Thursday, 3 February 2011

Real Life: Ugly

If you've been reading my comics for a while then you might recognise this mean and mysterious green blob. He represents a variety of people when they say mean things but I don't want to draw them.

You might recognise him from some of these drawings:

But I've decided to make the most of him so I hope you'll give him a warm welcome into the Official People I Know Gang! He'll still be in charge of saying the awful people things I've dealt with in real life, but he will also be in charge of causing trouble.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'm really happy with the positive response to my Hourly Comic drawing. Maybe I'll try doing some more auto biographical stuff... or maybe not. Either way, I hope you liked them!

1 comment:

DC said...

You didn't let him finish! He was about to say "... and then you become gorgeous!" n.nb