Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 6

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Yo! It's Wednesday! And thanks to some thinking on my part, I've managed to bring the Valentine's story back to everyone's favourite wizards! And to everyone's favourite dinosaur-turned-human! Wheeeee!

This drawing is probably the biggest drawing I've posted before. I realy like the cameos of the characters in the last panel... I hope you recognise them! Although the elf might be new. Oh - and because of the size of this drawing, you might need to click on it to see the full size version... Yes, I'm looking at you RSS Reading People!!!

IN OTHER NEWS: I didn't lose bowling! I came JOINT LAST which is better than being actual last. I was properly terrible at it though and only clawed my way to JOINT LAST thanks to a lucky strike at the end. Then we had a nice meal and I went home. The place itself was a members-only club which was a bit spooky but my pals are ace so that's OK.

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DC said...

*is blown away by comment in bold letters*

... Ahem. Is that actually your persona in there? Hahaha, cool n.nb

It's great you were able to fit the Wizarding Wednesday theme too! OSM! :D