Monday, 21 February 2011

Valentine's Day - BONUS!

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Surprise! Remember the guy that asked Toby out? Well, I suspect we'll be seeing lots more of him in the future. It's funny since DC's feedback asked after him...and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I hope you're surprised though. And Bil wants to see more of Human-Toby and I'm more than happy to say we'll be revisiting him too! Everyone's a winner!

So anyways - this weekend has bizarre. I moved house! It was pretty emotional and I might have sobbed a bit. But everything seems to be working out. I will probably turn the whole thing into a comic at some point!

Speaking of comics - I have just sent the final PDF of People I Know #12 to the printers. It is officially full colour! This is a big deal! And since I've already posted the cover then you know it's about the Wizards!

IMPORTANT NEWS: My website is getting a makeover! At some point, it will go down for a bit whilst everything gets rejigged. Please be patient. I'll keep you posted here or on Twitter or something but please don't panic. Also, I've got an exciting drawing prepped for the launch! I made it over Christmas and it's exciting!!! Keep an eye out!

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DC said...

I'm psychic! Hah! But oooooooh... This doesn't seem to bode well for Toby... But surely the-guy-who-asked-Toby-out (what's his name again?) doesn't know about Toby's dinosaur identity... OR DOES HE???

The dude's expressions here are OSM! (Esp. when he got hold of the bill; his hair's outta frame! OSM :D) I like the play on the colors for the background too... Accentuates the mood quite well n.nb

Confession: I've been waiting for your website to get a new look! I've been checking it every so often just to see if you /have/ changed it yet, LOL. (I hope I don't sound like a stalker or anything XD)