Thursday, 10 February 2011

People I Know: Posters!

Exciting news! Remember that time I asked what sort of merch you wanted to see? Well, posters was a popular choice and one of the easiest for me to manage. They arrived in the post today so I'm uploading the two designs here. I hope you like them! They are A3-sized and on nice 300gsm paper.

I tried to include all the main characters along with whatever was going on in my brain. Also, if you've got an eagle eye, you might be able to spot a bunch of upcoming characters...

I've only got 50 of each design made up and they'll be debuting at SP Expo in March... or on my shop if I ever sort it out. Either way, I hope you like them!

1 comment:

Lizz said...

Ha! I just spotted me! Smerving over a lion! :oD