Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You're Under Arrest!

Happy Tuesday! Happy February! The official Valentine's Day countdown has started. Boo hoo.

Even worse - this drawing is about a criminal. This should have been his second appearance - except the first drawing didn't make any sense. Maybe I'll upload it as a bonus prize at some point. Anywhere - yeah, he's a thief and he steals things. Watch out!

Here's what you missed at the weekend (besides a bumload of fun!) - my pal and I got the train to meet some other pals and we went to a planetarium. It was pretty exciting since I'd never been to one before. Stars are pretty cool. Then I got angry about escalators. We ate some Chinese food (mine was a bit spooky) and played boardgames (I didn't win) and watch the Emperor's New Groove! I really enjoyed it but was sad it wasn't a proper musical. Then it was the next day and we went to Manchester to see other friends. I had a burger which was lovely! Suddenly it was time to catch the train home. I felt a bit sick but sleeping solved everything.

There - that's a very concise version which doesn't actually convey the sheer fun I had. You'll just have to trust me.

A PROPER QUESTION: I'm looking into new People I Know-themed merchandise. Is there anything in particular you'd like?


Bil said...

Barbara would make a nice plush toy !

DC said...

Wahahahahahaha, totally love the comic <3

I want that owl bag T_T is it still possible for me to get one? D: