Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday with Jessie and Mike

I had a brilliant day today. It got off to a rocky start when Jessie and Mike (my Santa Cruzian friends) turned up an hour late - but the we walked around Camden market, sat on top of Primrose Hill, did some sightseeing and ate the MOST AMAZING BURGERS ever.

It deserves a comic and I'm crushed I might not see them again for another couple of years. I just wanted to remind myself how much fun I had.


Monday, 24 August 2009

Lady Gaga: Totally Jesus


Following on from the same Lady Gaga story (which I have no proof of being true so I wouldn't like to write it down here), here is another strip about her. Maybe she could become my new muse? Hmm...probably not. I saw her talk today and it sort of ruined the whole thing.

In other news - yesterday was AWFUL but today was better and I made a stir fry.

Oh! Something funny to note is the crab. It is *actually* a space crab called Zangora. It appeared in a strip I did for Fever (although I don't know if it ever got used) and...uh...yeah...Spotify is distracting me some awful advert about Kate Moss and how she has two possible futures. TWO POSSIBLE FUTURES?! Is that all? I want at least twelve - like in The Sims.

Speaking of which - my Sim (his name is Erol) finally achieved his lifetime dream of being a lifetime musician and artist/painter. In your face! Oh. but his friend died and Erol was sad and I couldn't find the tombstone to go mourn at. That was upsetting - not least because I got quite emotional and realised I should get a life.

Or something.

Stay out of trouble

Lady Gaga: What Just Happened?


Based on something funny someone said today, here is the first of two Lady Gaga pictures.

Seriously. What just happened? Let me know if you have any idea.

UH OH: Just realised that her sexy pose just looks like she's doing that thing where you try to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Oh well - if anyone can make that sexy then it's Lady Gaga.


A Favour To Ask...


Someone I know worked hard on something super cute and I'm sure they would appreciate you watching it and clicking on the "YAY" button.

I know I would appreciate it.


You can see it here...but go for a vote anyways.

Sunday, 23 August 2009


UPDATE: I still want to puke. Here is a picture of an owl.

A True Story:

This is based on a true story. I hope the people involved won't hate me...I should double check.

Also, I still want to puke and I am still feeling sad.


Today has been awful. Scratch that - the last few weeks have been pretty sucky.

I mean, sure there have been some good parts...but they've been stupendously outweighed by the sheer massive amount of suck that has come my way.

Good Parts:
  • Jessie and Mike were in town
  • I saw Paul. I drew a picture of him
  • I fixed the grill!
  • I got to walk around town whilst eating ice cream
Bad Parts (selected highlights):
  • I have achieved nothing
  • I am possibly an awful person
  • I have spent too much money and saved none
  • I was so depressed today that I have eating nothin but junk...
  • now I really want to throw up
All in all - sad face.

Monday, 17 August 2009



I haven't updated since Wednesday?! I am an awful person...but I am also sleepy so I'm sure a few days won't make much difference.

  • Someone from Santa Cruz came to visit and made me feel fat and stupid
  • More Santa Cruzians are arriving this week
  • I made a painting for a friend...
  • ...and she gave me cake and presents to say thanks even though I didn't want anything
  • My new stickers arrived and they are amazing
  • My new fridge magnets have not arrived and I have no idea whether they are amazing or not
  • I certainly hope they are
  • I ordered The Sims 3 and I have high hopes
  • I am still enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse books
  • I got a haircut
Here is a picture I drew this very minute using the tablet-which-I'm-still-getting-to-grips-with.

Peace out

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Friendly Faces: Lynz

Ahoy there, you scurvy dog! It be Lynz. She be all about the boys...especially if they be vampires or a Jonas.

Friendly Faces: Baz

PEEP PEEP! It's Baz. He has amazing hair and lots of stories.

Au Revoir

You know who you are and you know why you're leaving but I hope we can still be friends and what not.



It turns out that he can't read my p-p-pokerface!

Why didn't anyone tell me this sooner?!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I tried making a pretty repeating pattern for the background of a floating head.

Pretty cute, huh?

Also, I ordered some new badges and fridge magnets (!!!) today. In your face!

FUN FACT: Orange and brown is of my favourite colour combinations.


Lady Gaga!


As you may or may not know, Lady Gaga has become a bit of a fixture in my headphones of late. I tried really hard to hate her when she first hit the all seemed a bit too...desperate? And gross.

Whatever - fast forward to Pokerface and we're totally BFF.

A guy at work and I (and me?) were talking about things today - Lady Gaga and Alan Turing being two of the more memorable. Anyways - I made this for him. I think it'll make him laugh a little. Then, as he did to yesterday's motivational drawing, he'll deface it and make me cry.

Turd... Not really though. He's nice.

Stay out of trouble

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Goodbye Weekend!

Phew. I've been making all sorts of things this weekend...and also reading a fair bit of saucy vampire stories.

I'm worried I might be sad tomorrow because it won't be the weekend. I made this to cheer myself up - a motivational drawing of sorts.

Maybe if you know someone who is dreading the day then you could print off a copy and give it to them. Maybe it could make their day too?

Have a great week!

Coming Soon: New Stickers


I have been pretty busy this weekend. Deadlines and what not. I also ordered some new stickers! HOORAY!

As soon as they arrive then you can totally have some.

For future reference, the characters are:

RED SQUARE - Sally the Ghost (from PIK #5)
ORANGE SQUARE - Christina the Toast (from PIK #1 and #4)
YELLOW SQUARE - Toby the dinosaur (from PIK #1 and #4)
GREEN SQUARE - Barbara the Squid (from PIK #3)
BLUE SQUARE - Beardy Man (from a PIK mini comic)
VIOLET SQUARE - A vampire who is friends with Piney Gir but I can't remember his name (from PIK: Piney Gir Special)


Friendly Faces: Victoria


There is a nice person at work who is called Victoria. She's always nice to me so I made this picture for her... It may make her seem like a massive beeyotch but she'll think it's funny.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

COMING SOON: Mystery Club

EXCITING NEWS!!! I'm finally getting to work on Mystery Club!

They popped into my head during a board game (maybe as early as 2006)...but I can't remember which one. They've had a bit of a makeover but not much. They are here to mess you up and save stuff and what not.

Tell your friends!Then they could be excited too!

NOTE: This is my 50th post! In your face etc etc.



Someone at work told me I'm "aggressivly friendly."

I don't know how to feel about that...

Friday, 7 August 2009

Things To Do: Dick Hogg

I went to this and it was great. You should go too.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Goodbye Sinister Cat


Remember Fishman and Honest Abe? Of course you do. They came about after a co-worker (sometimes known as Sinister Cat) mistook a dinosaur and a piece of toast for a...well, a fish/man hybrid and an American President.

Anyways. I like the Sinister Cat a lot and it turns out that as of Friday we will no longer be working together because he's off to pastures new where he will dazzle people by being charming and brilliant.

So here is a picture just for him. I changed both Fishman and Abe from their previous incarnations into Dudes. Rad! I put a fancy printed version in a nice frame and will give it to him tomorrow.

Goodbye Sinister Cat! Thanks for everything!


Friendly Faces: Zoe?


I'm bloody sleepy and actually quite sad. It's late and today was stupid. I made something pretty cool today but I can't put it up until instead, here is a present I made for a girl who was nice to me...except I'm too scared to send it to her in case she thinks it's creepy. Hmmm...

In other news, I have been listening to lots of Shakira to cheer me up. Her new song is barmy.

Sleep now

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Friendly Faces: Dear Alex...


I owe my pal Alex a picture that I drew of him. It might look a little odd but I can assure you it is based on a TRUE STORY!

I'm thinking of investing in a bigger graphics tablet so I can start work on a new and exciting project. It's been in a my head for a few years so I might as well give it a go...

Now it's time to move my computer on my new desk and head to the shops to buy some belated birthday gifts.

Stay out of trouble