Monday, 7 February 2011

Real Life: Surprise!

Hello Monday! Don't worry - I'm not angry with you for ending the weekend because I've got the week off! HOORAY! I'm seeing lots of pals this week and working on some new badges and posters. I might need to pick your brains about the designs for the poster... I hope you don't mind!

Because I've got so much fun/drawing planned for the week, I spent pretty much all my weekend at the computer, doing more drawing... I figure that the more of the grunt work I do now, the more fun stuff I can do later. I hope you'll enjoy the end product of my hardwork!

Oh! And I decorated some gingerbread men. That was nice.

IN OTHER NEWS: Here is a new drawing about that mean green thing. Here we get to see one of his magical powers! And isn't it creepy? I was thinking of using sound effects for when people go inside him...but all I could think of was "SLURP" and that made me feel sick. So no sound effects for you!

UPDATE!!! - I did a guest comic for Left-Handed Toons! I hope you like it!

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DC said...

Aww, cute green blob in last panel n.nb