Monday, 24 August 2009

Lady Gaga: Totally Jesus


Following on from the same Lady Gaga story (which I have no proof of being true so I wouldn't like to write it down here), here is another strip about her. Maybe she could become my new muse? Hmm...probably not. I saw her talk today and it sort of ruined the whole thing.

In other news - yesterday was AWFUL but today was better and I made a stir fry.

Oh! Something funny to note is the crab. It is *actually* a space crab called Zangora. It appeared in a strip I did for Fever (although I don't know if it ever got used) and...uh...yeah...Spotify is distracting me some awful advert about Kate Moss and how she has two possible futures. TWO POSSIBLE FUTURES?! Is that all? I want at least twelve - like in The Sims.

Speaking of which - my Sim (his name is Erol) finally achieved his lifetime dream of being a lifetime musician and artist/painter. In your face! Oh. but his friend died and Erol was sad and I couldn't find the tombstone to go mourn at. That was upsetting - not least because I got quite emotional and realised I should get a life.

Or something.

Stay out of trouble

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