Monday, 27 September 2010

People I Know: A Fun Game

Hello! I made this nice picture for a pal to use to promote their exhibition... but I also figured we could turn it into a fun game! I drew 11 characters that have appeared on my website at some point. Look! I've even put numbers on them to make it easier for you.


Rummage through the archives (if you don't know off the top of your head) on the website and let me know the url or the date of where that character pops up. Give me a name if I gave them one. Make one up if I didn't! Some of them pop up more than once! You don't need to list every time they appear though - once is enough.

This is just for fun but maybe I'll have a prize for the first few people to do it? And there should be an end date, right? That end date will be the 3rd of October... Email me at timothy_winchester (AT) yahoo (DOT) com with your answers!

Tell your friends! Tell you family! It's FUN TIME!

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