Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 5

If this drawing doesn't make sense, click here to read the first part.

Hello! It's Tuesday and you're getting a whole page of new drawings! How exciting! Maybe in return you could send me a Valentine's card next year because I received none yesterday! Although I got a Valentine's SMS if that counts? And I ate a gingerbread heart? So yeah - no cards for me. Boo hoo hoo.

But on the plus side - my day was busy and I saw some friendly faces and I worked hard. I'm pretty nervous about moving house though! Oh! And I'm going bowling this evening! Wish me luck!

As for today's drawing - I hope you like it. We all know how much Toby likes cake so I hope you appreciate just how traumatised he is by the whole cake fiasco! I know I would be!

1 comment:

DC said...

No, Toby! Don't!!! There's always room for cake in a human tummy!!! :((

Cute Toby eyes in the 3rd panel <3

Good luck on the moving & bowling bit ^_^