Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kate Bush!


I bloody love Kate Bush. If I had half her musical talent (or any for that matter) I would be over the moon.

I tried finding a nice YouTube clip to validate my love...the first comment on one of them was "she sounds like a bag of cats." A bag of crazy awesomeness more like it. Seriously.

Kate Bush would be great at a dinner party. She'd either be terribly normal or brilliantly doolally. I would ask her to sing a nice song whilst we all ate ice cream and then afterwards she'd teach us all a dance.

Good times.


Madonna (again)!

Q: How is Duffy just like Madonna?

A: They're both begging you for Mercy.

NOTE: I was both proud and ashamed of myself for coming up with this...although knowing my luck, someone has already thought of it and I just look like a douchebag.

Monday, 29 June 2009



So I've been having a weird few days. I finally got round to tidying out the desk in my bedroom...but I've had it since I was about 12 and clearly hadn't cleaned it since it arrived. I found my old retainer/brace thing, my old (giant) glasses and a bunch of email addresses written on scraps of paper. I sort of want to email them to find out who they are...but it seems a little creepy.

NOTE: I ate four (4) packs of Iced Gems today. It was that sort of a day.

Anyways. Here is the first comic made just for this blog. I find it terribly amusing - the idea of Madonna with a butterfly net. As for how funny it actually is...? Well, that's up to you.

Stay out of trouble

EDIT: The colour scheme makes me think of ice cream.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Giant Princess

Hello again

I just realised that I did two posts without any new drawings. Lame. Here is one from the archives because

a) It's late

b) I'm tired

c) It's still late.

Still - it's pretty recent! Also - I love it. Giant Princess is the nickname for a girl at work...for no real reason. I just think it's a funny nickname. I don't know how she feels about it as a nickname. I will ask her.

I think Giant Princess will become a recurring character since she's obviously got a bum load of issues. I mean - being a Princess must be pretty tough...but a GIANT PRINCESS!? Jeeeeeez.

Note to self: get a new computer



Bleurgh! It's late and I need to be in bed. However, I officially have to share the best link of the day. It's even better than the "I'm Megan Fox and I will totally take that boy's flower fnar fnar," link from earlier.

Are you ready?

Seriously - prepare yourself for the link...

There! I did some pictures (I can never bring myself to say 'illustrations,') for a blog that happens to be the bee's knees.



Tuesday, 23 June 2009


It's OK everyone! Megan Fox is sorry for not being in love with the boy that wanted to give her a rose.




Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I made this for someone's something but I'm sure they won't mind if I use it here too. Plus it's BRAND NEW and I think I need to make newer stuff for this blog.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday Faturday


Today I met up with a friend for a belated birthday picnic. It was nice but there were a lot of geese around and I find them terribly unnerving. It's the neck movements and the hissing.

Anyways. After running a few errands, we went to one of my favourite food places in London - the Rock and Sole Plaice in Covent Garden. It's just been given a fresh lick of pint and does some of the nicest fish and chips known to man.

Now I'm home and feeling Fatty Food Guilt. To cheer myself up I'm going to watch 30 Rock in bed. Here is a strip I did for the first issue of the amazing Zine Arcade. I named the lady Emma after a girl I worked with at an art gallery. I don't think she approved...

Note to self: start making new stuff. I thought it would be nice to start off with archived stuff...but it just makes me look like a lazy git.

Boo hoo.


Friendly Faces: Mystery Guy

Final portion of Friendly Faces for the moment and this one is a leaving card I made for someone from work. He'd probably think it was a little weird if I named him so instead I'll just say that he has an awesome beard.

I'm pretty proud of how this one looks in colour. Also - ANGELA LANSBURY!!! I bloody love her, especially in Murder She Wrote. There's one episode where Angela Lansbury plays Jessica Fletcher and Jessica's British cousin (Emma?) who is a musical theatre star. Brilliant. I went through a phase of drawing nothing but Angela Lansbury...I should find that file.

Also - Poptarts!


Friendly Faces: Jonathan

Speaking of people I once drew a picture of (but can't really remember why) - here is one of Jonathan. I met him through a friend and we have a lot of stupid jokes about things that don't exist. I'd give you an example but it'd just make me sound like a turd.

So...I suppose this strip is meant to be funny because one time Jonathan threw up? I can't remember. I can tell you that Pop Tarts feature highly in our friendship so that explains them. Also, he is from Canada and that explains his t-shirt. The lack of nose is obviously a recurring theme that runs throughout my early work.



I still can't draw hands.


Friendly Faces: Jenny


In my final year of University, I kept seeing this super cute girl all over the place. We eventually became friends and her name was Jenny. She has the uncanny ability to always have amazing haircuts and she can also survive pretty much any random situation imaginable. Plus she smiles a lot.

For no good reason, I made her a comic about boys...because that was probably funny at the time. Now, however, I'm not sure why I find this strip funny. I mean - the guy has a fish on his face. That's pretty funny. Also, it's pretty funny that none of them have noses... but I think that's more to do with my limited abilities than cutting-edge sense of humour. Oh! It's pretty funny that Jenny is wearing a red coat - that will always be her trademark in my head.

Jenny enjoys travelling the world so I hope she's having a nice time - wherever she is.


PS. I wrote her a song too! It was called "Jenny is a Baddass." I'll post it if I ever work out how...

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Reminder Reminded

Here is that Megan Fox picture in photographic form. I think my previous picture really captured the emotional depth going on with both parties.



Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Reminder

There was an amazing photo in the Metro today of Megan Fox being all pouty as a really awkward fan tries to shove a rose in her face. I need to post it here as soon as I can find it. It was just that brilliant.

EDIT: Using my amazing mouse skills, I can reveal that the photo looked just like this:


Fruit Basket Feud

Oh! Speaking of 'firsts,' this strip was:

1) my first time drawing fruit!

2) my first ALL COLOUR strip!

3) my first strip to involve a rude word!

EDIT: I acknowledge that neither carrot nor brocolli are fruit.

Oh, Miss Fairfax!


Today was pretty good. I did some work and ate some Iced Gems. I'm pretty determined to keep up with this blog too so I sifted through the computer's files to find some non-Toby related stuff. I didn't want to play all my dinosaur cards at once you see.

With that in mind, please say hello to Miss Fairfax. Miss Fairfax is from those sorts of books where being a plain lady in frumpy clothes was a sure-fire way of bagging a wealthy studmuffin - without having to go through the tedious makeover process which seems to be inescapable in modern culture. People like Miss Fairfax get their man through practical means - like needlepoint, playing the harpsichord and going to fancy balls. So obviously, she could never compete with someone like Paris Hilton.

This strip has a little place in my heart since it is possibly the first time I drew part of the image (Paris Hilton in this case) elsewhere and added it in using computer magic. I also like the fact that Paris Hilton has a tied-on nose and a dinosaur tail. It just makes sense.

How are you?


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fishman & Honest Abe

I pretty much heart my job and the people I work with are the bee's knees... So today, I proudly showed off my blogging handywork to a co-worker. However, when it came to reading the strip where Christina asks a crying Toby how he is...well...it sort of went wrong.

Instead of reading a comic about a dinosaur and a floating piece of toast (in glasses), he interpreted it as a conversation between "a fishman and Abraham Lincoln."

I was a little distraught although now he's said it, that's all I can see.

To ease the emotional fallout, I created two new characters just for him. Please say hi to Fishman and Abraham Lincoln!

Fishman is a thirty-something salary man. He has a pretty bad memory but he works hard to support his family back home. He isn't a great communicator and doesn't know what to do when the pretty girl from the 7th floor starts making smoochy faces at him.

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th President of the United States of America. He is really proud of his beard but is a little weirded out by being on Mount Rushmore. He has a fondness for good tailoring.

What wacky adventures will they get up to? Only time will tell!


Monday, 15 June 2009

People I Know: Toby in Tears

Wow. Blogging is fun. I've just been going through the computer trying to find Toby-related stuff. Here is his first ever solo strip. Guest star: Christina the piece of Toast. She'll get her own comic one day...


Christina only has little legs since she is a piece of a toast. She also has bad eyesight. To overcome her little legs, her genius friend made her a small hover disk which lets her stay in panel. To deal with her bad eyesight, her genius friend made her some glasses.

I think this piece first appeared in the very first issue of the bloody brilliant Fever Zine. Pink paper has never looked better and the people that make it are lovely.

Stay out of trouble

People I Know: Toby!

One more thing! People I Know has a pretty wide cast... So wide in fact that the main characters always change between issues. So far, the only exception to this has been Toby who is in #1 and #4. He is a dinosaur and also awesome. He might cry a lot but you know that's just because he cares.

Facts about Toby:

- He used to work in a bank
- He loves eating - his favourite food is cake
- He is half Japanese on his mother's side

Here is a picture I made of him for some Christmas cards.


Stay out of trouble

People I Know #1: Birthed in a Kitchen


So, to get things rolling I figure it makes sense to talk about People I Know #1. It was my first attempt at a 'full length' comic and it was made entirely on the kitchen table of my student dorms. I feel a little bad in hindsight for taking up my dorm mates' communal space for my crafty crap...but one of them kept leaving *ahem* surprises on the toilet seat so I guess it all balances out.

Anyways. People I Know #1 is about a dinosaur named Toby. Here he is on the front cover:

It looks pretty lame and I love the fact I wrote the month and year on it - because obviously I was planning on making a new one every month. URNK. FAIL.

The plot is pretty simple and the drawing is even simpler. I think I photocopied about ten copies at Rymans in time for my friend Shaun's birthday. I think the story is still pretty decent but I've totally upped my production values...mainly by pumping about ten times the money into it.

As soon as I find the originals then maybe I'll reprint a batch and then you can read all about.

Stay out of trouble

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Here It Goes Again...

Yes yes yes - I know. Clearly my last attempt at blogging failed...but on the plus side, I got a job and did some stuff (mainly eating biscuits). Also, I had a blog years ago and it all went a bit wrong so I obviously needed a break.

But look! It's a new post. I'm going to jazz this bad boy (bad blog?) up as soon as I can work out how and then I'll start posting all the weird stuff I've been making.

For example: