Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hi there

Look! It's a blog post! Full of vague details about what I'm up to and the like!

First off, I can confirm the rumours that I *did* get a new haircut and *yes* it did involve losing my beloved fringe. I'd be distraught but someone said it was "sexy" so now I'm just confused...

Next, I'll be at Thought Bubble this coming weekend. If you're anywhere near Leeds then come and visit. Even if you don't stop by my table, there are some AMAZING people there so it's really worth a look! Plus, I'll have some new tote bags!

Unfortunately, the big book hasn't arrived in time. Booooooo. But as soon as I've had confirmation that it's being shipped then I'll activate the pre-order!

Also, I'm preparing to announce the next themed-week. We've had Wizard Week, Jessica Fletcher Week(s) and Boyfriend Week... so what could be next. It should happen a little before Christmas if that helps?

2013 is nearly upon us so I'm putting my thinking cap on about what to do next. So far I've got some sassy ideas for two new mini-comics and a storyline about Christina and how she's coping now that Toby has a boyfriend.

I'll wrap this blog post up with some fan art I've been working on. It's possibly one of the most complicated things I've made for a while - but it was really good fun to do! It's fan art for the new comic book series 'Saga.' It's created by Brian K. Vaughan (the man behind Runaways!!!!) and Fiona Staples (my new favourite drawing person) and is an epic space opera about family and war and cats. I really can't do it justice. The first trade paperback is out now and I cannot recommend it enough.

Anyways. Here is my fan art! I really hope you like it!