Monday, 17 August 2009



I haven't updated since Wednesday?! I am an awful person...but I am also sleepy so I'm sure a few days won't make much difference.

  • Someone from Santa Cruz came to visit and made me feel fat and stupid
  • More Santa Cruzians are arriving this week
  • I made a painting for a friend...
  • ...and she gave me cake and presents to say thanks even though I didn't want anything
  • My new stickers arrived and they are amazing
  • My new fridge magnets have not arrived and I have no idea whether they are amazing or not
  • I certainly hope they are
  • I ordered The Sims 3 and I have high hopes
  • I am still enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse books
  • I got a haircut
Here is a picture I drew this very minute using the tablet-which-I'm-still-getting-to-grips-with.

Peace out

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Unknown said...

If ever you need someone to make you feel fat & stupid, no need to look so far afield! I can do it from Hackney. You worthless pig.