Friday, 25 February 2011

Two Exciting Links!


I'm sharing two exciting links with you today...

Firstly, a guy names Ben did a brilliant drawing of some People I Know characters and Uberjobby. I was super excited about this looks amazing! I need to start drawing properly! Thanks Ben!

The other link is to The Annotated Weekender - which celebrated it's second birthday! I did some drawings - I hope you like them! Happy Birthday Joe!

Have a great weekend!

Stay out of trouble

Real Life: Catchphrase

OMG! It's effing Friday! WOO HOO! And look - I even did a new drawing! Today's drawing features that mean green thing and good ol' me. If you don't remember, I lasered that mean green thing a while ago when it teased me about my glasses. Oh lasers.

PLUS! You get to see another of the mean green thing's magical powers! 

But yeah - that's not the only news! At some point this week, my proper website will be offline. But don't worry - it should be back the following week...with a brand new look and maybe a surprise or two? Well, probably just one surprise but it's a corker. The whole thing might be done before then so please keep an eye out!

The bad news is that you'll have to go without any new drawings for a week! Sorry! I hope we can still be pals!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring Chicken

Congratulations! You made it to Thursday! It was pretty tough but well done! Here is a drawing to celebrate.

I wasn't sure if this counted as a Wizarding Wednesday entry because the pixie is in it...but then it's more punny than magical so it's OK. Plus, Thursday is Wednesday's neighbour so everyone's a winner!

IN OTHER NEWS: I paid big bucks for a new scanner...and it's already scaring me. It turns out that my silly drawings look double silly when scanned in by the scantron 6000. Seriously - I'm going to need to fiddle about with all sorts of settings to get it to look how I want.

Anyways! Today's drawing is clearly a lesson about how you should be careful what you wish for!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #16

Hey Gang! It's effing Wednesday! Cancel all your plans and grab your wizard robe and hat!

I have a bit of a confession to make though... This drawing was meant to go online two weeks ago - back when it would have been sixteen weeks since Wizarding Wednesday started. But oh no - that Valentine's story took up two weeks of time so now the above drawing is sort of wrong. Boo.

But still - you get to see a newly-hatted wizard! Those hats really annoy me though so don't expect it to last. 

IN OTHER NEWS: I bought a frame and a chair. The rest of my day was pretty sad though...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monsters: Favourite Band

Hello! It's Tuesday and the first non-Valentine's story in a while. How have you found it?

Things are a bit busy right now - what with the house moving and crazy times at work. I've got drawings for this week but I'm a little worried about next week. Urnk! Oh - and I need to buy a scanner!!!

Anyways - here's the drawing for today. It's some ghosts! You've probably seen them before! Can you tell me where? And I tried an exciting new background colour! Wheeeeee!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Valentine's Day - BONUS!

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Surprise! Remember the guy that asked Toby out? Well, I suspect we'll be seeing lots more of him in the future. It's funny since DC's feedback asked after him...and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I hope you're surprised though. And Bil wants to see more of Human-Toby and I'm more than happy to say we'll be revisiting him too! Everyone's a winner!

So anyways - this weekend has bizarre. I moved house! It was pretty emotional and I might have sobbed a bit. But everything seems to be working out. I will probably turn the whole thing into a comic at some point!

Speaking of comics - I have just sent the final PDF of People I Know #12 to the printers. It is officially full colour! This is a big deal! And since I've already posted the cover then you know it's about the Wizards!

IMPORTANT NEWS: My website is getting a makeover! At some point, it will go down for a bit whilst everything gets rejigged. Please be patient. I'll keep you posted here or on Twitter or something but please don't panic. Also, I've got an exciting drawing prepped for the launch! I made it over Christmas and it's exciting!!! Keep an eye out!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 8

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Hello and a very Merry Friday to you! It's pretty much the end of the special Valentine's story. I really hope you enjoyed it. It was my first attempt at telling a story in such a compressed manner whilst still working in things like Wizarding Wednesday. I even tried to get a bit of character development into - we know the wizards sit exams, that Toby really loves cake and that the sad robot can carry a lot of things.

But that's enough about what I think - what did you make of it? Be nice/constructive!

IN OTHER NEWS: I am super nervous about moving house! And work was hectic today! The work I'd been doing during the week paid off and I met some very interesting people. Fingers crossed, eh?

Have a great weekend and go easy on me if I can't update much next week! I might be without Internet! Grim...

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Poto and Cabenga!!!


Remember that time I did a drawing about Poto and Cabenga?

Well, the people behind it finally released an iPhone version!

Here's the trailer:

Poto and Cabenga iPhone from Slug Vids on Vimeo.

I'm going to make a computer game one day!

People I Know #12

So....I'm pretty sure this is the front cover for the new People I Know comic! I hope you like it. And by "it," I mean WIZARDS!!!

Valentine's Day - Part 7

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Hello Thursday! What's that? You want some more of the Valentine's story? Well, lucky you - here it is! And I'm afraid it's back to Dinosaur do you feel about that? I'm going to ask you all what you made of this story on Friday so feel free to have some things ready to tell me. Mainly nice things though if that's possible.

Today I went to work early and left late because I had lots to do. I did a twelve hour day! But I really feel like I achieved a lot so that's good and it means I can rest easy tonight... except I've just looked at how much drawing I have to do! I've just been asked about a secret project and I've got to prep for the upcoming shows!!! Urnk!

ANYWAYS! I hope you're well!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 6

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Yo! It's Wednesday! And thanks to some thinking on my part, I've managed to bring the Valentine's story back to everyone's favourite wizards! And to everyone's favourite dinosaur-turned-human! Wheeeee!

This drawing is probably the biggest drawing I've posted before. I realy like the cameos of the characters in the last panel... I hope you recognise them! Although the elf might be new. Oh - and because of the size of this drawing, you might need to click on it to see the full size version... Yes, I'm looking at you RSS Reading People!!!

IN OTHER NEWS: I didn't lose bowling! I came JOINT LAST which is better than being actual last. I was properly terrible at it though and only clawed my way to JOINT LAST thanks to a lucky strike at the end. Then we had a nice meal and I went home. The place itself was a members-only club which was a bit spooky but my pals are ace so that's OK.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 5

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Hello! It's Tuesday and you're getting a whole page of new drawings! How exciting! Maybe in return you could send me a Valentine's card next year because I received none yesterday! Although I got a Valentine's SMS if that counts? And I ate a gingerbread heart? So yeah - no cards for me. Boo hoo hoo.

But on the plus side - my day was busy and I saw some friendly faces and I worked hard. I'm pretty nervous about moving house though! Oh! And I'm going bowling this evening! Wish me luck!

As for today's drawing - I hope you like it. We all know how much Toby likes cake so I hope you appreciate just how traumatised he is by the whole cake fiasco! I know I would be!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Cards!

Here! I made you all a prize! Send them to your loved ones!

Valentine's Day - Part 4

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part. 

Happy Valentine's Day! If you want me, I'll be crying under my desk. Possibly eating gingerbread hearts or something. I hope your Valentine's Day is better than mine!

But yeah - here is the fourth part of the Valentine's story. I had a clear goal in mind when making this - Toby has to be asked out by a nice/normal person on Valentine's Day. If you've read People I Know #1 and #4, you'll have seen Toby's romantic back story in all its disastrous glory. His catchphrase when things went wrong was always "I've got to go," - which may or may not have been my own exit strategy in awkward social situations.

Also - it was the weekend and I have some exciting/scary news - it looks like I'm moving house next weekend. I don't know how this will affect my updating schedule after this week. It all depends on whether I can afford a scanner and whether I can get online as soon as I'm settled in. And I'll need to explore the area and visit new places too. Oh! And it's back to work tomorrow! Jeez - this week is going to be a shock to the system. Either way, I'll keep you posted about what's going on.

IN OTHER NEWS: Don't forget that I've got a table at this Small Press Expo next month!

Friday, 11 February 2011

People I Know: Badge Designs!

Since it's the last day of my week off - it seems like a good enough time to show you the badge designs I've settled on. I've just sent the files off to the badge makers so hopefully they won't look too different from the ones above.

They are pretty similar to the badges I made last year... They'll come in packs of four again but I'm afraid the Princess and the Beardy Guy have been replaced with the wizards and the mean blob thing. The top row will (hopefully) be one pack and the bottom row will make up the second pack.

Anyways. I hope you like them! And I hope you have a great weekend!

Valentine's Day - Part 3

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Hooray! It's Friday - which means it's the weekend... oh. Wait. I'm on holiday so if it's Friday, that just means the fun times are nearly over. Oh dear.

Truth be told - this hasn't really felt like much of a holiday since I've been working so hard on a bunch of People I Know things. The posters were designed and printer in record time, I've just settled on some badge designs, I drew the Valentine's story (which I hope you're enjoying) and I saw lots of friends. Good times!

Oh! And I've made lots of progress with People I Know #12! I'm 95% sure it's going to be printed in full colour! Exciting...except it's expensive! I might post a few panels next week for no other reason than it will speed up the production of it. I always work better when a deadline is involved.

Today's drawing has Human-Toby and Christina in it. I'm glad they're friends otherwise I suspect they would be a little lonely.

I'm going to try to continue doing five drawings a week but I might have to start taking a day off at some point if I want to work on other projects like musicals and animations and things. Consider this fair warning?

IN OTHER NEWS: OMG! I went to see some old work pals this evening and afterwards, me and a pal went for a drink. Whilst it was lovely to see my was less than lovely with the amount of scary people who kept talking to us. I don't mean "scary" as in they were just regular folk making conversation... one of them was telling us some scary stuff about how to conquer the Internet and the other was...well, I don't even know where to begin with the things he was saying. It was incredibly surreal. I should turn it into a comic or something...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

People I Know: Posters!

Exciting news! Remember that time I asked what sort of merch you wanted to see? Well, posters was a popular choice and one of the easiest for me to manage. They arrived in the post today so I'm uploading the two designs here. I hope you like them! They are A3-sized and on nice 300gsm paper.

I tried to include all the main characters along with whatever was going on in my brain. Also, if you've got an eagle eye, you might be able to spot a bunch of upcoming characters...

I've only got 50 of each design made up and they'll be debuting at SP Expo in March... or on my shop if I ever sort it out. Either way, I hope you like them!

Valentine's Day - Part 2

I know it's only the second day of the Valentine's story but I hope you're enjoying it. As a special bonus prize - look! It's the wizards but it's not even Wednesday! What the eff?

But obviously that's not the real thing that should be surprising you - because you get the first glimpse of a human version of Toby the dinosaur! Isn't he cute! You'll be seeing him a lot in the next few days...and who knows what will happen after this mini story is over?

Wednesday was spent running around town and seeing pals. Oh - and I designed some new badges. They are super cute and I'll post the designs as soon as I've written to the badge making people. Fingers crossed, eh?

IN OTHER NEWS: I posted this on Facebook and nearly forgot to post it here. Sorry!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 1

It's Wednesday and that means Wizards, right?! Well...yes and no because today is the start of the first ever People I Know Valentine's Day Crossover! For the remainder of this week and ALL of next week, we'll have a story about...well, I'll let you read it.

For those new readers (hello!) who aren't familiar with the characters here then the ones in purple are wizards. They normally appear on my website on a Wednesday. And the green dinosaur is called Toby. He is the first ever People I Know character and has a terrible time when it comes to love. In previous issues of People I Know he's been dumped, drugged and experimented on. He cries a lot. His BFF is a piece of toast called Christina.

This is the first time I've made a mini story arc specially for my website. I've worked hard on it and I really hope you enjoy it!

Stop by tomorrow for the next part!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Feeling Faint

Merry Tuesday! My Monday was a mixed bag. My original lunch plan went wrong but I met up with a pal and we grabbed some food at a nice restaurant... except we were the only people there and the place was playing romantic music... It was a little awkward, but the food was ace. In the evening I put the finishing touches to the first ever People I Know posters!!! YEAH! I'll be the first to admit that the designs are a *little* weird (my friend called them "disturbing")...but I hope you like them. I'm sending off the designs now so fingers crossed they turn out alright.

IN OTHER NEWS: Today's drawing is a terrible pun. Sorry! Especially after the witty heights of yesterday... but I promise to make up for it tomorrow when we begin the first ever PEOPLE I KNOW VALENTINE'S CROSSOVER!!!!! Stay tuned!

MORE BONUS NEWS: I did a guest comic for Left-Handed Toons!!! I hope you like it!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Real Life: Surprise!

Hello Monday! Don't worry - I'm not angry with you for ending the weekend because I've got the week off! HOORAY! I'm seeing lots of pals this week and working on some new badges and posters. I might need to pick your brains about the designs for the poster... I hope you don't mind!

Because I've got so much fun/drawing planned for the week, I spent pretty much all my weekend at the computer, doing more drawing... I figure that the more of the grunt work I do now, the more fun stuff I can do later. I hope you'll enjoy the end product of my hardwork!

Oh! And I decorated some gingerbread men. That was nice.

IN OTHER NEWS: Here is a new drawing about that mean green thing. Here we get to see one of his magical powers! And isn't it creepy? I was thinking of using sound effects for when people go inside him...but all I could think of was "SLURP" and that made me feel sick. So no sound effects for you!

UPDATE!!! - I did a guest comic for Left-Handed Toons! I hope you like it!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Emma: Puppets

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee! It's not just any Friday - it's the first Friday of February (and also my last day at my current job). Obviously this is the perfect excuse to bust out a drawing featuring everybody's favourite Emma. Not only does it feature Emma - it also features some puppets!

Right. So. Thursday was annoying because my iPhone lost four minutes when I woke up and I didn't know. I only just made it to work on time! It seems to have found those minutes now though, thank goodness!

Also - I'm going to spend the weekend designing two People I Know posters. They will be A3 sized and in colour...but that's all I know so far. Obviously you should let me know if you have any suggestions of what to draw. I might try drawing them at A2 - making them the biggest drawing I've ever done...

IN OTHER NEWS: I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Real Life: Ugly

If you've been reading my comics for a while then you might recognise this mean and mysterious green blob. He represents a variety of people when they say mean things but I don't want to draw them.

You might recognise him from some of these drawings:

But I've decided to make the most of him so I hope you'll give him a warm welcome into the Official People I Know Gang! He'll still be in charge of saying the awful people things I've dealt with in real life, but he will also be in charge of causing trouble.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm really happy with the positive response to my Hourly Comic drawing. Maybe I'll try doing some more auto biographical stuff... or maybe not. Either way, I hope you liked them!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wizarding Wednesday #15

What a busy day Tuesday was! It was was Hourly Comic Day...which you would normally care about if it wasn't WIZARDING WEDNESDAY! Hahahaha! YEAH! Wizards! but you should also care about Hourly Comic Day since I worked by arse off! I'm actually pretty proud of my attempt, especially compared to last year. I'll have posted the latest ones somewhere...probably on this very blog. Just keep your eyes peeled!

And yeah - wizards. I really like today's Wizarding Wednesday. I hope you do too!!!

And please let me know if you took part in Hourly Comics Day. I'd love to see what you did!

UPDATE: You can find my Hourly Comic Day drawings for 2011 right here!!!

Hourly Comic Day 2011

Here are my Hourly Comic Day drawings for 2011! Last year's is here.

I need to go to bed. It's late.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You're Under Arrest!

Happy Tuesday! Happy February! The official Valentine's Day countdown has started. Boo hoo.

Even worse - this drawing is about a criminal. This should have been his second appearance - except the first drawing didn't make any sense. Maybe I'll upload it as a bonus prize at some point. Anywhere - yeah, he's a thief and he steals things. Watch out!

Here's what you missed at the weekend (besides a bumload of fun!) - my pal and I got the train to meet some other pals and we went to a planetarium. It was pretty exciting since I'd never been to one before. Stars are pretty cool. Then I got angry about escalators. We ate some Chinese food (mine was a bit spooky) and played boardgames (I didn't win) and watch the Emperor's New Groove! I really enjoyed it but was sad it wasn't a proper musical. Then it was the next day and we went to Manchester to see other friends. I had a burger which was lovely! Suddenly it was time to catch the train home. I felt a bit sick but sleeping solved everything.

There - that's a very concise version which doesn't actually convey the sheer fun I had. You'll just have to trust me.

A PROPER QUESTION: I'm looking into new People I Know-themed merchandise. Is there anything in particular you'd like?