Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Oh, Miss Fairfax!


Today was pretty good. I did some work and ate some Iced Gems. I'm pretty determined to keep up with this blog too so I sifted through the computer's files to find some non-Toby related stuff. I didn't want to play all my dinosaur cards at once you see.

With that in mind, please say hello to Miss Fairfax. Miss Fairfax is from those sorts of books where being a plain lady in frumpy clothes was a sure-fire way of bagging a wealthy studmuffin - without having to go through the tedious makeover process which seems to be inescapable in modern culture. People like Miss Fairfax get their man through practical means - like needlepoint, playing the harpsichord and going to fancy balls. So obviously, she could never compete with someone like Paris Hilton.

This strip has a little place in my heart since it is possibly the first time I drew part of the image (Paris Hilton in this case) elsewhere and added it in using computer magic. I also like the fact that Paris Hilton has a tied-on nose and a dinosaur tail. It just makes sense.

How are you?


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