Monday, 15 June 2009

People I Know #1: Birthed in a Kitchen


So, to get things rolling I figure it makes sense to talk about People I Know #1. It was my first attempt at a 'full length' comic and it was made entirely on the kitchen table of my student dorms. I feel a little bad in hindsight for taking up my dorm mates' communal space for my crafty crap...but one of them kept leaving *ahem* surprises on the toilet seat so I guess it all balances out.

Anyways. People I Know #1 is about a dinosaur named Toby. Here he is on the front cover:

It looks pretty lame and I love the fact I wrote the month and year on it - because obviously I was planning on making a new one every month. URNK. FAIL.

The plot is pretty simple and the drawing is even simpler. I think I photocopied about ten copies at Rymans in time for my friend Shaun's birthday. I think the story is still pretty decent but I've totally upped my production values...mainly by pumping about ten times the money into it.

As soon as I find the originals then maybe I'll reprint a batch and then you can read all about.

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