20 September 2010

Honey! I'm Home!

This is one of those drawings that I worry about since I think it's super funny...but maybe it actually isn't? I mean, why would anyone like this? There's no Lady Gaga! Maybe I should just draw her in?

ANYWAYS! The weekend has been and gone. I spent most of it reformatting lots of my comics for printing. I'm making the mini comics smaller - from A6 to A7...and they'll have colour covers! So if you're coming to MCM in October, please feel free to make impressed noises at how cute they all look.

Oh! And don't forget that there is a Facebook page you can like now! Thanks to DC for the link!

How are you?

1 comment:

DC said...

My friend went: "Oh daaaaang. Someone's not spreading tonight~"

Definitely a LOL :) Oh, and you're welcome! Hardy har har.