Friday, 17 September 2010

Lady Gaga versus the Winkle Police

Watch out! It's the Winkle Police! These tough guys won't rest until they've arrested every winkle - wherever it may be hiding! I'd like to turn them into recurring characters...but who else would they pester besides Lady Gaga?

So it's nearly the weekend. I'm planning on getting everything off to the printers in time for MCM in October. And I'll do some drawing and sewing and stuff. There will also be a far bit of sleeping. This week hasn't made me cry but it has been pretty intense. Plus I've been out for three evenings in a row! That's pretty much a record for me.

IN OTHER NEWS: Do you remember my love for the work of Dick Hogg? Well, check this out! AMAZING!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Thanks to DC and Bil for the feedback about a Facebook page. I figure that it can't do any harm to have one so I am happy to announce that People I Know finally has a Facebook page! The only catch is that I have no idea how to link to it on here. Sorry. But it's called People I Know so maybe you will win a prize if you find it?

Enjoy the weekend!

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DC said...

I think I found it! Darn, thought I'd be the first to like it XD

People I Know fb

... 'Twas kinda hard to find, though o.ob Do I get the prize? HAHAHAHA :D