Sunday, 9 August 2009

Coming Soon: New Stickers


I have been pretty busy this weekend. Deadlines and what not. I also ordered some new stickers! HOORAY!

As soon as they arrive then you can totally have some.

For future reference, the characters are:

RED SQUARE - Sally the Ghost (from PIK #5)
ORANGE SQUARE - Christina the Toast (from PIK #1 and #4)
YELLOW SQUARE - Toby the dinosaur (from PIK #1 and #4)
GREEN SQUARE - Barbara the Squid (from PIK #3)
BLUE SQUARE - Beardy Man (from a PIK mini comic)
VIOLET SQUARE - A vampire who is friends with Piney Gir but I can't remember his name (from PIK: Piney Gir Special)


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